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Did you know Giraffes communicate by wiggling their ears They

Did you know Giraffes communicate by wiggling their ears They


Did you know? Giraffes communicate by wiggling their ears!! (They don't make any noise)

Why giraffes have white ears

Giraffe vocalizations. Communication ...

Giraffe Communication

How Do Giraffes Communicate

Dublin Zoo's new baby Rothschild Giraffe sure is a "sweet one." The baby has been named Tamu which means sweet one in Swahili.

Giraffe- Male giraffes are the world's tallest animals, attaining nearly in height and weighing up to Their height enables them to reach juicy acacia and ...

Baby Giraffe, recently born a the Miami, FL zoo!

Rosie the giraffe died on March 20, 2018 in her enclosure at Six Flags Discovery

Come and see this amazing print for yourself. I have it in room 8 at Barba Dermatology, in our private VIP suite.

Willie & Waylon, new baby giraffes at the Fort Worth Zoo. Born April 28


5. Amazing monorail views


Sampling a potential sex mate (Credit: Denis-Huot / NPL)

Animals are kinkier than you

East African Hippo mother and baby half submerged in water

And no "Shoosh" signs, even tho Inti's little sensitive Cat ears can obviously hear the high-pitched Visitor voices.

They – and one of the juveniles in particular – just kept staring at us as we rumbled by in the car. The fact that there are still some green leaves left ...

Is this giraffe really trying to have SEX with a motorbike? - Mirror Online

Photo provided by Denver Zoo

Body language: When a horse is interested in something, it pricks up its ears

Twister the Tongue Twister Giraffe .

Provided by Denver Zoo

The Power of Nonverbal Communication How You Act Is More Important Than What You Say

Vus'musi, the first-born calf of the Safari Park's herd, recently moved to the Fresno Chaffee Zoo. Affectionately known as “Moose” or “'Musi,” he holds a ...

Horsing around: When a horse's ears are flopping down, it means the creature is

Heart-rendering: An African elephant mother mourns her calf, a victim of the

Scale becomes relative to your perception when a towering Masai Giraffe walks into the scene, dwarfing the Zebras that just a moment before seemed so large.

Photo by Jamie Pham, zoo photographer

Their dense bodies make it impossible for them to swim, even though they spend most ...

Denver Zoo

Have you met our little lioness Bahati? Head over to the lion exhibit first thing in the morning, and you might see her exploring.

A "wise old owl" in a 1940s poster from the War Production Board

Honestly, how can you hold on to a negative attitude when there are baby giraffes in the world?

So run (click quickly?!) to our site to check them all out! Here's a little sneak peek of some of the newest cards! What do you think??!


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As we were leaving Newport, just a few days after Suzanne's presentation of The Celebration of Wolf's Message in Plymouth, this image appeared on the back ...

We have time for a walk before brunch and James is our guide to the amazing organic permaculture garden on the other side of the grassland waterhole area.

We have the story from multiple ancient sources, back to Ctesius's original account in the fourth century BCE.

... it when their mouths are hope wide or they wiggle their ears. Not to mention, the underwater viewing window will bring you face-to-snout with these ...

Next, we spotted giraffes, their distinctive form clear across the distance as they elegantly roamed a small area, chewing the tree tops, but it wasn't ...

giant giraffe stuffed animal

A hippopotamus in the water with a bird on its back.

Figure 8.17 A Listening elephant stands with its head raised and its ears lifted and slightly

We know who the boss of this bloat is! Planning to come visit Fiona? Keep in mind that temps need to be at least 50 degrees F (with sunny skies) ...



Did you know you can A.D.O.P.T. any animal at the Cincinnati Zoo, including Miss Fiona? A.D.O.P.T. gifts make a wonderful present for all the animal lovers ...


Never forgotten: Evidence indicate that elephants can recognise a dead family member or friend if

Photo by Dave Parsons, Denver Zoo

Tending to a garden of... (Credit: Visuals Unlimited / NPL)

Although familiar with the striking body patterns of African animals, here so close they seemed more vivid: the black and white and brown stripes of the ...

#FunFact: the family consist of 13 individuals, most of whom have very large ears, just like One Tusk.pic.twitter.com/Is6ktQdpPk

Figure 8.15


With Thanksgiving right around the corner, our Cincinnati Zoo family, like many other families around the world, has been reflecting upon everything we have ...

How Cows Use Ears to Show The World How They Feel

The children look forward to the Summer Festivals every year, and every Giraffe Centre hosts different events through the summer months. This year, we saw ...

Hudson was crashed out in the stroller for most of it, including the giraffes. Which is unfortunate, because the giraffes were ...

We're very sad to announce that our beloved Henry has died. Our care team did everything they could for him but he continued to lose weight and was becoming ...

That's right, a portion of your admission goes to our conservation partners in order to save wildlife and protect the environment. So, have some fun and do ...

Why seals have sex with penguins

A five-day old giraffe the Denver Zoo has named Kala huddled in the corner under the protective eye of her mother Masika May 27, 2003.

My son is the baby that never stops moving and needs constant attention. Even in his sleep he kicks and punches (I have the scratches on my face to prove ...

That was probably my most exciting morning. Back at our permanent camp, we only had giraffe, zebra, and warthogs visiting us.

ABC See, Hear, Do Gorilla Craft

rhinoceros image by Xavier MARCHANT from Fotolia.com

Yao CU

Ocelot Joaquin and his mate Milagre will stay together at the Audubon Zoo.

When the wagon was fully loaded, the men placed one more generous layer of hay on top, mid between the two side stacks. Father, with his experienced eyes, ...

Now we know where Fiona got her fight. An exam last week on Henry revealed an infection and abnormal kidney function that vets feared would be untreatable.

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Bug-Eared: Human and Insect Ears Share Similar Structures

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They are handsome with warm tan coats, beautifully marked with black stripes on the hind quarters.


Inadequate giraffe is inadequate.

Hippo Preemie Gets Intensive Care at Cincinnati Zoo


star-nosed mole

Buy Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears and other gifts online - The Fowndry ...

Leonardo on “how to make a fictional animal look natural”

Figure 8.9


giraff with down syndrom