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Dr Scott Myers is hopeful that ketamine known as t

Dr Scott Myers is hopeful that ketamine known as t


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Approved: The recommendation that ketamine should be upgraded from Class C to B has now

Pharma Marketing Blog: Novartis Respects the Patient Perspective and Pays for It Too! But Is It Absolutely Transparent?

We're Not Murders, Says Pfizer CEO Ian Read

Trump: New HHS Secretary Will "Get Those Prescription Prices Way Down." New

Mylan Execs "Untroubled" by EpiPen Pr..

Carlisle woman given Ketamine by the NHS left with irreversible liver damage | Daily Mail Online

Robert J Schwartzman | Drexel University College of Medicine, Philadelphia | Department of Neurology | ResearchGate

Matthew Sztajnkrycer ...

J&J Slams Ex-FDA Chief David Kessler in Risperdal Male Breast-Growth Case

Campaign: Vicky, left, is still trying to make sense of the death of

Tributes have been paid to Rio Andrew, 15, who died after falling ill at

Ketamine should be upgraded to Class B drug because of side effects, say advisors | Daily Mail Online

'Stunned': Grandmother-of-four Eleanor Ferry, 63, has had

Mad Men, as opposed to Med Men, "Don't need no stinkin

The horse tranquiliser, which is used illegally as a party drug, could benefit the

Danielle Watson was taking 100 lines of ketamine and miow miow during her lowest point,


'I couldn't get depressed if I tried' Sons And Daughters star Rowena

How a DTC Campaign for a Drug to Treat Laughing & Crying Sent Sales Soaring

Ketamine should be upgraded to a Class B substance, Government advisers have said. The

Allergan's Promotion of New Rosacea Drug: Is It False or Misleading Advertising?

Lost promise: Louise won a top maths prize at school and passed her GCSEs and

Ann ...

Ketamine could lead to new treatments for depression, after scientists believe they have unlocked the


How DTC Made Restasis a Blockbuster in the U.S. Even Though Its Efficacy Is Unproven In The Rest of the World

Gilead's New Hep C TV Campaign Urges Baby Boomers to Get Off Their Butts & Get Tested

#Pharma Disease Awareness Marketing Infiltrates.

The teenager is understood to have drunk from a bottle of beer which is believed to


John Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of EndPoints, to Trump: Don't Bet on a Faster FDA to Lower Drug Prices

Minute with a Professor: Tanya Washington on Same-Sex Adoption by Georgia State.

The illegal party drug ketamine 'cured' Sabrina Misra of depression that left her suicidal

A photo of Drew Barzman.

Ambulance Mistake Killed Teen After Skateboard Accident

Book Club ...

Biopharma execs give Scott Gottlieb's nomination for FDA commish (almost) a standing O in Endpoints poll

If Trump Taps O'Neill for FDA Commissioner, Consider It an Rx for Bad Health


LA Times Columnist Not Drinking Kool-Aid Served Up by Allergan CEO Saunders

CHAMP Lab | Child Health and Medical Pain Laboratory

College Life: Michael Scott GIF Edition - The Odyssey Online

Pediatric Prehospital Refusal of Medical Assistance: Association with Suspected Abuse or Neglect

Can We Pin Pharma's Bad Reputation on Trump? | .

The presentation varies so much, we need a rule to live by: Unilateral pelvic pain in a girl is ovarian torsion until proven otherwise.

Patient Characteristics and Temporal Trends in Police Transport of Blunt Trauma Patients: A Multicenter Retrospective Cohort Study

It's Time for EMS to Administer Ketamine Analgesia


Regeneron CEO Len Schleifer vs Pfizer CEO Ian Read on Drug Prices Redux

Taltz DTC Ads Channel Opdivo Ads by Promising to Give You a “Chance” at Amazing Results

What We Don't Know About Cannabis: A Conversation With Emma Chasen

It's Official. Califf Abandons Pharma & Sides With Silicon Valley to Solve Inequities in Healthcare

A photo of Richard Gilman.

Scott Pickard

#1 Ketamine Again

Patti Vasquez with Paul Farahvar, Jared Rabin and Kyle Myers

What to Read Next on Medscape

Tuning In To Cosmic Intelligence with Ricardo Stocker

From “X” to Rx: Discussing MDMA with Rick Doblin An Excerpt from "Psychedelic Medicine" by Dr. Richard Louis Miller

Pfizer's Prevnar 13 DTC Not Effective with “Baby Boomers” Who Are Doing All They Can to Avoid Its Side Effects

Honoring Tammy Myers

Would Jeff Sessions Target Businesses Just To Make A Point?

Thoughts on Sobriety from Celebs Who Don't Drink

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Hardcastle, Perry and Jones

Increased levels of illicit drugs such as ecstasy (stock image pictured) and ketamine have

Image credit – Wikipedia article on choke holds.

Diana Nicole Nowicki, PharmD PGY1 Pharmacy Resident at John H. Stroger, Jr.

Michael T. Sorter, MD

A photo of Craig Erickson.

The Pharmacy Technician Task Force Committee of UI Health held a Social Mixer on September 13, 2017. Clara Gary, ICHP Technician Representative, ...

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Michael N. McGregor

Drug companies are testing ketamine to treat severe depression

ILTS 2014: How should performance of liver transplantation services be measured? Interview with Professor Stephen Wigmore, Edinburgh.

Dr Regenobody? I don't think that's what they mean by "white coat".

Dr. Scott O. Lilienfeld is a professor of psychology at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. He received his bachelor's degree from Cornell University in 1982 ...

Chris Rock Opens Up About His Love Of Bill Cosby & His Hope That The Sexual Assault Allegations Aren't True!

John Selby

In 2012 Joanne, with her mother Cynthia Bissett Germanotta, founded Born This Way Foundation whose mission is, in part, to improve mental health resources ...

Bruce Damer & Terence McKenna

“Yeah [it was] brilliant… it's a shame I don't have something like that where I am, so it was a really refreshing experience as I am in a medical department ...

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The interaction of ageing with major global challenges

... Shoemaker demonstrating gentle extension and flexion of the atlanto-occipital joint with Dr. Leslie Woodcock.[/caption] -Equal front and hind competence ...

I used to believe I'd get wiser as I got older, until I discovered the more I know, the more I realize how much I don't know.