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China is developing a hypersonic space plane that makes the

China is developing a hypersonic space plane that makes the


china space plane hypersonic skylon1

China Space Plane Hybrid Combined Cycle Engine Hypersonic

Reaction Engines claims its Sabre engine can be used to help accelerate existing aircraft up to

China developing a hypersonic space plane which could cut the cost of space travel | Daily Mail Online

China hypersonic aircraft

Stephen Chen

China Starts Developing a Hybrid Hypersonic Space plane

China hypersonic I plane biplane Cui Kai

... and engineers are said to be close to finishing a futuristic spaceplane capable of flying into the orbit and returning to Earth at hypersonic speeds.

The South China Morning Post reports that China launched a scaled-down model of a multipurpose, reusable space plane from a test site in the Gobi Desert ...

Here Come the Hypersonic Attack Planes!

China Teases Hypersonic Military Attack Aircraft Designs

China Hypersonic Plane. The Future?

The European Space Agency has invested $11 million toward the development of a new type of

China targets 2030 for operational hybrid hypersonic spaceplane

Stephen Chen

SpacePod: China's upcoming reusable space plane



China Tests Reusable Hypersonic Spacecraft With Military, Civilian Applications

CCTV. China is reportedly developing a reusable spaceplane ...

In 2016, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp said it was developing a hybrid space plane that would take off and land in a normal airport with a ...

Hypersonic between United States and China: competition whose winner is expected in the 2030.

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As we speak, the journey from Beijing to New York takes an average of thirteen and a half hours. Chances are, in the foreseeable future we might have to ...

RLV-TD Winged Space Vehicle - Photo: ISRO

China Looking to Join the Race for Hypersonic Planes and Missiles

An illustration of a reusable space plane under development [Photo: screen shot from CCTV

A rendering of Hypersonic missile from RAND Corp.

Representation of Wu14 from Chinese television

Secretive spaceplane : China Is Building a Spaceplane of Its Own

China Hypersonic Plane Bomber Shadow Dragon

Since its first launch on 22 April 2010 speculation has been rife about its mission, with suggestions ranging from an anti-satellite weapon to a spy plane.

May 4th, 2012 • Gabe Collins and Andrew Erickson. The age of the spaceplane ...

China confirms test of new hypersonic strike vehicle «Wu-14»

NASA QueSST airplane NASA QueSST airplane ...

hypersonic spaceplane


A U.S. Air Force B-52 prepares to carry the X-51 Hypersonic Vehicle

China: As part of a major push to become one of the leaders in space exploration, researchers in China have tested a demonstration version of a reusable, ...

An early rendering of a hypersonic weapon system developed by the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency

China is building the world's fastest hypersonic wind tunnel to develop spaceplanes

China aerospace scientific and technological Corporation began to explore the possibility of applying the new engines combined cycle, which will allow the ...

CASC China Spaceplane DSTO

The concept involves solving the problems SSTO spaceplanes have by separating the vehicle into two sections: a hypersonic carrier plane and a nose-mounted ...

Get ready for the era of hypersonic flight — at five times the speed of sound

Boeing's Hypersonic Valkyrie Will Likely Struggle To Catch Up With Lockheed's SR-72 - The Drive

DRDO AVATAR: INDIA's Surprise to the WORLD! INDIA's Hypersonic Space Plane (MUST WATCH)

china developing hypersonic weapons against missile defense system Chinese military power

Top Secret : China Developing Super Supersonic Aircrafts

China's Hypersonic I-Plane Completes Successful Testing

Chinese Developing Next Generation Hypersonic vehicle

Disclosure follows China's earlier test of Wu-14 high-speed glide vehicle

Chinese rocket academy is developing the world's largest space aircraft can carry 20 passengers

China Building Mach 25 Hypersonic Wind Tunnel for Space Plane

Model of a hypersonic flying vehicle China is developing. Photo from CCTV footage

China Hypersonic Plane

Race for Hypersonic Superiority: Russia Over Half-a-Decade Ahead of the US

The successful test has been described as 'a milestone in the field of engine research

China fires up new hypersonic missile challenge to US defences

The Chaoxun-1 (CX-1) is a supersonic anti-ship cruise missile (ASCM) built by a subsidiary of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), ...

SABRE space plane

Report Reveals Chinese Military Developing New Scramjet-Powered Hypersonic Missile

Arms race between US, China and Russia to develop hypersonic missiles and fighter aircraft

NASA QueSST airplane ...

Boeing X 51 Hypersonic cruise missile

China developing hypersonic weapons that could strike US in 14 minutes as it tests them in 'world's fastest' wind tunnel

CCTV capture

Launch vehicles or rocket boosters are primarily used to deliver satellites to orbit or weapons over large distances (ICBMs). However, most of the existing ...

Hypersonic space planes like the Skylon are seen as being the future of space travel into

China hyperspace combined cycle TRRE nearspace

China's calculus on hypersonic glide

The leading projects for developing a hypersonic spaceplane are Reaction Engines of the UK and Hypermach.

In China they want to build a hypersonic biplane

China Building Mach 25 Hypersonic Wind Tunnel for Space Plane


Aurora is rumoured to be a top secret aircraft that has been in development since 1989


Artist's conception of Chinese WU-14 hypersonic glide vehicle

X-37B. The X37-B space plane ...

The people's Liberation Army aerospace plane will be turned out! Can achieve 25 Maher ultra high-speed flight

China's TENG YUN manned spaceplane: The Teng Yun, which CASIC intends to deliver by 2030, uses a TRCC-engined hypersonic carrier aircraft to carry the ...

Illustration of China's Shenlong 'Divine Dragon' space plane

Chinese state television ran a segment in which they described the new spaceplane which is under development and compared it to the American X-37B.

August 17th, 2012 • Gabe Collins and Andrew Erickson

... is also developing a jet for passenger transport. Reportedly five airlines ordered very fast commercial jets from Boom shortly after the Paris Air Show.


China to Test Hypersonic Aircraft in world

Imagine Almost Every Russian Warship With Hypersonic Missiles ...

airborne weapons hypersonic missile