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Chaur Sahib making activity is also one of the Kiddie S LKC

Chaur Sahib making activity is also one of the Kiddie S LKC



Chaur Sahib


Sikhi Paper Doll Chain

Guru Ji's Nishaan Sahib


Khanda Mosaic - great fun for the little ones. Learn about the most recognisable Sikh symbol and have a go at creating patterns with the sticky squares.

Nishaan Sahib

Harimandir Sahib collage

Mala making – pipe cleaners

Teach children the significance of the 5 K's by creating this cute 5 K's little book

Flowers 1

Vaisakhi card – Amrit Bata

Vaisakhi Activities for Kids

Kirpan on a Gatra

Sikh Boy Performing Chaur Whisk Seva

Each paper link represents a day..and has a

Sikh lollipop puppets - easy to follow tutorial; topics: Sikh identity, Khalsa,

Mop Horse

Amrit Bata

Khanda mosaic

Finger Mala

Child Adoption in Punjab | Child Adoption India

Sikh lollipop puppets 1

Khanda activity

Khanda Chakkr

Vaisakhi banner free printable - https://docs.google.com/file

Kiddie Sangat website - Sikh playgroup. Crafts and activities for Sikh toddlers and children.


Trendz and Traditionz: Pot of Prayers What tools or methods do you use to teach

Ideas and activities for learning about and celebrating Vaisakhi with children.

Sikh Symbols and Meanings | Sikhs wear the five Ks as a symbol of their faith

5 K's little book

Little Sikhs Coloring Fun

Just preparing background resources for a workshop introducing Sikhism. These will be of interest to anyone preparing work on Sikhism from to post I will ...

Every Sikh girl is given a middle name: Kaur.

Chaur Sahib in Sukhasan Procession

Learning Gurmukhi: words of the week/month on our fridge

The best parents get promoted to grandparents! Here's a fun fingerpaint photo craft your kids

Vaisakhi Holiday Reader

India: History of Sikhism and the Sikh Kingdom Webquest

Proud To Be A Sikh Kids Shirt

Vaisakhi Activities for Kids, and a Lesson About Balancing Two Cultures

Sikh Chic Sikhchiccom The Art And Culture Of The Diaspora Is Diwali A

If you're new to food storage, you need to read this. It

Outdoor Rainbow Stage

The Ten Gurus of Sikhism.docx

This cute paper plate lion craft is very easy to make and could be combined with

Kiddie Sangat

Little Sikhs™ :: Motivating Sikh Kids Around the World

My First Sikh Book

Blue Horse

adinath lokeshwar mandir, chobar, nepal | buddhist + hindu temple

We are the Khalsa

This is a lovely children's book (Kaida), meant to introduce youngsters to theletters

Sikhism Artefacts Resource Box 1 - Essentials

Punjabi for Kids: Simple Words My Desi guru is where kids can learn Punjabi in

More Brilliant Stories for Assemblies Book

Little Sikhs™ :: Motivating Sikh Kids Around the World

ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ 🙏🌹

65879c014992fd4cf746d8a6ce48b400.jpg (736×981) · ArtActivities For KidsArt ...

This video is an overview of a visit to a British gurdwara. Pay attention to the elements of the building and the rituals of a visit.

Funnels, Tubes, and Salt - Oh My! from Fun at Home with Kids

Advent Calendar DIY

Kiddie Sangat - your local SIKH playgroup / Kiddie Sangat is a Sikh playgroup with crafts

Anjum Choudhry Nayyar interviews one Punjabi mom on her ideas about teaching children the importance of Vaisakhi using books, activities and video.

Jackolantern Maze Activity Sheet - Free Coloring Pages for Kids - Printable Colouring Sheets

Rainbow windsocks with crepe paper streamers - so cute for Spring in a kindergarten classroom!

Legacies of violence : Sikh women in Delhi's "Widow Colony" Arora, Kamal (2017) | Sikh | Indian Religions

Advent calendar to countdown the days till Vaisakhi: 1. 16 drawer storage unit from

Sikh beliefs

Rama is on one side with Sita on

Quill, Iphone Wallpapers, Pray, Spirituality, Religion, Happiness, Feather, Bonheur, Joy

Elite Pull Up Projector Screen 4:3. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use due

Golden Temple and Akal Takhat Complex

Mudras – hand signs used in Hindu worship rituals – seen at New Delhi Airport, Terminal 3 (Album 18 photos)

Printable - Fun Food Label Activity & Coloring Sheet

Easy Preschool Science Activities

Teaching Compassion: Changing the World Through Empathy and Education

I wanted to create a resource that was accessible and differentiated for children. I plan

I have a lion's mane and I am different, just like you. Do you

Baisakhi Coloring Pages (Vaisakhi Festival

Safe & EfficientThe Gopak Ultralight staging system offers a unique lightweight, yet incredibly strong staging

Punjabi Quotes, Hindi Quotes, Medium App, Kundalini Yoga, Religion, Join, Middle, Meet, Facts

Printable Monkey Masks Templates (free

Reflect A Story CD-Rom. The popular Reflect a Story range is now available

15 children's books on tape. Great for parents with small children, especially in the

Child's Eye View Festivals. Take a look at festivals through the eyes of children,

This pack is a wonderful resource to enable children to actively

Mothers hold their child in lap for some time but in hearts always coloring page

Sikhism website - Concise and clear information about Sikhism

Punj Piare posters

50 Gorgeous Tattoo Ideas For Every Woman

7 Amazing Photos of the Pope's Visit to Rome's Great Synagogue

Fidgets Storage Tin

Zen, Religion

Ultralight Folding Staging Package A

King with Crown Costume. King with Crown costume. A red velour cloak with ermin

taj mahal drawing for kids