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Did you know that there is NO evidence that dinosaurs had feathers

Did you know that there is NO evidence that dinosaurs had feathers


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The discovery last year of Kulindadromeus, which had both scales and feathers, prompted speculation

Tyrannosaurus GETTY. T Rex's did not have feathers because ...

Did you know that there is NO evidence that dinosaurs had feathers? Fossil birds had feathers but land animal dinosaurs have feathers "implied" by ...

Kulindadromeus: An example of a plant-eating dinosaur with feathers and scales

An artist's impression of Yutyrannus huali, a giant, previously unrecognized dinosaur. The name of the species means “beautiful feathered tyrant.

Legendary dinosaurs that we all imagine completely wrong

This is an artistic reconstruction of feathered ornithomimid dinosaurs found in Alberta. Credit: Credit: Julius Csotonyi

They Had Feathers: Is the World Ready to See Dinosaurs as They Really Were? | All About Birds

An illustration of Ornithomimus based on the findings of preserved tail feathers and soft tissue Credit: Julius Csotonyi

Scientific inaccuracies abound in this 1916 illustration of a tail-dragging, sprawled-posture Diplodocus by Heinrich Harder. A century later, we know better ...


Three feathered dinosaurs: the famous dromaeosaurid Velociraptor mongoliensis chases a juvenile oviraptorosaur, Citipati osmolskae.

The feathers belong to a dinosaur, not a bird

What similarities do you see? What differences? Illustration by Jay Rasgorshek

The Public is Ready to See Dinosaurs with Feathers

Did T. rex have feathers?

Xing Xu's feathered dinosaur discoveries in China, including Yutyrannus Huali, a large predator (

A newly described dinosaur confirms that even the formidable tyrannosaurs were covered in feathers

The broad palette of feather colours displayed by birds serves diverse biological functions, including communication and camouflage.

9 Ways Dinosaurs Are Just Like Birds

How (not) to Draw Feathered Dinosaurs by Osmatar ...

parrotceratops_s. All dinosaurs had feathers. Did you know this?

In this fantastic image of a raptor from Nebezial, winningly titled "Turkeys Are Attackiiing!!!", you can see why feathered dinosaurs can still be ...

Contrary to classic depictions of a tyrannosaurus rex, paleoartist Gabriel Ugueto says that the massive

So why did they? Feathers are pretty useful to have if you want to fly around, but I highly doubt dinosaurs woke up one morning thinking "oh, feathers are ...

How feathered was T. rex? by Veterufreak ...

Don't mess with old feather-head. That's what they say, and you can see why.

Tyrannosaurus rex as we know and love it (Credit: Mark Garlick/Science Photo

Caihong juji is a newly described, bird-like dinosaur with an iridescent, rainbow crest. It lived in China about 161 million years ago, and may have used ...

Tyrannosaur traditionalists are registering their displeasure at the way paleontologists are altering our understanding of dinosaur lives

... "Do we want dinosaurs to look like this?" Feathered ...

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In fact feathers have been found on such a wide variety of theropods, it has been assumed that they all had them, even the mighty T. rex.

Image: calamity_sal/Flickr. There's something about dinosaurs ...

Caudipteryx zoui. “

The Dangers of Poor Scholarship: A Creationist' Take on Feathered Dinosaurs – Naturalis Historia

A collection of fossil dinosaur skeletons. Clockwise from top left: Microraptor gui (a winged theropod), Apatosaurus louisae (a giant sauropod), ...

Billed as a "modern scientific reconstruction of Tyrannosaurus rex, this guy already needs an

Bird facial feathers trap debris and can be touch-sensitive. Was the same true

If you like science, you might enjoy my free award-winning scifi sampler.

All Predatory Dinosaurs May Have Sported Fluffy Feathers

Paleoillustration by Damir G. Martin: "This is my depiction of how could Carnotuaurus look like if it had feather filament.

One of my Dinosaur

preening velociraptor dinosaur with feathers


The study could enable us to tell what colour feathered dinosaurs were. Some researchers believe

Did T.rex have feathers?

Paleontologists thought they had a good idea of the diversity of feathered dinosaur species. But a recent finding left them scratching their heads, ...

It had four feathered limbs and almost certainly could fly. But unlike birds, it did not escape extinction. (Matt Cashore / University of ...

An illustration of Anzu wyliei shows its long, slender ostrich-like neck and hind

Archaeopteryx -- the world's oldest bird. See more dinosaur pictures.

Did T. rex have feathers? No.

Here's More Proof that Dinosaurs Had Feathers. A chunk of amber - fossilized resin - shows the tip of a preserved dinosaur tail


My little feathered dinosaurs . . . not to say dinosaurs DIDN'T have feathers

When scientists discovered that some dinosaurs had feathers, it completely changed our perception of what the ancient animals looked like — and pissed a lot ...

Scaly Spotted Feathered Frilled: How do we know what dinosaurs really looked like? by Catherine Thimmesh

The Yutyrannus, or "Beautiful Feathered Tyrant," Is the Weirdest Dinosaur You've Ever Seen

Fossil cast of a Sinornithosaurus millenii. Jinfengopteryx elegans fossil. Several non-avian dinosaurs were feathered.

Are birds dinosaurs? New evidence muddies the picture

The dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park look quite different to how we visualise the animals today

The Real Reason Feathered Dinosaurs Won't Appear In Jurassic Park Has Nothing To Do


That means that only children born in the last decade or so are likely to have been exposed to the idea of feathered dinosaurs.

What pterosaurs tell us about the evolution of feathers


amnhnyc: “ It's time to get to know a dino! In life, Yutyrannus huali probably weighed in at about tons, making it the largest theropod dinosaur discovered ...

You can read more about the topic on the Wikipeida page on feathered dinosaurs. There are also suggestions that most dinosaurs, in fact, had feathers: ...

So we know for sure they didn't have feathers at that particular area on the body.

This is a portion of one of the two fossils examined in the study that is discussed in the article below (GMV 2124). It is thought to be a Sinosauropteryx ...

The skeleton of Zhenyuanlong, surrounded by feathers. Courtesy Stephen Brusatte.

Why Won't Hollywood Depict Dinosaurs With Feathers?

Will we ever see a movie or a videogame about scientifically accurate dinosaurs? Why do people remain stuck to a concept of dinosaur that has long be proven ...

Did Dinosaurs Have Feathers?

Dinosaurs had feathers. Paleontologists had known that dinosaurs were ...

Reconstruction ...

T rex skin. “

And that some of those dinosaurs, both large and small, are now purported to have had feathers. But, have you seen any of the direct evidence?

Siberian Fossil Evidence Says Most Dinosaurs Had Birdlike Feathers!

Not so weird as you might expect. Dinosaurs related to T Rex had feathers long before it came around, and T Rex is considered one of the more highly ...