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Daniel Nathans and Hamilton Smith in the lab Photographic Print

Daniel Nathans and Hamilton Smith in the lab Photographic Print


[Daniel Nathans and Hamilton Smith in the lab]. [ca. 1978]

[Daniel Nathans and Hamilton Smith in the lab]. 12 October 1978.

[Hamilton Smith and Daniel Nathans at the Nobel Prize press conference]. 12 October

[Portrait of Daniel Nathans and Hamilton Smith with a model of DNA]. [

[Daniel Nathans with Hamilton Smith and Isaac Bashevis Singer at a Literature and Medicine Symposium

[Daniel Nathans in cold lab]. [ca. 1970s].

[Daniel Nathans and Hamilton Smith demonstrating images of restriction fragments to television reporters after receiving

[Daniel Nathans working in lab]. [ca. 1978-1980].

[Daniel Nathans as college student]. [September 1949].

[Candid photo of Daniel Nathans]. [ca. 1978-1980]. Metadata Record [Daniel Nathans and Hamilton Smith in the lab]. Photographic Print.


[Daniel Nathans, holding camera in crowd, in China]. [1981]

[Joshua Lederberg at work in a laboratory at the University of Wisconsin]. Photographic

Photographic Print. 1 Image. [

Marston was NIH Director from 1968-1973. [Fredrickson with National Institutes of Health

[Sabin seated at lab bench, working with slides]. Photographic

[Martin Rodbell and Ann Butler Jones at NIH]. Photographic Print. 1 Image

[Helen Hunt, laboratory assistant to Julius Axelrod]. Photographic Print. 1 Image

Hamilton Smith, 2.jpg

Daniel Nathans and Hamilton Smith, professors of microbiology at the School of Medicine, are

Marine Biological Laboratory. [Marta Szent-Gyorgyi pouring afternoon tea at the Woods Hole

Hecht, Gerald V., and National Institutes of Health. [Marshall Nirenberg in

Photograph by Kenneth Resnick

Mrs Devereux and her daughter celebrate Christmas at their home in Pinner, Middlesex, 1944

Barbara McClintock (1902-1992) shown in her laboratory in 1947.jpg

Albert Imre Szent-Gyorgyi a Hungarian-born biochemist, was the first to isolate vitamin C, and his research on biological oxidation provided the basis for ...

National Institutes of Health, and Gerald V. Hecht. [Julius Axelrod measuring chemicals

Photographic Print. 1 Image. [1968]

Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase: DNA Carries Genetic Information


Concentrated microbiologists working in a lab - Stock Image

Barbara McClintock: Transposons

Hamilton Smith (2006)

Elsie Smith by William James Topley - Stock Image


Captain John Smith, Admiral and Governor of Virginia, died 1632. From a scarce


Photograph of Mrs. Lucien P. Smith, whose husband was lost during the sinking

Scenes from the life of John Paul Jones, whose funeral begins this week (LOC

[Marshall Nirenberg's laboratory staff]. Photographic Print. 1 Image. [1960s]


Picture of the Bernoulli family.

Daniel Connor Wins the 2018 Hamilton Smith Award for Innovative Research

Feng-Quan Zhou's Study on Glaucoma Earns a $150,000 Grant

Discover the world's research

1978: On December 10, 1978, the King of Sweden, Carl Gustaf, awards the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine to Werner Arber, a professor at the Biozentrum ...

Andrew Z. Fire and Craig C. Mello

English: William Isaac Carr Smith, sixth rector of St James' Church, .

MRC Biophysics Unit from PaulingBlog.

William Thompson was born on June 26, 1824 in Belfast, Ireland, of Scottish-Irish descent. His father, James Thompson was at the time a mathematics ...

left, Gerti and Carl Cori, right, Arthur Kornberg

Beverly Griffin, 1979.


Saklayen and Madrid are excited to move forward with their startup, Cellino. (Photo by Adam Zewe/SEAS Communications)

genetics: Recombinant DNA technology and the polymerase chain reaction. In 1970 American microbiologists Daniel Nathans and Hamilton Othanel Smith ...

Theobald Smith


young microbiologists working in the laboratory. - Stock Image

Paul Auwaerter

Artist: William James Smith (British,


Image Image

Steven Salzberg

Nathan Branch, edited from a group photo of postal workers c1900. Photo by 20th

Cellino is a spinoff of the nanotechnology research being conducted in the Mazur lab. (Photo by Adam Zewe/SEAS Communications)

Max von Laue

bengston_lg nurse in bacteriology lab of NIH

A staged photograph depicting microbiologists working with Maximum Containment lab equipment, 1975. This staged

A cDNA library represents a collection of only the genes that are encoded into proteins by

Microbiologists work in modern laboratory with cultured cells and bacteria - Stock Image

Sir William de Wiveleslie Abney

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young microbiologists working in the laboratory. - Stock Image

Linda Resar BIG IMAGE

Theodore Harold Maiman was born or July 11, 1927 in Los Angeles, California. The next year he moved to Denver, Colorado with his parents.

Vittorio Sgaramella

Annie Jump Cannon

Twiggs family c1912. Katherine Twiggs (Kay's mother) far left

Nirenberg (right) and Matthaei from 1961

Rosalind Franklin

Joe Sambrook and Mike Fried, 1974.

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