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Carthaginian MILITARESSOLDADOS t Soldados

Carthaginian MILITARESSOLDADOS t Soldados


"Lusitanos y Galaico" Ángel García Pinto. "

Carthaginian troops

1:Liby-Phoenician heavy infantryman.2:Carthaginian standard-bearee,Sacred Band.

Carthaginian commander

The Carthaginian heavy infantry engaged in the Battle of Zama

Hannibal with some Carthaginian warriors

1609 "General of the Okinawa army

Iberian Troops, mercenaries or allies of Carthage, 2nd Punic War


Carthaginian soldiers

Late Roman Cavalryman.

Ancient history

Libyan-Phoenician warriors in the time of the Punic wars

Charge of the Carthaginian cavalry at Lake Trasimene

Punic War between Carthage and Rome


Carthaginian war elephants in battle

Carthaginian Guards Warrior (III BC)- by Igor Dzis

Opliti greci nell'esercito di Alessandro

Carthaginian warriors of Hannibal's army. Right, a Celt, Center, a Libo-Phoenician pike man, left, possibly a Spaniard or Celtiberian.

Punic Heavy Cavalry

Cassivellaunus or Cassibelanus, one of Geoffrey of Monmouth's kings of Britain, and in the Mabinogion, the Brut y Brenhinedd and the Welsh Triads as ...

Carthaginian officer, Centurion of the Socii Piceni and

Guerrero oretano. S. IV a. C. Recreación de una estatua íbera

Carthaginian pikeman from the first to second Punic Wars.

somewhere in carthage...by giuseppe rava

Carthaginian troops, wearing chain mail (lorica hamata) hauberks. The Romans were the first major proponents of chain mail and during the First Punic War ...

Punic mercenaries attack a Roman position presumably during the early stages of Hannibal's Italian campaign.

Carthaginian army with Iberian and Libyan mercenaries, Punic Wars

армия карфагена: 16 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

An Iberian Caetratii soldier with his typical Caetra shield, the origin of his unit's name, and light bronze armor. His sword is an Celtic iron La Tene ...

Contubernium on the March, Post-AD 14

elephant attack

Soldado Pretoriano ./Tcc/

Carthaginian pike-man

En orfebrería, con la presencia fenicia se introdujeron motivos y técnicas orientales. Pendiente de

"Warriors from the Arab region with a short coat of mail and sickle sword to 1,500 v. Chr." "Assyrian warrior from the period 900-650. Chr."

Carthaginian Infantry Unit Deal

Carthaginian Elephant

Angus McBride - Guerreros asirios, C 655 BC

Carthaginian War: This is a Carthage war elephant. Their main objective was to charge

Carthaginian marines stand ready to repel borders on the deck of their ship as a Roman quinquereme approaches. The sailors of the fleets were recruited from ...

Ancient Iberian armoured elite warrior

The Carthaginian army was a sought after place of employment for these fantastic

Tree # 385 CPL Gudridge, James D. UNIT: 4-64 AR,. Hombres MilitaresSoldados Americanos

Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo subdues the Chauci, 47 AD.Picture by Giuseppe Rava

Hannibal Barca was Rome's Greatest Enemy – But He Couldn't Win the War for Carthage

Iberian warrior showing the the falcata drawn and ready for use. The blade was…

Babylonian warrior

Seleucid army.

Muslim Archer

Cretan archer

La Pintura y la Guerra. Sursumkorda in memoriam

Elefante macedonio. Más en www.elgrancapitan.org/foro

Lycon and Kallikles,c.222 BC.

11/7/16-Saving Animals from Euthanasia in Texas Only 6 or 7

The 2nd Punic War (Rome vs Carthage): The Legions of Rome vs Hannibal's

Late republican legionary armed with oval scutum, crude Montefortino helmet, mail shirt, two

Romans vs. Macedonians, 197 BC.

Gallic auxiliary Teutoburg 9 AD

Aside from the lack of leg-covering this is rather fitting with the Akora tribe

Let us take a gander at ten incredible facts you should know about the powerful Ancient Egyptian armies of the New Kingdom.

Carthaginian Infantry by Johnny Shumate

Andrassos || Byzantine cataphract Lars referenced this in his blog. Lars wrote 'The Sea Wolves', a novelized discourse on the Viking Age.

Carthaginian Hypaspist running away from Syracusian Hippikons

Hola! les traigo unas imágenes de caballeros y soldados medievales de la famosa enciclopedia británica

Карфаген и иберы | 88 фотографий | ВКонтакте

Легионер, около 200 года н.э.

Carthaginian war elephant, Punic War

0939 Batalla de Simancas. Abd-ar-Rahman III, Califa de Córdoba 16

Carthaginian cavalry in Spain

Soldados y Guerreros Europeos a lo largo de la Historia -

"Hannibal crossing the Alps", Angelo Todaro

Ramming and boarding- Salamis

Northern Celtic warriors, not Belgae though

Army Spc. James T. Lindsey Died April 12, 2007 Serving During Operation Iraqi

Guerrero celta con carnyx. Johnny Shumate.

Afficher l'image d'origine

Arms and armor of a Italian, possibly Samnite, warrior, from the time of the second Punic war, 3rd century, BC.

Spanish Light Cavalry at the time of the Punic wars.

La Pintura y la Guerra

Orden de marcha romano http://www.elgrancapitan.org/foro/viewtopic.php?f=87&t=16979&p=884563#p884523

1- Oficial ateniense 2- Oficial espartano 3- Hoplita de Platea 4- Hoplita


Irish Raiding Party, 5th Century AD by Richard Hook--Men like these were

Greek Warrior, Napoleonic Wars, Roman Empire, Warfare, Carthage, Asd, Romans, Warriors, Elephants

Carthaginian Infantry


Roman marines storm a Carthaginian galley during the battle of Mylae, 1st Punic War 260

Celtic warrior

Syria was part of the Phoenician civilization that gave an outshoot empire at Carthage, north Africa that is now the maghrib region.

🇪🇸Soldado Español 🇪🇸

Celtic spear-man showing the standard equipment of the non warrior class. The Celts

Caballería celta cartaginés

Battle of Ilipa, 206 BC, by P a b l o O u t e i r a l (I imagine those are celtiberians of the Carthaginian side)

Carthaginian, from the Sacred Band.

Macedonian Silver Shield Hypaspist


Byzantine Imperial Tagmata with an Akritoi frontier cavalryman