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Clean mud fish ready for soup Laofood yum FOOD100

Clean mud fish ready for soup Laofood yum FOOD100


Clean #mud #fish, ready for soup, #Laofood #yum.

Yum yol moo

Clean #mud #fish, ready for soup, #Laofood #yum. See more. Fresh grilled fish

Clean #mud #fish, ready for soup, #Laofood #yum. | FOOD:100% Lao | Pinterest | Fish and Food

Kang ki lek

Kang nor mia with ball mushrooms

Tum mak houng (so yummy and super spicy)

#Laofood #MiengLao

Real #Laofood.

lao food | Tumblr

Fried sen lon

Clean #mud #fish, ready for soup, #Laofood #yum. | FOOD:100% Lao | Pinterest | Fish and Food

Clean #mud #fish, ready for soup, #Laofood #yum. | FOOD:100% Lao | Pinterest | Fish and Food

Find this Pin and more on FOOD:100% Lao by KLuangket.

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Lao Salad #LaoFood

Keng Kai Pa, looks really nice.

Gaeng Som Pla Chon (Snake Head Fish with Sweet and Sour Soup) แกงส้มปลาช่อน

It's that spicy enough.

Som moo (Lao style)

A delicious yet easy to make Lao #eggplant #dip. Bet you've

by richard evea

Laos Food, Thai Recipes, Comfort Foods, Delicious Food, Spicy, Asian, Yummy Food, Thai Food Recipes

Laos, Comfort Foods

Kang nor mia Delicious and vegetarian lao food

#TraditionalLaoFood. Floor style. So yummy.

Clean #mud #fish, ready for soup, #Laofood #yum. | FOOD:100% Lao | Pinterest | Fish and Food


The other day we volunteered in Luang Prabang Laos at an organization called Big Brother Mouse

How to make Numkaopoon teen kai chicken feet my style ( LAO FOOD ) HOME MADE BY KAYSONE - YouTube

(Fish head with sour bamboo shoot soup.)

Som moo #HomeMade #LaoFoodie #LaoFood

Thai Dessert

How to Make Nom Pajok (Authentic Cambodian Noodle Soup)

Lao curry chicken noodle soup! Khao poon!

Delicious and easy Vietnamese crepes (Banh Xeo)

Grilled mud fish


Fish Wraps in Vientiane, Laos.

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So this is probably one of the only foods I can't eat.

Clean #mud #fish, ready for soup, #Laofood #yum. | FOOD:100% Lao | Pinterest | Fish and Foods

Stir Fry Curry Crab

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Lao dessert. .num wan kao lod chog.

Fried King Fish, preferably with tostones.

green mango and padek sauce

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Lao Steamed Fish (Mok Pa)


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Sour mango and gooseberry

Turkey Thai Curry

A perfect little bowl of hmong eggplant pepper. Spicy and addicting.

Khao poun is a traditional spicy Lao rice noodle soup often made with chicken, fish