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Dolorosa Kanaya Porrim and Karkat 0m3S7ucK t

Dolorosa Kanaya Porrim and Karkat 0m3S7ucK t


Oh it's the jade blood, Maryam Family. Kanaya, Porrim, and The Dolorosa.

Homestuck Dolorosa and Signless, Kanaya and Karkat -- kankat is my pale otp omg and dolorosa and signless asjdhkjh cuties

(2) Homestuck X Reader - Signless X Reader - Wattpad

Kankri and Porrim are sooooo my favorite pale ship~

Homestuck Karkat and Kanaya <> or at the very least Karkat <> Eridan

... art Karkat sollux aradia tavros nepeta kanaya disciple sufferer summoner dolorosa psiioniic signless porrim kankri meulin ...

part 3 (karkat deserves the world)

Porrim + Kanaya : . by grimalkn .

karkat kanaya bloodswap

araneapeixes: Problematic Children episode 1 in which mom Maryam regrets i forgot to ever reblog this here but it's 120% canon for this au

Homestuck Dollorosa and Sufferer Porrim and Kankri Kanaya and Karkat

toomuchshyness: “whenever life gets you down and you can't hug it out

art homestuck vriska serket mindfang kanaya maryam The Dolorosa aranea serket porrim maryam vriskan

tusssilago: sweetestsweater's clothes on karkat / and porrim-maryam's clothes on kanaya! hope

Homestuck #Porrim #Maryam

ii diid't know he made that piicture of ii'm MT

karkat+and+John | Homestuck Karkat X John haha adorable johnkat

kanaya and karkat | homestuck | [yummytomatoes on tumblr]

Don't be a buzzkill, Karkat by missingPantaloon <----These

Maryam Rotation So, Ancestor takes the place of Beta, Dancestor take the place of Ancestor, and Beta takes the place of Dancestor-

not kanaya but i'm a virgo soo have some porrim maryam

-Cancer- From left to right: Kankri Vantas, Karkat Vantas and The Signless/Sufferer

Kanaya x Child!Reader ~Pretend~ by LaylayJoan98 on DeviantArt

John egbert and karkat vantas kiss | Homestuck Karkat And John

homestuck mindfang ancestors vriska terezi kanaya Redglare pirate dolorosa condescension MEENAH aranea porrim latula | Projects to try | Pinterest | ...

Kanaya from Homestuck (c) Andrew Hussie I was bored when doing homework so. can't help myself xD Kanaya Maryam

Kanaya Porrim Dolorosa Maryam ( @_maryam.jade_ )

Homestuck/#1256788 - Zerochan

For you - Karkat x fem reader (pet/slavestuck) by AstridGemstone on DeviantArt

Aradia Feferi Tavros Vriska Sollux Terezi Gamzee Karkat Equius Nepeta Kanaya Eridan < < oh my god idiot, those are the ANCESTORS.

Kanaya Maryam and Karkat Vantas - I don't ship it, but I love

Can't believe this is real

I've always seen their relationship as a motherly way :) love this

Homestuck,MS Paint Adventures,фэндомы,Terezi Pyrope,Vriska Serket,Kanaya Maryam

Pffft, imagine how mad Karkat was when he woke up. (Actually, I

LMFAOStuck Gamzee Makara, Karkat Vantas, Sollux Captor

Chibi Kankri part2

Homestuck - My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark - Kanaya and Gamzee - YouTube

Porrim Maryam

Karkat x Reader][PaleRom] by TooCuteForThisWorld on DeviantArt


homestuck mindfang ancestors vriska terezi kanaya Redglare pirate dolorosa condescension MEENAH aranea porrim latula

This isMituna.

Kanaya, Porrim and The Dolorosa:

"Dark fireeee-" Okay i'll stop before making stupid Disney song reference.> it doesn't even fit this awesome pic XD

Kanaya from xamag

Tags: Fanart, xiao-tong, PNG Conversion, Homestuck, Terezi Pyrope, Aradia Megido, Gamzee Makara, Karkat Vantas, Tavros Nitram, Sollux Captor, Eridan Ampora, ...

Homestuck, Celestial, Fanart, Frozen, Content, Fandoms, Fan Art, Fandom

Porrim Maryam

Yeah, i've been looking for fanfics of this but can't find any Y-Y

More information

Karkat x Meenah --- hahaha I love this Karkat's like wtf put me down

homestuck mindfang ancestors artthings Redglare disciple handmaid ancestor sufferer summoner dolorosa darkleer Grand Highblood condesce psiioniic her ...

I am Aradia and Aradia is me <--At some point, we're all Aradia. Don't even deny it.

Dragonstuck Aradiabot

Karkat Vantas// I have always loved him in strife. I don't think I need to explain why.

... like Kanaya and Porrim, she became a rainbow drinker at some point, and in this page's dialogue John mentions that a vampire hissed at him while he was ...

vriska is just like "i don't even care. do whatever the hell you want"

I don't know who this is, other than she might be from Homestuck. I pinned because I love her hair. < < possibly Porrim or a long haired Kanaya I doubt it's ...


Let´s Fuse Trolls #Damara #Porrim #Aries #Virgo #Homestuck #

I love this 38D

kanaya and rose, canon as FUCK


Dolorosa smacking the GHB makes my day. http://q-dormir.tumblr.com/post/58598164621/no < < < NO NOT the grubs!

Oh Kanaya. Shes my zodiac sign troll and one of my favorite trolls. Me with this one class mate just to tease him because he likes me.

CAW CAW MOTHERFUCKERS — Homestuck Trolls (Past, Present, and Scratch)

Homestuck - Battlefield Terra - Karkat flightsuit by askerian *the Seer that is not Rose

I love Davesprite.

MS Paint Adventures,фэндомы,Homestuck,Aradiabot,Kanaya Maryam,Sollux Captor,

Name: The Dolorosa ~~ ~~ Star Sign: Virgo ~~ ~~ Gender: Female ~~ ~~ Age: Unknown ~~

Kanaya an Porrim Maryam Awesome sisters (i call them sisters not all that otherstuff cause its honestly just easier on y mind)

The disciple and nepeta

AA T ¶ ⒞

art homestuck troll Karkat army vriska sollux terezi equius gamzee eridan feferi aradia tavros nepeta kanaya ninevsnine •


Porrim Maryam

drunk Rose district, ☀ some trolls having fun at the beach :^)

I Took The Freedom To Trim His Hair A Tad Enjoy It While It's Dry. Thank you, Kanaya, on behalf of the entire fandom. Equius in a suit.

Hii practice again xD This time is Kanaya from Homestuck, with a baby/fetus Karkat. maybe it would make more sense if she was The Dolorosa :°D bu.

Homestuck - Karkat Vantas x Jade Harley - JadeKat < < Most importantly, Jade with a bun

Karkat Vantas, Kanaya Maryam, Sollux Captor, Tavros Nitram, Terezi Pyrope, and Nepeta Leijon by Ikimaru

First of all rose does actually like Kanaya there is proof of that and Karkat <> Kanaya foreva! *Excuse my slight rant at beginning.

man-idk said: ...how would tavros put the poncho on tho. his horns will rip it or get stuck. karkat would be ok...he has very little horns but poor tav. ...

And I didn't forget Gamzee's facepaint, ok. He just obviously doesn't wear it when he's in the recuperacoon.

porrim maryam - Google Search

I know you can't take all requests but, please could you maybe do Rose x Kanaya? ” I've always thought like 'when do imma try rosemary'.

[Karkat, Kanaya] Hey, Hey Karkat, Hey, Hey, I Require Your Assistance, Are You Listening? Hey, Karkat, Hey, Why Aren't You Listening To Me?

Have a smiley baby karkat Because he wasn't always grumpy and shouty Aww the little KK!

I love eridan

Okay I tried, lowkey that is my first time drawing Porrim, and I spent 15 minutes trying to draw a wine glass and failed. Also if you don't, there is blood ...

Homestuck - Leo

Porrim Maryam

Pocket Kanaya and Karkat - Pap

Little Lion Man- Karkat - Homestuck

Karkat- Just a Regular Morning by Vincebae on DeviantArt