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Caveman Beer Reviews Anchor Steam t

Caveman Beer Reviews Anchor Steam t


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Caveman Beer Reviews: Funky Buddha Sweet Potato Casserole | Sweet potato casserole, Potato casserole and Casserole

Asahi Black, an odd volume in the bottle at 334mls, and its 5% abv. Bought in Tesco last week, for £1.89.

two from the Anchor brewing co. Porter and Liberty Ale Orkney Brewing co. Red MacGregor

Long Island brewery Southampton Publick House has arrived in western New York and I can't think of a nicer way to ring in the holidays than with this ...

Aside from the usual convenience shop fare and a large wine section, is a fantastic beer selection. Floor to ceiling shelves with a choice from all corners ...

Anchor Porter Vs. Tesco Finest Traditional Porter

I then opened the Anchor Porter ,5.6% 355mls, and wow, what a difference, all round really. Immediate aroma is immensely enjoyable but i struggled to put a ...

Caveman Beer Reviews: Monk in the Trunk Organic Amber Ale

After really enjoying the Anchor Porter a while back i was quite looking forward to their Liberty ale that i bought at the same time.

We were lucky enough to arrive in Manchester on the day this new beer bar was opening. We just happened to be in Beermoth (great bottle shop) buying beer ...

A beer dark ruby in colour with an aroma of caramel and plum, creamy head as you see above. Taste is raisins, milky chocolate, sweet toffee malts, ...

I must confess that I wasn't blown away by their Unfiltered Lager when I had it. A good UK lager, but not as exceptional as I'd hoped.

One of the quite surprising things about doing this here “Beer Blogging” has been when a brewery asks if you'd like to try some of their beers.

Caveman Beer Reviews: Funky Buddha Sweet Potato Casserole | Sweet potato casserole, Potato casserole and Casserole

Goose Island Honkers Ale

From Scotland and quite well known, and usually found in beer collection books, next was Williams Brothers Kelpie seaweed ale. I don't know if its the ...

I've had a few Welsh beers which I will review, but to start with I'm going to give a quick recount of our Italian holiday.

Prism Creative Group – Miami's Only Culture Crusaders Wynwood Welcomes Veza Sur Brewing Co. to the Neighborhood - Prism Creative Group - Miami's Only ...

Moneybag Root Beer

A Word with the Beer Experts

Prism Creative Group – Miami's Only Culture Crusaders REFRESH: Best Homegrown Brews - Prism Creative Group - Miami's Only Culture Crusaders

Headlands Brewing Company, situated nearby in Marin, provided our next beer in the form of a Pt. Bonita Rustic Lager. Headlands takes what some craft beer ...

A trip to Italy

Trader Joe's Brewed Ginger Beer

6.5% ABV - malty and very hoppy


Last night in Florida, driving home in the morning.


Archer Farms Cold Brew Cinnamon

This one was found itself next to the turkey carcass that was unceremoniously shoved into the bottom of the frig waiting to be made into turkey whatever.

Ginger People Bottoms Up Ginger Beer


We were staying just down the Tuscan coast from Pisa.

A Dark Beer To Celebrate The Darkest Day Of The Year: Wormtown Brewery + Dunkin&

44th beer festival

Another beer sourced from the excellent stall run by Damian O'Shea at Castlefield Market.

No Better Day To Promote (And Drink) This Beer Than Today

Watching my undergrad alma mater (WVU) and helping with dinner prep for my graduate alma mater (UF) game later. When in NC:

Celebrate The First Day Of Spring With These 6 Seasonal Brews

Meet The Real Bro-tein Shake. Beer


Onto more hops from Columbia, MO.

Review: Caveman Warriors (Nintendo Switch)

Finally, if you're looking for a spot that carries every local craft beer bottled, canned, or tapped, look no further than Boxelder Craft Beer Market.

12 Dogs of Christmas

And on a much more ecstatic note, I don't even know how to thank @tasterschoice62 for this amazing box!!! Seriously Larry, you are incredible!

I think this is a really good IPA

Alpha Dogs and Harvest Pale Ale

Photo by C'est La Vibe

And on a much more ecstatic note, I don't even know how to thank @tasterschoice62 for this amazing box!!! Seriously Larry, you are incredible!


Lupus Lupus and Lumford Ale

Stone W00tStout

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Apples to...not apples.

Cripple Creek Brewing Myers Avenue Red Root Beer

The next beer was the Belgian Style Blonde IPA by Sierra Nevada at 7.4% abv (abv rising again!). (The first time that Andreas himself had tried this) Pale, ...

Cambridge Beer Festival



I dearly hope that the name is connected to a Nick Cave reference! This was another fruit of my recent traffic enforced “diversion” to Ossett!

Green Man Beers

Anchor Steam ($3.50) They serve Anchor on tap which is a great compliment to these smoky treats. I was surprised to see that they also carry a variety of ...

Some breweries just don't get a lot of respect. Then again, some breweries haven't always taken the steps to earn it. For most of its history, ...

The beer ...

Grodziskie - Piwo z Grodziska, a modern Polish recreation of Grodziskie, brewed in Grodzisk

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Color matters in the beer world. It's a disappointing truth, but some people make snap judgments about, and shy away from, some styles just because of the ...

I figured subtlety wasn't called for at the moment ...

Bateman's Rosey Nosey

Don't be extra especially bitter. Evolve.

Although the youngest brewery in the city, Concrete Beach Brewery makes up its age with endless amounts of knowledge and welcoming vibes.

Bedford's Ginger Beer

Golden Brew Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic Wildflower Honey & Cinnamon

Henry Weinhard's Root Beer

And the movie was quite good too.

Can't Be 'Em? Buy '

Photo by New Times Broward-Palm Beach

Kirks Olde Stoney Ginger Beer

A Significant Day - It's National Beer ...

We begin with the noble BridgePort India Pale Ale, the trailblazer for Oregon's most popular style of beer, and craft brewing in general.

Beer in England - Traditional beer pump

Play Beer! S.F. Giants and Anchor Brewing Collaborate For ' ...

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