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Cross section of the Yellowstone hotspot and magma reservoir

Cross section of the Yellowstone hotspot and magma reservoir


Yellowstone's magma

Cross section of the Yellowstone hotspot and magma reservoir. Image via USGS.

Yellowstone subsurface cross-section schematic oriented SW-NE, depicts rise of magma beneath

Caldera at Yellowstone Image not credited

Cross-section through Long Valley

Geologic cross-section at YNP.

In a big eruption, Yellowstone would eject 1,000 times as much material as the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption. This would be a disaster felt on a global ...

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Graphic depicting the path left by the Yellowstone hotspot as the continental plate drifted above it

Depth cross-section through the plume structure showing its connection with the Yellowstone hotspot.

Section cut of Yellowstone's hotspot.(Click to here enlarge)

Yellowstone Caldera : The Biggest Volcanic Eruption Ever Awaits Mankind! Video lasts 45:00

Movement of Yellowstone Hotspot Lori Snyder, Department of Geology, University of Wisconsin- Eau

cross section of a caldera

Lion Geyser and Heart Spring in Yellowstone National Park. Image credit: Brocken Inaglory /


... Download Powerpoint. Fig. 3 Cross sections of the Yellowstone ...

Examples of material released by supervolcanic eruptions (shown in dark orange). Image Credit

Posted: 4/24/2015 1:56:22 AM EDT

U. researchers: Yellowstone 'supervolcano' has another, bigger magma reservoir - The Salt Lake Tribune

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Yellowstone Caldera Diagram

Yellowstone map 4

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Magma Chamber Canvas Print - Yellowstone Magma Chambers by Claus Lunau

A PDF of the article.

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... provides new structural information, based on supercomputer modeling, about the location of a mid-crustal sill that separates magma under Yellowstone.

2013 Planetary Field Geology Guidebook September 28 – October 3 Northwestern Wyoming and Yellowstone: Super volcanoes, Mountai


Researchers find evidence of TWELVE mega eruptions 16m years ago in Idaho | Daily Mail Online

Yellowstone supervolcano

The Grand Prismatic Spring is one of the most indelible hydrothermal features in Yellowstone National Park. (Tom Murphy/National Geographic Creative/Corbis)

Yellowstone National Park/Creative Commons

ajor eruption, 640,000 years ago, caused the ground to collapse into the magma reservoir, leaving a giant caldera. Subsequent lava flows filled in much of ...

Cross section of a geyser and hot springGroundwater percolates through porous rock into fractures deep underground

Posted: 4/24/2015 1:56:22 AM EDT

Midway Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park. Image Credit: Neal Herbert, National Park

Inside a magma chamber, Thrihnukagigur- 'Three Peaks Crater', Iceland - Stock

Prismatic file photo

Cross section of a volcano. Engraved mountains. hand drawn geology vintage style. Crater

Magma Pocket ...

Giant New Magma Reservoir Found Beneath Yellowstone | Science | Smithsonian

Caldera rim

Yellowstone National Park


Studies Show Magma Chamber Deep Below Yellowstone National Park Would Fill Grand Canyon 11 Times | National Parks Traveler

Neogene Snake River Plain

Two-dimensional cross sections of the Yellowstone P-wave low-velocity anomalies corresponding to Fig. 15 (Jordan et al., 2005). (a) NW-SE cross- section ...

Volcano - Cross-section through a volcano showing layers of ash, large magma chamber


A caldera-forming volcano supplies the heat for the hydrothermal features in Yellowstone National Park

Bruneau-Jarbidge caldera

Yellowstone hotspot track for past 10 Ma showing volcanism, faulting and Yellowstone Crescent of High Terrain (YCHT). Fault classification shown in lower ...

Clouds hover over choppy water on Yellowstone Lake

... 1.8%) P-wave velocity bodies are determined from local earthquake tomography of the Yellowstone caldera that reveals the Yellowstone magma reservoir.

Map of western United States showing the track of the Yellowstone hotspot (after Pierce and

Huge magma chamber spied under Yellowstone supervolcano

Digital Geology of Idaho - Snake River Plain - Yellowstone Volcanic Province

Steps in the formation of Crater Lake Caldera; 38.

Calling ET: NASA Expands Search for Alien Life

As this magma-which drives one of the world s largest volcanic systems-rises, it pushes up the Earth s crust beneath the Yellowstone Plateau.

FIGURE 2.4 Seismic imaging shows the location of the Yellowstone magma reservoir in the crust and plume in the mantle. (a) Crustal regions with melt present ...

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A: Digital elevation model showing mapped caldera margins of Heise and Yellowstone

Radial drainage pattern outward from the present position of the Yellowstone hotspot, suggesting uplift. The Continental Divide (short dashed gray line) is ...

Map of Yellowstone caldera, Wyoming, USA. The distribution of post Lava Creek Tuff

Download figure ...

Sketch maps for the last 16 Ma along the Yellowstone hotspot track showing changes in stream-flow directions and eastward shift of drainage divides.

Figure 3: Teleseismic tomography V P structure beneath Yellowstone (from Yuan and Dueker, 2005

General model for the generation of the CPM rhyolites and the physical nature of the magma

This map from the U.S. Geological Service shows the range of the volcanic ash that was deposited after the biggest of the Yellowstone National Park ...

Cross section through the Earth showing the Yellowstone mantle plume (Click image to view full

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Huge magma chamber spied under Yellowstone supervolcano | State and Regional | helenair.com

Ancient rain and snowmelt seep down to just above the volcano's magma reservoirs, until they are superheated and rise again through the fractures.

Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone. Credit: Filip Fuxa/Shutterstock.com

Satellite thermal infrared temperature ma of Yellowstone (Click image to view full size.)

According to experts with the US Geological Survey, the latest swarm began on February 8

Yellowstone NP Morning Glory Pool NPS

Inside the Thrihnukagigur volcano magma chamber near Reykjavik, Iceland. - Stock Image

... Robert B. Smith and Jamie Farrell combined seismic imaging data to come up with a complete view of the plumbing system beneath the Yellowstone ...

Yellowstone Caldera: More Magma, Less Eruptible

Yellowstone supervolcano: Magma reservoir big enough to fill Grand Canyon 11 times discovered

The elevator to enter inside the Thrihnukagigur volcano magma chamber near Reykjavik, Iceland. -