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Checkers The BestKnown Presidential Dog to Never Have Lived in

Checkers The BestKnown Presidential Dog to Never Have Lived in


Photo courtesy Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace.

Checkers: The Best-Known Presidential Dog to Never Have Lived in the White House. September 19, 2013 By Presidential Pet Museum · Photo courtesy the Richard ...

Richard Nixon's dog Checkers

President Ronald Reagan holding "Rex" in the Diplomatic Reception Room.

Who was the more famous presidential dog to NEVER live in the White House?

The Checkers Speech On September Vice Presidential candidate Richard Nixon went on live television to respond to accusations that he had misused campaign ...

Though Checkers never lived in the White House, he is the family's most well -known pet thanks to a televised ...

Emmanuel Macron and Nemo | Alain Jocard/AFP via Getty Images

Top Dog at the White house was President Reagan's Bouvier des Flandres Lucky

... George H. W. Bush walks on the White House lawn with his English Springer Spaniel Millie and her puppies. One of the puppies, named Spot, later lived in ...

(White House photo) Ronald and Nancy Reagan are greeted by Rex, their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, after returning to the White House.


President Obama greets Bo, a Portuguese water hound, outside the Oval Office. The Obama family has another dog of the same breed named Sunny.

National Dog Day: Most Famous Dogs in History - Babble

U.S. President George Bush gestures for his dog, Millie

While President-elect Donald Trump has no known pets as of the moment, the past U.S. Presidents happily stayed in the White House with their presidential ...

John F. Kennedy and Wolfie (Mixed Breed) and Shannon (Irish Cocker Spaniel

President John F. Kennedy | Presidential Dogs: Past U.S. Presidents and Their Fur Babies

introduce their new dog, a Portuguese water dog named Bo.

President Bill Clinton | Presidential Dogs: Past U.S. Presidents and Their Fur Babies

President Johnson holds his pet dog 'Yuki' in the window of the car as the first family rides around the Texas ranch in Stonewall, Sept. 30, 1967.

Ronald Reagan presents First Lady, Nancy Reagan, with an early Christmas present of a

President George W. Bush and his Scottie Miss Beazley

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Dog Jumping At President Harding


King Tut (left) with Herbert Hoover

National Dog Day: The Most Famous Dogs in History - Babble

US President Bill Clinton (2nd-L) orders first dog

Reagan had six dogs:

King Timahoe, Vicki and Pasha looking out the window in the White House

Fala's place of honor at the FDR Memorial in Washington, DC. (Photo via Wikimedia)

National Dog Day: Most Famous Dogs in History - Babble

George W. Bush, Spot and Tony Blair | Luke Frazza/AFP via Getty Images

Then came Sunny the mystery dog. The First Family never officially confirming where they got her from, but the Obamas decided to get Sunny to be a companion ...

... the most famous presidential pets. She was a published author of Millie's Book: As Dictated to Barbara Bush, in which she described her life in the ...

8, 1986: Nancy Reagan greets her dog as she and the president return to Washington. (Dayna Smith/The Washington Post). Share on Facebook

Hillary Clinton with her poodle mix designer dog

On April 27, 1964, President Lyndon Johnson was walking his Beagles outside the White House alongside various members of the press.

Richard M. Nixon plays with his family's black and white cocker

(Wikipedia Commons ) Amy Carter, the daughter of Jimmy Carter, holds her Siamese cat Misty Malarky Ying Yang. (Wikipedia Commons ) President ...

Kennedy family with their dogs

Herbert hoover dog

Gerald Ford with Liberty, his golden retriever (left) and Richard Nixon with Richard

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Portuguese Water Dog Dog Breed Information

Golden Retriever itching.

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President George H.W. Bush | Presidential Dogs: Past U.S. Presidents and Their Fur Babies

"Him and Her" in the West Sitting Hall of The White House in 1964 - the most well known of President Johnson's dogs, were registered beagles born on June ...

Fala Roosevelt Listens In Arguably the most popular White House pet ever, President Franklin Delano

Lyndon Johnson had Beagles. Photography ©Halfpoint | Thinkstock.

... Press photographers surround Socks, the cat who belonged to President and Hillary Clinton. (Mike Nelson/AFP/Getty Images ) ...

Patton, a 9-week-old Goldendoodle that may or may not become the

Barack Obama is the latest US president to discover that a dog can be a powerful symbol as well as a faithful companion


President Bush with his Springer Spaniel, Ranger. Photo Credit: George Bush Presidential Library

10 Dogs that Lived in the White House (President Dogs) #Dog #Whitehouse - Animal Facts

President Jimmy Carter | Presidential Dogs: Past U.S. Presidents and Their Fur Babies

President George Bush plays with presidential dogs Ranger and Millie after an early afternoon jog at

Presidential Pet TV

President Nixon and Checkers

Giving the Checkers speech, Nixon sat behind the kind of home desk many Middle Class men used to pay the monthly bills. He outlined his financial history in ...

Nixon in the Dog House! My all-time favorite political cartoon, from around the time of Nixon's resignation from the Presidency in 1974, following the " ...

President Gerald Ford relaxes with his dog Liberty in the Oval Office in 1975.

kirendia/iStock/Getty Images

The most famous resident of the memorial park is Checkers Nixon, "The Best-Known Presidential Dog to Never Have Lived in the White House.

(Photo Credit: Shutterstock)

This lively pooch was an 11 year old English Springer Spaniel that sat by the President's side until her untimely death earlier this year.


A Retriever dog running through fall leaves. President Ford had ...

Vladimir Putin with Buffy and Yume | Alexsey Druginyn/AFP via Getty Images

President Bush's Dogs

Liberty was Gerald Ford's golden retreiver, an energetic pup who was fond of swimming at Camp David and accompanying the President during meetings.

The most popular American Presidential Dogs