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DARPA39s Autonomous Crusher Tank Can Drive Itself and More

DARPA39s Autonomous Crusher Tank Can Drive Itself and More


Picture, if you will, the self-driving Prius that Google invented—quiet, safe, sedate, room for five. Now imagine the exact, polar opposite—a six-wheeled, ...

S Marine Corps wants new unmanned tank The Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory hopes that a machine gun toting robot can one day provide more firepower to ...


Researchers at Carnegie Mellon unveil the Crusher UGV, an autonomous vehicle that is capable of navigating "itself between GPS waypoints without human ...

Autonomous Platform Demonstrator (APD)

Russian servicemen drive a T-14 Armata tank (front) during a rehearsal for

The helicopter delivered the Land Tamer, Carnegie Mellon's unmanned ground vehicle. (Photo:

Crusher Unmanned Ground Vehicle

m4-shemayne: “ M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle AKA The Shredder ”

... This Is T14 Armata, Russia's First Robot Tank With Unmanned Turret

Google's Self Driving Car

AFV (Mobile Gun Variant) case-less self-loading cannon, 20 mm Gatling guns. Can be delivered by the Navajo-class drop ship.

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Homemade RC Tank Track Plans

French Char B1 tank, one of the best tanks in the world in 1939/1940. On May 16th 1940 a single Char B1 tank, commanded by captain Pierre Bilotte, ...

Second iteration opf the concept -- the Panzerfahre Gepanzerte Landwasserschleppen 2 -- more closely resembles modern landing craft.

Futuristic Electric Volkswagen Aero-B Concept is Fully Autonomous, Has No Driver Controls

Crusher prototypes

Another M2HB can be seen mounted on the Remote Weapon Station of the M1A3 Abrams leading the American column on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Like the body above the running gear was also assembled, but because it was only mocked up will be removed and remounted more securely.

Putting together a Real Bolo Mark X+ Tank with Today and Near term Technology

In the near future, however, businesses should bet on autonomous vehicles to take over

A M109A7 tank drive along a snow covered road.

TANK, Drive

U.S. students have created a prototype autonomous machine (

... Purity tanks ...

The Swarmbot is a prototype UGS developed by iRobot in conjunction with DARPA. These autonomous

RC Car controlled by a Raspberry Pi - using Java, Android, and iOS

German World War II Goliath (Sdkfz. 303a) mini tank/mine at Bovington

MegaBots Builders Test Drive Powerful New Custom Tank Treads for Their Giant Robot

Scrap Mechanic: Self Driving Car with Dual Speed & Auto-braking | let's play 60fps

Robot judges could soon be helping with court cases

By 2035, electric vehicles could make up 35% of the road transport market,

Marking a future for autonomous self driving cars

James Gilboy

autonomous-cars autonomous-driving autonomous-vehicles autopilot feature self-driving-cars

Dashboard Warning Lights and What They Mean

Again a repurposed turret-less tank hull (this time a US M60 Patton), Able to extend the armoured OP up to around 10 ...

A World Without Work

Ban on killer robots urgently needed, say scientists | Science | The Guardian

DARPA-winning robotics team faces boycott over interest in AI weapons development

TRIALS 2016 - More water sports coming just as soon as the weather is suitable. As in no ice.





Real-World Test Shows Chevy Spark EV Has Substantially More Range Than Nissan LEAF @ 62 mph (w/video)

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AP655F L

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This is the ideal device for group outings and more advanced users looking for a precise vaping experience.

Gangstar Vegas on the App Store


AmazonBasics 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder and Shredder Sharpening & Lubricant Sheets (

The new Cat GSH420 and GSH520 orange-peel grapples can be used for moving waste


Java EE 8 Modernization

... people coming to learn, so that representatives of other projects can then build and optimize a system that can be integrated into their own daily life.

Neusoft Automotive, of Shenyang, China, Freescale's partner, is armed with more than



Data for Government Transparency: Key Takeaways from Penn Wharton Budget

https://cordis.europa.eu/article/id/401027-the-futures-bright-the-futures-big-data_en.html …pic.twitter.com/zdpmD8VaTc

Powered Armor

In October last year the miner completed its first fully autonomous rail journey, when a train successfully completed a 100km pilot run from Wombat Junction ...

The ...

How To: Use the Shortcuts App on Your iPhone in iOS 12 for Custom Siri Actions & More

... Narotoli is home mainly to adherents of Sarna, a nature-worshipping tribal religion. In more ways than one, it has long been off-grid. Drive past ...

Open ...

Salamanders show more resistance to global warming than previously feared

Luckily, if you turn off Traction Control, you can still do great Reverse Donuts in snowy parking lots.

Gangstar Vegas on the App Store

Tiny, tank-like robot can haul up to 9,000 lbs., makes moving trailers around the yard and shop a cinch

Illustration of self driving cars in a city

Review: Yocan iShred

From left to right: Baratza Encore, Baratza Virtuoso, Porlex Mini Hand Grinder, and Capresso Infinity. Photo: Michael Hession

8750 Dragline ...

More Than 250 US Nuclear Test Videos from Cold War Era Released on Youtube