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Daemon I Blackfyre by Amoka housetargaryen Fan Art King

Daemon I Blackfyre by Amoka housetargaryen Fan Art King


Daemon I Blackfyre by Amoka - house-targaryen Fan Art - King proclaimed

visenya targaryen, by amoka

King Maekar I Targaryen by Amok. “It may be that the gods have a taste for cruel japes. Or perhaps there are no gods. Perhaps none of this had any meaning.

Daemon Blackfyre and the Gold Cloaks: Cool Illustration by Marc Simonetti

King Daeron II Targaryen son of Aegon IV and Naerys he married Mariah Martell

Daeron I the Young Dragon by Amoka - house-targaryen Fan Art 157-161

Prince Daemon Targaryen was a member of House Targaryen and the uncle and husband of Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, whose claim he supported in the Dance .

"Viserys III Targaryen", The Beggar King by Amok. "When Viserys sold their mother's crown, the last joy had gone from him."

Maegor I the Cruel by Amoka - house-targaryen Fan Art 42-48

VISERYS II TARGARYEN All rights reserved Design, Art © Amok 2002-2014

Rhaegar Targaryen heir to the iron throne fell in love with Lyanna Stark and started a war for her hand that nearly wiped out the entire Targaryen House ...

Naerys by Amoka - house-targaryen Fan Art daughter of Viserys II, wife and sister of Aegon IV and Aemon Targaryen - mother of Daeron II

Aegon II Targaryen was the sixth Targaryen king to sit the Iron Throne, succeeding his father, Viserys I Targaryen, as Lord of the Seven Kingdoms.

Daemon I Blackfyre - The Black Dragon by Mike-Hallstein

She was the sister-wife of King Baelor I Targaryen, and was the mother of Daemon Blackfyre, ...

Nobody ever suspects the butterfly.

King Aegon III Targaryen, Dragonbane,The Unlucky by Amok. "One of her forebears, the third Aegon, had seen his own mother devoured by his uncle's dragon.

Elaena by Amoka - house-targaryen Fan Art sister of Baelor I

The History of A Song of Ice & Fire

Commission: Daena Targaryen by Enife

Amok's site :: Gallery :: George R.R. Martin :: Targaryens

AEGON I Targaryen by Amok

Aerys II the Mad King by Amoka - house-targaryen Fan Art 262-283

Daemon Blackfyre - a.k.a. Daemon Waters - The Pretender - The King Who Bore the Sword - The Black Dragon. | people paintings | Pinterest | Black dragon, ...

King Viserys I Targaryen by Amok. "A plump and pleasant king, raised during

VISENYA TARGARYEN GAME OF THRONES by fratastic420 on DeviantArt

a song of ice and fire picture: Wallpapers Collection - a song of ice and fire category

Aerion targaryen by arkoniel.jpgAerion was one of the most outstanding examples of the madness

Jaehaerys II was King of the Seven Kingdoms and the sixteenth Targaryen to sit the Iron Throne. He was the father of Aerys II and grandfather of Rhaegar, ...

Commission: Visenya Targaryen by Enife.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Ser Jorah Mormont is an exiled knight, the former head of House Mormont and Lord of Bear Island. He fled Westeros to escape execution for trading in sla.

Rhaenyra by Amoka - house-targaryen Fan Art Queen proclaimed and mother of Aegon III

Aegon Targaryen | Aegon III Targaryen by YunonaD

King Viserys Targaryen, the Third of His Name - The second (surviving) child of Aerys II and Rhaella. Exiled prince of House Targaryen and the older brother ...

Príncipe Aemond Targaryen, também conhecido como Aemond Um-Olho era o segundo filho do

Lord Cregan Stark was Lord of Winterfell, Warden of the North and head of House

Baelor Breakspear.jpg Prince Baelor Targaryen, known as Baelor Breakspear, was a prince of House Targaryen and was the eldest son and heir of King Daeron II ...

rhaenys targaryen - Google Search

The Game of Thrones "King Baelor" I Targaryen, The Blessed, The Beloved by Amok. "Their path took them past the statue of Baelor the Blessed.his face a ...

Aerys I by Amoka - house-targaryen Fan Art

Prince Rhaegar Targaryen son of the Mad King and father of Jon Snow

Rhaegar Targaryen by inSOLense on deviantART

House Targaryen Fan Art: Jaehaerys I by Amoka

House Targaryen Fan Art: Bittersteel by Amoka. Aegor "Bittersteel" Rivers by Amok. A Targaryen Great Bastard who founded the Golden Company.

Tywin Lannister by Amok by ~Xtreme1992 on deviantART

Visenya Targaryen by brobehindyou on Deviantart

Elliria Sand

Rhaegar Targaryen. "I am not certain

A Song of Ice and Fire images House Targaryen HD wallpaper and background photos

Queen Alysanne Targaryen was the queen consort of King Jaehaerys I. She rode the dragon

Aegon V the Unlikely by Amoka - house-targaryen Fan Art 233-259

Males Great Bastards of King Aegon IV Targaryen (left to right: Aegor "Bittersteel" Rivers, Daemon Blackfyre, Brynden "Bloodraven" Rivers) #got #agot # ...

Daenerys Targaryen by KirstyCarter

Aegon the Conqueror

King Aerys II Targaryen, called "the Mad King", was the last member of House Targaryen to rule from the Iron Throne. "A Song of Ice and Fire" fan art.

Aenys I Targaryen by Amok© Aenys I was a member of House Targaryen and was the second king to rule the Seven Kingdoms from the Iron Throne.

Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen

Bloodraven The Targaryens By Amoka www.amoka.net

House Targaryen Fan Art: Rhaena by Amoka

Explore Harp, Character Art, and more!

Gendry is a blacksmith apprentice for master Tobho Mott in King's Landing. When Gendry was old enough, an unknown lord paid his apprentice fee so he could ...

Daemon Blackfyre, born Daemon Waters, was the bastard son of Aegon IV and Daena Targaryen he loved his half sister the first Daenerys

Lyanna Stark. Gli Arcani Supremi (Vox clamantis in deserto - Gothian): Cosa successe veramente alla Torre della Gioia?

Visenya Targaryen by HeiligerShadowfax - Queen Visenya was the older of Aegon I's sisters. A passionate, temperamental woman, she was apt to dress as a ...

Lord Rickard Stark: Amazing ASOIAF Illustration by Mike-Hallstein

Viserys Targaryen by Amok by Xtreme1992 on DeviantArt

Raegar Targaryen

Grey Worm by Amok©

historicalasoiaf: Rhaegar Targaryen by paradanmellow

BlackSister: Visenya Targaryen and Vhagar.

"rhaegar targaryen v.2 " | FabioAlencar on DeviantArt (deactivated account)

"Prince Rhaegar loved his Lady Lyanna… and thousands died for it.” Lyanna and Rhaegar (c) GRR Martin.

Princess Daella Targaryen was the eldest daughter and fourth child of King Maekar I Targaryen and his wife Dyanna

King Daeron I Targaryen, the Young Dragon

Big Game of Thrones Sale on https://www.world-of-westeros.com/ - Marc Simonetti - King Aerys II Targaryen

3 men, 3 names

Catelyn Stark, also known as Catelyn Tully or simply Cat, is the wife of Lord Eddard Stark and.

Arstan Whitebeard, to Daenerys Targaryen. Art by paintmaster1 on deviantART. "

In Game of Thrones' season seven finale, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen finally consummated their slow-burning passion — even though the season six ...

Queen Betha Blackwood

Rhaegar Targaryen by U-Svetu-Maste

The Dragon Prince (Rhaegar Targayen) by *Silvenger on deviantART #asoiaf

A cadet branch of House Targaryen, House Blackfyre was founded by Daemon Blackfyre, a.

Brynden Rivers by Insolense

Aegon was tall, broad shouldered and powerful in appearance, with purple eyes and silver

Rhaegar Targaryen by yuutew on DeviantArt

Daemon Targaryen by Bearfry

27979e5a5711d16906b3134b20bf89b81a1048b2_hq.jpg (744×850)

Dagria and Rhaegar Targaryen. Commission for CM: Praise the Dragons!

Baelor Breakspear Targaryen by Mike S. "My father was only nine-and-thirty. He had it in him to be a great king, the greatest since Aegon the Dragon.

Visenya Targaryen was the older of King Aegon I Targaryen's sisters. She was also one

Sansa Stark by LykasWilliam on DeviantArt - Game Of Thrones

Daenerys Targaryen - Created by Jose Barrero

Beautiful Digital Portrait Art of Lyanna Stark by GloriaPM Like us on Facebook

She looks more like young Queen Cersei to me than Sansa Stark

pre-gameofthrones: “Rhaegar Targaryen by ”

Rhaegar Targaryen by chetosee on deviantART

Daenerys Targaryen