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Confederate Block quotIquot Infantry button recovered last Winter from Col

Confederate Block quotIquot Infantry button recovered last Winter from Col


This plate was recovered about 30 years ago from a Confederate winter camp trash pit in Northern Virginia. (Continued in comments.

Excavated coat size Confederate block "I" {Infantry} button recovered on private property

Georgia State Seal Civil War Confederate Button RARE Non Dug Van Wart | eBay

... 1860 Florida Infantry 20.6mm FL3 Gilded Brass rj silverstein's georgewashingtoninauguralbuttons.com r

American Civil War - Civil War Confederate States buttons | rare solid ...

Confederate Rifleman Block R 2-Pc Coat Button Dug Richmond VA Area- RARE

Z2029 Confederate Army General Service button, "CSA" Button

Colonel Hugh Alfred Garland, 1st Missouri Infantry. As captain of Company F (the

Z1759 One-Piece Cast Pewter Infantry Button (1811)

This rare Confederate Texas button was made by T.E. Miller, of Houston, Texas.

K the "Holly Shelter Volunteers" 3rd NC Infantry.

1861 Confederate States of America Cent PR65 Red and Brown PCGS.CAC. Copper 1874

Dug Confederate I Infantry Button Recovered Culp's Hill

1777 – 1854Dragoons Regt. of RiflemenMilitia Rifles – George Washington Inaugural Buttons

Top: Regimental flag of the Mississippi Infantry captured at Lookout Mountain Nov.

Post War of 1812 Infantry Army Uniform Button

Hill The Georgian had been an Assistant Surgeon in the U. Navy but joined the Confederacy when the civil war began. He served with the Georgia Regular ...


The Civil War Parlor - Untouched Confederate Cedar Wood ...

Confederate Heart Bed Roll Buckle Gettysburg relics artifacts

Civil War–150 Years Later and Ridgely Howard. Ridgely Howard, Maryland Confederate infantry ...

Captain William Sadler, Company G. 8th Tennessee Infantry. The 31 year old captain

Rare 38 Cal. Multi ring Sharps Sporting rifle bullet-To be pictured in the

Wilson's Zouaves, 6th NY Volunteer Infantry

"The Boy Colonel" Twenty-one year old Colonel Henry King Burgwyn,Jr., leads the North Carolina across Willoughby , July 1863 at the battle of Gettysburg.

A really pretty excavated, smaller size, lead filled, floral pattern Confederate Cavalry rosette

Colonel Theodore Roosevelt stands triumphant on San Juan Hill, Cuba after his "Rough Riders" captured this hill and its sister Kettle Hill during the Battle ...

Confederate troops under Generals T.R.R. Cobb and Joseph Kershaw, behind the

He was killed leading the Tennessee Infantry at the Battle of Bentonville, the last battle for the Army of Tennessee. His body was never recovered.

FIG 5. Sergeant Thomas Crowder Owens, 9th Virginia Infantry

An excavated bullet in wood recovered from private property near the Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia

Veterans' Reunion Ribbon, 1900


Last week hunting for very ancient coins. Difficult time to do, but found a nice small place. Don't think to find a lot of things and coins.

American Civil War Uniforms- The Union and the Confederacy wore different uniforms to distinguish from

The Project Gutenberg e-Book of The Medallic History Of The United States Of America, 1776-1876. Author: J. F. Loubat, LL.D.

Uniform coat of Henry Kyd Douglas, Confederate Staff Officer.

I woke up thinking of a photograph this morning, pre-dawn as reports of world leaders comparing the sizes and efficacy of their "nuclear buttons" circulated ...

The only flag known to exist from the Second Georgia Infantry Regiment of the Confederate Army

A Confederate Girl's Diary.

American Civil War Fashion - US Army colonel's uniform frock coat. This coat was used by Colonel Christopher C. Andrews of the Minnesota Volunteer Infantry ...

CAPTAIN LINUS WOODRUFF: Union Infantry Captain's frock coat, sword belt and sash. The single row of buttons, rather than double breasted rows, is common for ...

3rd Infantry Division Soldiers receive Medals of Honor at the newly secured Zepplinfeld Stadium in Nuremberg

This Hotchkiss shell was an early recovery from the Antietam Battlefield. Can also be seen in my book Civil War Artillery - A Pictorial Introduction.

1997 group.JPG


... 6.

The Wisconsin Magazine of History, Vol. 1, ed. by Milo Quaife—A Project Gutenberg eBook

Fact Cards

Rare color photograph showing Egyptian infantrymen during the Egypto-Arabian War of 1958

Gunshot uniform of Colonel Elmer Ellsworth, a 24-year old law-clerk and


12-09-12 - Regulation Yankee light artillery jacket: A Civil War general once remarked that with Confederate infantry and Yankee artillery he could “whip ...

July 21, 1861: The Battle of Bull Run, the first major clash in

Confederate Infantry Officer's Frock Coat. Grey wool double breasted coat with blue collar and cuff

Orders: Skip Owen, portraying a Confederate lieutenant colonel, drills his troops. The

1st Texas Infantry in camp at Quantico, VA

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Current History Chronicled for the Period Ended June 18, 1918, with Table of Contents and Index, by The New York Times.

Finding Aid: May/June 2002

Uncase -DRIER-TOA-2006

Photo of Confederate soldiers; National Parks Service, The Civil War: Soldiers & Sailors Database

Page 1

Honoring African American Veterans Black men in the armed services have always served a country that

Post OIF 07-09[edit]

A very dirty war: British soldiers shot dead by enemy troops waving the white flag and Argentinian prisoners bayoneted in cold blood.

A casually-dressed man stands at a partially-opened, large, wood-

A Travis County Sheriff Deputy on Tuesday May 31, 2016, looks at a truck

Wesley Merritt

CDV of 9th Texas Cavalry Colonel, Dudley Jones, Confederate States of America. *

... of the wounded in piles thrown outside the windows of first floor rooms converted to operating theaters, Carnton was rapidly transformed from sleepy, ...

... sent Colonel Gore, a Waterloo veteran, to attack St. Denis with a force of two hundred infantry, a troop of militia cavalry, and three field pieces.

Ukraine crisis: 'facts on the ground' are 'deeply troubling,' Obama says | World news | The Guardian

List of Nathan Bedford Forrest Memorials in the U.S.

From Painting by C. M. Russell.

Two dolls, named Nina & Lucy Ann, were x-rayed to discover if they were used by Confederate soldiers to smuggle morphine and quinine past Union blockades ...

AMES MODEL 1832 ARTILLERY SHORT SWORD The Model 1832 was the first sword contracted by the US government with the Ames company of Springfield, ...

RJ Sangosti/AP Carol Rulli, who runs the video scoreboard at Jeffco Stadium, heads back to her car after the Colorado state track championship was postponed ...

Flag of 15th NC Infantry: Some Say The South Will Rise again, They Have


47 Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteer Infantry 1915 Reunion Badge

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S. Mosby, the celebrated and daring Grey Ghost, his Confederate Raiders able to attack behind Union lines, then melt into the Virginia countryside.


Original title: "Colonel Roosevelt and his Rough Riders at the top of the hill which they captured, Battle of San Juan Hill.


Confederate battle flags

High degree of realism: Floridians portray wounded soldiers from the 1st N.C. Infantry as part

2015 American Digger Magazine Sampler by American Digger Magazine - issuu

26-year-old Francis Mobley's grave in the. Confederate section of Mount Hebron Cemetery in. Winchester, Va. He was mortally wounded at Antietam.

Col. Stephanie Dawson, the first female brigade commander in the New York Army National

Col. Cross returned to command the NH 5th Volunteer Regiment during the Battle of Gettysburg where he was mortally wounded on July 2, 1863.

... by Confederate prisoners of war; transporting troops and goods up and down the Southern coasts; and finally her demise by Confederate “torpedo” in 1864.