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Dalton Highway Alaska Places to See t Alaska Road

Dalton Highway Alaska Places to See t Alaska Road


Alaska's Dalton Highway Road Trip | Fairbanks to Deadhorse Alaska, Dalton Highway, Deadhorse. Pipeline Crossing the Dalton Highway

On the Dalton Highway in Alaska, with snow and ice on the side of the

La Dalton Highway en Alaska: recorrido por una de las carreteras más extremas del Mundo

... James Dalton Highway Alaska. See more. Truck on the James Dalton Highway (haul road) transports goods to Prudhoe bay,

Oh Shit Corner - Alaska's Dalton Highway

The Dalton Highway passes through hundreds of miles of scenic forests, mountains, & tundra.

Alaska Dalton Highway Travel Tips: For Adventurers and Adrenaline Junkies | Road trips, Alaska and Wilderness

Dalton Highway, Alaska

Dalton Highway Ice Road Truckers - Photo (c) Laurent Dick - Wild Alaska Travel

Ice Road Truckers Dalton Highway Atigun Pass - Photo (c) Laurent Dick - Wild

James Dalton Highway – Alaska Ever watched “Ice Road Truckers?” This

Work on the Dalton Highway where flood water caused erosion and melting. CREDIT ALASKA DEPARTMENT

The 10 Dos and Don'ts of the Dalton

The Dalton Highway

The Dalton Highway is a 400-plus mile road that runs from Fairbanks, Alaska, almost due north, to the oil fields of Prudhoe Bay in the Arctic Ocean.

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The Roller Coaster (Haul Road), James Dalton Highway Alaska. http:/

Pipeline zigzagging along highway

Flooded Dalton Highway

Route 11, Healy, Alaska - The James W. Dalton Highway, usually referred

Dalton Highway. Alaska is a big place.

One Week In Alaska Roadtrip Itineraries: Dalton Highway Roadtrip

Dalton Highway Bridge

Journey towards Arctic Circle - Dalton Highway Alaska

Anyone else ever driven the Dalton Highway (North Slope Haul Road) in Alaska ?

Alcan 2016 Overview Map jpeg

Dalton Highway sign, Fairbanks, Prudhoe Bay, Dalton Highway, Alaska, USA -

Alaska Canada Highway Road Trip Starting Point

Photo of Daring drive on Dalton Highway, Alaska 1/2 by Tushar Agarwal

Dalton Highway to the Arctic Circle in Alaska

Dalton Highway/Haul Road in winter. Alaska Film Archives

One Of The Most Dangerous Highways In The World Is Right Here In Alaska. The James Dalton Highway ...

Dalton Highway - motorcycle mecca. Alaska ...

Download View Of Dalton Highway With Mountains, Leading From Fairbanks To Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

driving-the-alcan-120326. The Dalton Highway, Alaska

This is one of my favorite pictures -- I think it really captures the character

Among the many standouts of bicycle touring in Alaska, the Dalton Highway was a special treat. It's rugged with majestic varied terrain, there's abundant ...

The Dalton Highway heading up to Atigun Pass. The pipeline snakes around to the left. (Julia Duin)

Restrictions on getting to Arctic Ocean

AK special mud Special Dalton mud

Dalton Highway

Alaska to Argentina Ep2: The Dalton Highway to Prudhoe Bay. Alaska Part 1 of 2

8 of the World's Deadliest Roads. Alaska ...

The Dalton Highway heading towards Deadhorse and the Arctic Ocean, Alaska.

Driving on the Dalton is not a simple experience. Much of the road is unpaved gravel and rental companies don't allow their cars to travel on the highway ...

Dalton Highway Alaska Road Trip

Dalton Highway

Gravel Road-Ready Travel in Remote Alaska

Trans Alaska oil pipeline along the James Dalton Highway, (Haul road) Alaska .

Dalton Highway Alaska Jim's View August 2015

alaska-looks-for-help-fighting-blob-oozing-toward- Trucks moving along the Dalton Highway ...

Royalty-Free Stock Photo. Download View Of Dalton Highway With Mountains, Leading ...

... the-dalton-highway-in-alaska-description-road-conditions

Dalton Highway Alaska in Winter : Stock Photo

Download View Of Dalton Highway With Oil Pipeline, Leading From Valdez, Fairbanks To Prudhoe

Dalton Highway road to Arctic Circle, Alaska

The Yukon River runs through Canada's Yukon territory and northern Alaska. The Dalton Highway ...

Industrial traffic navigates the Dalton Highway through the Brooks Range south of Sagwon, Alaska,

Finishing the Dalton Highway! Finishing Alaska's ...

Download Trans-Alaska Pipeline Along Dalton Highway To Pudhoe Bay In Alaska Stock Photo -

RVing North to Alaska: Atigun Pass on the Dalton Highway Bonus Coverage

Dalton Highway Haul Road Alaska - Dalton Highway, Coldfoot Traveller Reviews - TripAdvisor

Is this the only intersection on the Dalton?

Dalton Highway

Dalton Highway Express, Fairbanks North Star Borough, Alaska - The James W. Dalton

Dalton Highway

Image titled Travel the Dalton Highway Step 1

Dalton Highway with Google Map

We stopped at the sign for the Arctic Circle, the imaginary line above which the sun does not set on the summer solstice or rise on the winter solstice.

Dalton Highway Banner.jpg

Guided Backcountry Adventure Tours

... 2017 Trans-Alaska Pipeline next to Dalton highway. Photo credit: Margaret Kriz Hobson/

The Dalton Hwy, originally was the haul road built to haul supplies to the oil fields at Prudhoe Bay and to support the building of the Alaska Pipeline.

Read the entire story here on how you can experience the Dalton Highway on your next trip to Alaska and see what life is like above the Arctic Circle.

Riding the Dalton Highway. The Road to Prudhoe Bay: An Excerpt from The Adventurous Motorcyclist's Guide to Alaska

Dalton Highway

Current Road Conditions

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Dalton Highway near Galbraith Lake. (Sharon Nault)

I was right where I wanted to be; Alone, in Alaska, and heading home, riding my Fargo across some of the wildest country in North America.

James Dalton Highway

Dalton Highway (Haul Road) by Motorcycle - Alaska | Adventure Motorcycle Travel

Hastily built in 1974 to serve as a supply road for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, the James W. Dalton Highway is one of the most remote in the United ...

Looking NE down the Dalton Highway bridge over the Yukon River. The Alaska oil pipeline crosses the river attached to the underside of this same bridge, ...

With five days of food in my frame bag, I had left a sunny and balmy 55-degree day in Deadhorse at noon and reached the foothills at 5 PM.

Frozen Debris Lobe A approaches the eastern edge of the Dalton Highway at 219 Mile. The trans-Alaska oil pipeline runs to the west of the highway.

Riding Dalton Highway Arctic Circle

2004 happened to be a particularly harsh weather year. It had been a very dry, hot summer (it was 80 degrees in Fairbanks when we stopped for lunch, ...

Welcome to Alaska's Dalton Highway!

Photo of Daring drive on Dalton Highway, Alaska 2/2 by Tushar Agarwal

... several legendary spots along this route on the Arctic tundra. The first one is the Patton Bridge over the Yukón river, the greatest river in Alaska.

Prudhoe Bay and the Infamous Dalton Highway

Rving Alaska: Dalton Highway to Prudhoe Bay - Arctic Circle to Coldfoot

Fueling up at the one gas station in Deadhorse