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Dragon scales tempura fried shiso leaves with spicy tuna Food

Dragon scales tempura fried shiso leaves with spicy tuna Food


Dragon scales: tempura fried shiso leaves with spicy tuna.

tempura fried shiso leaves with spicy tuna

shiso leaves, maguro (sashimi grade tuna), mayonnaise, sriracha (not pictured: masago and togarashi). tempura batter: ...

porcini mushroom tempura sushi handroll recipe | use real butter - stretch for dim sum,

Shrimp Tempura Rolls

Spicy Tuna Spring Rolls - Diced Sashimi Tuna, Creamy Spicy Sriracha and Asian Ingredients wrapped

This Spicy Tuna Sushi Bowl recipe is a great meal to have on hand for busy

tempura fried shiso leaves with spicy tuna

Turn the humble can of tuna into these flavourful Asian inspired tuna cakes.

spicy tuna stuffed squid tempura recipe | use real butter

dragon scales (spicy tuna wrapped in shiso leaves and tempura fried)

mixing the tempura batter. make the spicy tuna

mixing the tempura batter. make the spicy tuna

Glazed pork with sweet & aromatic shiso butter soy sauce served on a bed of steamed

Spicy Tuna Bowl. A quick and easy meal! {recipe}

shiso spicy tuna tempura recipe | use real butter. See More. Squid in Tamarind Sauce 5

tempura fried shiso leaves with spicy tuna

Inari sushi - vegetarian sushi with sushi rice wrapped in nori seaweed and shiso leaf.

Silken ball of cream and mozarella (burrata) with a peppery shiso walnut "pesto

a shiso leaf. spicy tuna

Vegetable Shiso Tempura Rolls

Spicy Tuna roll

lovely shiso without driving to denver

Shibazuke - a type of Japanese pickle made with purple shiso, cucumber, eggplant and

A Japanese inspired burger with sweet-salty miso mustard, quick pickles, a shiso

Shrimp tempura roll is one of my favorite sushi rolls, although it's not prepared in the traditional way since it's fried ...

Zushi or sushi

3 simple ingredients to make one delicious bite...Spicy Tuna Bites.

Shrimp tempura and cucumber inside, outside topped with spicy tuna and crunchy flakes.

Shrimp tempura roll

... but sometimes you could find them nicely wrapped in colorful soy wrappers too. Same story goes for ultra thin omelette, perilla leaves –Shiso, ...

Spicy Tuna Roll


Diced shrimp, crab salad, tobiko and spicy mayo mixed together and top over California roll base.

With the wrapper prepared tempura

Spicy Tuna Crunch Roll - B-

Spicy yellow tail Hamachi roll

Uni Gunkan Maki Tuna Gunkan Maki

California roll with dragon extension

Natto-stuffed tofu at Tori Shin

Stuffed with avocado, kani, shrimp and cream cheese then batter fried until crispy on the out side and glazing with unagi sauce. This is very high calories ...

Tempura shrimp, crab, cucumber and avocado. Top with spicy mayo and eel sauce.

Kibo Sushi House - 66 Photos & 57 Reviews - Japanese - 1169 Queen Street E, Leslieville, Toronto, ON, Canada - Restaurant Reviews - Phone Number - Yelp

Assorted Veggie Tempura - B

Photo of Bob Wasabi Kitchen - Kansas City, MO, United States. Dragon roll

Photo of Ninja Sushi and Teriyaki - Roseville, CA, United States. Skeeter Handroll

Appetizer Tempura - B

An inside-out spicy ground tuna roll covered with hot dynamite sauce, usually spicy mayo and load of optional toppings. The roll is lightly bake, torch, ...

Uni (sea urchin) nigiri

Happy Sumo

Photo of Nuka - Haiku-Pauwela, HI, United States. Maguro, Hamachi

Dragon Roll

Sushi 69 disappointed with bland tastes and a disenchanting atmosphere, making for an overall unimpressive experience.

Some common raw toppings include thin or thick slice of sashimi like: salmon –Sake, tuna –Maguro, yellow tail –Hamachi, white tuna –Escolar, squid –Ika, ...

Korean Pickled Perilla Leaves (Kkaennip Jangajji)

Volcano Roll

beautiful family in their wonderful new home

Unagi inside with cream cheese, crab, green onion. Roll is deep fried and glaze with unagi sauce, spicy mayo and tobiko.

The ...

Different types of sushi: maki, temaki, uramaki, sashimi, and nigiri

Dragon roll

... while the flavour of the prawn was obscured by the very thick layer of batter surrounding it. The batter itself was quite greasy and rather mediocre.

Scabbard fish/Tachiuo and shiso tempura!

The salad dish consisted of the Missus' specialties, home-pickled carrot tagliatelle with black olives parsley, spicy fried yam/nagai imo and sweet ...

Photo of Miyoshi Japanese Restaurant - Florence, KY, United States. Hawaiian Roll

... and the flavour of the prawn tempura was projected well. However, the other ingredients were a little hard to discern. A light spiciness added some ...

Sushi Atelier review – great value sushi where you least expect it | The Picky Glutton

Lunch Spicy Lobster Roll Salad - RA Sushi Bar Restaurant - Leawood, Leawood, KS

Ahi tuna nigiri

Ika (squid) nigiri


Spicy Salmon Roll - C+

Shojin Downtown - Los Angeles, CA, United States. Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice

Chase toro toro bluefun tuna belly, white sea urchin and black truffle sushi at Sokyo

The Tuna Sashimi received some unclean cutting, but was not fishy. Both types of sashimi came in generous portions.

The best-ever fried potato: Shizuoka potato tempura!

Hamaguri/Common orient clam tempura!

How to Fall Hard for Creamy Rich Pumpkin Cheesecake Cups

The other vegetables turned out to be juicy and flavourful. The only catch was that the batter was quite greasy.

Photo of Ninja Sushi and Teriyaki - Roseville, CA, United States. Spicy Big

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Tako (octopus) nigiri

Yoki Japanese Restaurant, Medford, MA

Yoki Japanese Restaurant, Medford, MA

Anago/Conger eel tempura!

Inside the roll was a harmonious mix of creamy avocado and prawn tempura. However, attention to detail was slightly lacking here, as one of the pieces ...

KUU Restaurant, Houston, TX