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Daito top and wakizashi bottom in the form of a daisho East Asia

Daito top and wakizashi bottom in the form of a daisho East Asia


Daito, top, and wakizashi, bottom, in the form of a daisho

Antique Japanese daishō, the traditional pairing of two Japanese swords which were the symbol of the samurai, showing the traditional Japanese sword cases ...

Damascus folded steel blue blood Japanese samurai katana sword blade Very Cool

Koshirae (mountings) of an Edo period daishō, rayskin wrapped with silk

Japanese Swords Types (google.image) 01.18

Hilts of Japanese straight swords, Kofun period, 6-7th century, Met Museum.


full tang carbon steel black blade japanese Katana samurai sword sharp real cut | Collectibles, Knives, Swords & Blades, Swords & Sabers | eBay!

Kilij - Ottoman kilij 19th century, this type with a short, broad bladed is

Japanese samurai swords come in three types namely, tanto (short), wakizashi (medium) and daito (long). There are two types of daitos: the tachi and katana.

Munetoshi Lion Dog Handmade DH Steel Samurai Katana Wakizashi Sword Daisho Set

Shinken [show article only]hover over links in text for more info


Type 95, World War II era guntō

Antique Japanese katana, Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Japanese Sword Types.

Thaitsuki Japanese Swords - hand made Katana and Wakizashi swords for practice and display.

Nagamaki - Image: Antique samurai nagamaki koshirae 2

Shitennō-ji Shichiseiken, single-edged straight sword, Asuka period

Two Chinese swords (top) of the Sui Dynasty. Bottom: Japanese sword with scabbard, Kofun period, 6th century, Met Museum.

The Gladius, the favored weapon of the Roman Legion in Close Combat. Unleash your

Wakizashi Edo period

Cold Steel Sword - The Shamshir originated in Persia and spread throughout the former Ottoman Empire and beyond into India and even the Philippines.

wakizashi katana


Yoroi-dōshi - Image: Yoroi doshi blade

Robert Bruce Sword Sold

Two antique Japanese guntō swords on a sword rack (katana kake), shin guntō on top and kyū guntō below.

Chinese swords - Image: Chinese saber

Tsuba formed from eighteen overlapping riveted plates | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Medieval weaponry, battle tested, combat ready. Now you can defend your Castle like

Monorail in Chongqing

Aliexpress.com : Buy Japanese Tanto Samurai Sword Real Handmade .

Naginata Attributed to Kawachinokami Kunisuke [ Signature ] :(front) Kawachinokami Kunisuke (back

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Korean sword - Ornamented Sword made during the Silla period

Many Chinese girls not registered for census until age 20. Male surplus not as high

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Swords for Sale - Get a Sword

Daisho, Herança do Clã Hadouken

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Baston (weapon) - Rattan and bahi bastons and bangkaws being sold in Quiapo,

Four katana and one wakizashi blades from the Musée Guimet, Paris., illustrating the difference in curvature and length between the katana and the wakizashi ...


Roman Gladius - Best sword

Hunting sword

Kilij - The upper sword appears to be an exaggerated parade piece or executioner's sword,

Antique shinto era samurai daisho koshirae (matched set of sword mounts) for wakizashi and

Sodegarami - Image: Sodegarami sasumata

Japanese sword - A range of Japanese blade types, from left to right: naginata

Naginata - A Samurai with naginata.

Tanbō - Antique Japanese tanbo, an 18-inch-long hard wood martial arts

Handmade Sharp Japanese Samurai Sword Musashi Wakizashi

il_570xN.719755144_bls4.jpg (570×760)

A daisho set of Japanese sword storage mounts (shirasaya) for katana (top) and wakizashi (bottom).

Mameluke sword - Jean-Léon Gérôme, Napoleon in Egypt, ca. 1863,

Tanbō - Image: Tanbo 1

Horimono - Image: Japanese katana with horimono (blade carving)

Tsuba Owari School Shokoku Toda Hikozaemon 7.23 × 7.23 × 0.38cm Added to the collection

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Musashi (novel)

1033 best East Asia images on Pinterest | Asia, Late night food and Mafia

Kofun period - Kofun period jewelry. British Museum.

Ooseppa(big Seppa) on the round shape syakudo plate, flying birds are engraved

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il_570xN.813195514_ncz4.jpg (570×474)

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Celtic Combat Sword

Fighting knife - U.S. Marine KA-BAR Knife

Mumei Edo wakizashi sword. NBTHK attest was made by Fuyuhiro.. Excellent koshirae .

Greek Hoplite sword. Magic Bleeds

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Miaodao - Image: Wang Zhihai Miao Dao

Spada da lato

Ōdachi - A sheathed ōdachi

Persian Shamshir - Best sword

Akrafena - Image: Brooklyn Museum 74.218.24 Sword Gold Weight

Daito, top, and wakizashi, bottom, in the form of a daisho | East Asia | Pinterest

Horimono - Image: Horimono on nihonto

Ninja Sword with Hidden Weapons (ninja star, claws, spikes) so much in one package!

High quality vintage tanto 1060 carbon steel blade Japanese .

Guntō - Japanese officers surrender their swords to Indian troops in Malaya, after the surrender

Katana - best sword of samurais

Differential heat treatment - The curving of a katana during quenching first begins with a downward

Chinese swords and polearms


Balato (sword)

Japanese girl practicing iaidō with a modern training katana or iaitō. This sword was custom-made in Japan, to suit the weight and size of the student.


Sasumata - Image: Sasumata

Tsurugi (sword)

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Glossary of Japanese swords