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Christopher F Foss Paris IHS Jane39s International Defence

Christopher F Foss Paris IHS Jane39s International Defence


AAD 2014 - Christopher F Foss talking about the Badger tank destroyer fitted with laser-guided missi - YouTube

... with turret-mounted 105 mm gun and 7.62 mm coaxial MG. This version is not fitted with propellers for amphibious operations. Source: Christopher F Foss

The Yugoimport Shumadia 4-round MRL, which fires guided rockets to a maximum range of up to 285 km. Source: Christopher F Foss

A Russian 152 mm 2S19M1 in travelling configuration and with 152 mm ordnance in travel lock. Source: Christopher F Foss

... Paris - Jane's International Defence Review. 15 June 2018. A Piranha 3 fitted with the Variable Folding Bridge. (Christopher F Foss)

German Army Wiesel 1 AWC fitted with a turret armed with 20 mm MK 20 Rh

DVD 2016: Christopher F Foss talks to Lockheed Martin

International Armored Group Rila MRAP in standard 4x4 configuration seen fitted with a roof-mounted protected weapon station. Source: Christopher F Foss

Eurosatory 2016 Renault Trucks Defense VAB Mk 3 armoured personnel carrier - YouTube

... new SitaWare-based digital fires capability on the Tatra-based 8x8 version of the Caesar 155 mm SP howitzer it is procuring. Source: Christopher F Foss

by Christopher F Foss in Kreuzlingen

The latest General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada LAV 700 in command post vehicle configuration. This is fitted with a roof-mounted Kongsberg Protector ...

The Patria 120 mm NEMO turreted mortar system, shown here integrated onto a Patria Armoured

PSM details Puma AIFV upgrades

A rear view of the BMC Vuran 4×4 MPAV fitted with the Aselsan Alkar 120 mm WMS that fires through open roof hatches. Source: Christopher F Foss

... with roof-mounted remote weapon station, acoustic detection system, situational awareness system, and counter-IED equipment. Source: Christopher F Foss

Eurosatory 2016: Spain showcases Pizarro artillery observation vehicle. Christopher F Foss, Paris - IHS Jane's International Defence Review 17 June 2016

Malaysian Army trials Ingwe missile

The British Army is updating its ageing Challenger 2 main battle tanks. Source: IHS Markit/Patrick Allen

CHRISTOPHER F FOSS. 21 February 2017. Renault Trucks Defense (RTD), part of Volvo Group Governmental Sales (VGGS), has brought its latest VAB Mk III (6x6) ...

... Paris - Jane's International Defence Review 15 June 2018. A Piranha 3 fitted with the Variable Folding Bridge. (Christopher F Foss)

The M15 RCWS is in service with the Serbian armed forces. Source: Christopher F Foss


Nexter Systems develops new 40 mm turret family

The RJA is to phase out its 120 mm-armed Al Hussein MBTs (shown

The first BAE Systems Mjolner twin 120 mm demonstrator will soon start its first manned firings

Photo: Rheinmetall Defence

Christopher F Foss. 14 September 2016. Although China North Industries (NORINCO, Hangar 2) has not brought any of its expanding range of tracked and wheeled ...

Renault Trucks Defense 6×6 VAB fitted with the TDA Armements SAS 120 mm 2R2M

US Army M1064A3 120 mm self-propelled mortar with 120 mm mortar traversed to the

Christopher F Foss, London - IHS Jane's Defence Weekly. 30 April 2018. DESA is selling the British Army’s fleet of Panther 4x4 vehicles.

Free-roaming Bronco [DSEI17D4]. CHRISTOPHER F FOSS

DSEI 2017: The CV90 infantry fighting vehicle from BAE Systems

The Hornet RCWS is equipped with a 12.7 mm M2 HB machine gun and a bank of Galix electrically operated grenade launchers. Source: Christopher F Foss

... Ambush Protected vehicle fitted with mast mounted sighting system, remote weapon station and banks of grenade launchers. Source: Christopher F Foss

An unarmed Kembara Suci SOV with banks of 76 mm grenade launchers seen mounted on its front. Source: Christopher F Foss

Christopher F Foss, London - Jane's International Defence Review. 03 July 2018. Russia’s NNIIRT 1L122-1E portable air-defence radar can be

Eurosatory 2016: Rheinmetall unveils the Lynx tracked infantry fighting vehicle - YouTube

A full-scale model of the Nexter Munitions 155 mm Katana precision guided projectile.

The Kevlar-E is based on a surplus 122 mm 2S1 self-propelled howitzer

CHRISTOPHER F FOSS, Paris 17 June 2016

IDEX 2017: Rheinmetall's Leopard Advanced Technology Demonstrator (ATD)

Rheinmetall Landsysteme of Germany has brought its latest Marder Medium Tank RI (Republic of Indonesia) to Indo Defence 2016.

Missile profile: 9K37 Buk

CHRISTOPHER F FOSS. 12 September 2017. Finnish company Patria (Stand N6-160) has brought its latest Armoured Modular Vehicle XP to DSEI.

Latest Fantom UGV undertakes weapons tests. Melanie Rovery - Jane's International Defence Review

Eurosatory 2016: Griffon - The French Army's future wheeled armoured personnel carrier

CHRISTOPHER F FOSS. 15 September 2017. Rheinmetall Defence (Stand S7-110) has brought its latest Leopard 2 upgrade package to DSEI.

Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme at risk

More firepower for Centauro [ES2016D5]. CHRISTOPHER F FOSS

Jordan to sell Osa SAMs. Mohammed Najib - IHS Jane's Defence Weekly

Belarus showcases Cayman MATV. Christopher F Foss, London - Jane's International Defence Review

Christopher F Foss. 07 November 2014. Rheinmetall Air Defence has brought to Indo Defence its complete Military Operations Other Than War/ Counter Rocket ...

... Wegmann FLW500 RWS armed with Orbital ATK Armament Systems 30 mm M230LF cannon but without the 7.62 mm machine gun fitted. Source: Christopher F Foss

Farnborough 2018: Spice 250 operational capability expected in 2019

Eurosatory 2016: IHS Jane's talks about North China Industries (Norinco) Artillery Systems | Thai Military and Asian Region

CHRISTOPHER F FOSS. 19 February 2017. Countries in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region are continuing to enhance their armoured fighting vehicle ...

VBCI targets new markets [DSEI17D3]. CHRISTOPHER F FOSS

Customers line up for Piranha 5 [ES2016D1]. CHRISTOPHER F FOSS

Leopard migrates eastward (ES14E2). CHRISTOPHER F FOSS

Clearing the way [DSEI15, D4]. CHRISTOPHER F FOSS

Phantom sighted [IDEX17D2]. CHRISTOPHER F FOSS

Eurosatory 2014: GDELS-SBS displays latest ASCOD 2. CHRISTOPHER F FOSS

Eurosatory 2016: Rheinmetall lifts the lid on new 130 mm tank gun

Improving ride and mobility [DSEI15, D4]. CHRISTOPHER F FOSS

CHRISTOPHER F FOSS. 25 February 2015. Having been awarded a contract worth AED786 million for 72 production systems, the International Golden Group (IGG) of ...

FNSS unveils Saber 25 turret [IDX15D2]. CHRISTOPHER F FOSS

Christopher F Foss - Jane's International Defence Review. 29 October 2017. Artist's impression of the CV9040 fitted with the Mjolner twin 120 mm mortar ...

India's Ordnance Factory Board has developed the 155 mm/45 calibre Sharang towed gun to meet an army requirement. Source: IHS Markit/Akshara Parakala

Scorpion shows off its sting [AAD16D2]. Christopher F Foss

CHRISTOPHER F FOSS. 23 February 2015. Belgian company CMI Defence has launched its latest Cockerill 3000 modular turret system (MTS) at IDEX.

Arma in production for export [DSEI15, D4]. CHRISTOPHER F FOSS

The Alakran mortar is integrated into the rear of a Bars-8 vehicle for Ukraine's

The Jadara Equipment and Defence Systems Terminator ATGW system mounted on a tripod launcher. (

Yugoimport unveils new MGS-25 Aleksandar self-propelled 155 mm artillery system. Miroslav Gyürösi - Jane's International Defence Review

NIMR Automotive, a subsidiary of Emirates Defense Industries Company (EDIC, Stands 12-A05 and CP-219) has launched its Rapid Interventional Vehicle (RIV).

The Cockerill 3000 Turret & Patria AMV

CAESAR reigns supreme (ES14E2). CHRISTOPHER F FOSS

LMV is much improved [DSEI15, D2]. CHRISTOPHER F FOSS

Rapid role reversal [CANSEC2016D1]. Christopher F Foss

Milosh motors in [IDEX17D2]. CHRISTOPHER F FOSS

CHRISTOPHER F FOSS. 23 February 2015. Renault Trucks Defense (French Pavilion, CP-300) has developed a new version of its well-known Véhicule de l'Avant ...

CHRISTOPHER F FOSS. 22 February 2015. While light and medium tracked armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs) are deployed by countries in the Middle East in ...

CHRISTOPHER F FOSS. 05 November 2014. Countries in Southeast Asia are now enhancing the capability of their field artillery elements with the procurement of ...

Stallion II rides in. Christopher F Foss

CHRISTOPHER F FOSS. 01 November 2016. Rheinmetall Defence of Germany (Hall D, Stands 187 and 189) is supplying Indonesia with 103 Leopard 2 main battle ...

China North Industries Corporation (Norinco) (Hall 5, H521) is showing its total fire support capability at Eurosatory this year, albeit in model form only.

Christopher F Foss, Milbrook - IHS Jane's Defence Weekly 09 September 2016

Malaysia signed on 18 April a contract with Nexter and ADS to acquire 18 105 mm

Amphibious assault (ES14E3). CHRISTOPHER F FOSS

Christopher F Foss. 11 May 2016. Nimr Automotive, part of Emirates Defence Industries (Hall 1, Stand B126) has expanded its range of wheeled vehicles with ...

Baseline 6×6 Griffon VBMR in Troop Transport Vehicle configuration and fitted with

CHRISTOPHER F FOSS. 24 February 2015. CIO (Iveco Fiat-Oto Melara Consortium) has brought its latest Freccia (8x8) to IDEX 2015, in the infantry fighting ...

Valhalla Turrets reveals new 57 mm remote gun system development. Christopher F Foss - Jane's International Defence Review

Concept turret packs a punch (ES14E3). CHRISTOPHER F FOSS

CHRISTOPHER F FOSS. 24 February 2015. Turkey's Otokar has confirmed to the IDEX Show Daily that its latest Cobra II (4x4) armoured amphibious tactical ...

CHRISTOPHER F FOSS. 13 September 2017. Making its first appearance at DSEI in the outside vehicle park is the new MBDA Land Ceptor surface-to-air missile ...

A model of the Club-T missile system's transport erector vehicle (TEL) shown at the Gulf Defence & Aerospace exhibition in December. Source: IHS ...