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EXO Kai Photos the one time he wears socks he wears it with

EXO Kai Photos the one time he wears socks he wears it with


EXO Kai Photos (the one time he wears socks he wears it with slippers..)

Exo Kai



Kai - 161116 2016 Asia Artist Awards Credit: Double Sweet.


Kai - Arena Homme #kai #exo

[OFFICIAL] 140321 EXO for Kolon Sport + BTS That's kind of what I do when I have a headache too, although not as pretty

I just don't even know anymore. Why is it so hard to pick a bias?



Exo - Kai "He's trying to control my mind, my heart, my love

how jongin plans to escape the ghosts | EXO | Pinterest | Exo, Kpop and Kdrama

Kai Jongin modeling a sweater for exo. How can this picture of innocence become that resident bad boy so quickly?

He's so squishyyy im going to die 😭

Kai (Kim Jongin), i like his pants. I like when guys wear those exact black denim whitewashed outfits, like in BTS special edition run, jin or someone was ...

FLOWER BOY LUHAN: Almost alike wit Kai, whenever Luhan was introduced he had always given off the vibe of a flower boy with perfect features. He has a ...

Bear, Yixing, Exo Kai, Posts, Messages, Bears

[Eng Sub HD] 140709 EXO Kai - Weekly Idol (Why Kai doesn't wear socks) - YouTube

KAI ♡ KRYSTAL ( @kaistal_real ). [171130] #Kai - ICN Airport heading to Hongkong for MAMA 2017 He wearing socks ...

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[Eng Sub HD] 140704 EXO Kai - Eye Expression Reversal - Super Idol Chart Show - YouTube

180627 [UPDATE] EXO Kai (@/zkdlin) IG https://instagram.com/p/BkhBksblOnR/ My #TeenChoice for #ChoiceInternationalArtist is #EXO ...


Exo Kai Meme Kai doesn't wear socks loool | Kpop Memes | Pinterest | Exo kai, Kpop and Exo

He prefers Japanese fashion. He wears everyone's socks (xD) Lay cooks whenever there is nothing else to do. He was supposed to be the leader of Exo-M

EXO's Kai Profile. Kai is a member of the Korean Idol Boy Group EXO and EXO-K. When he was a child, he attended a ballet academy.

Stage Name : Kai Super Power :Teleportation Nickname : Kkamjong Date of Birth : January 14, 1994. Position : Main Dancer, Vocalist, Lead Rapper, ...


EXO FUN FACTS: Kai likes to pat on ...

Best boy in the world

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Kris' original dream as a kid was to be a basketball player.

Sehun, EXO's intense maknae, has had a little bit of plastic surgery. There are so many obvious nose jobs in KPOP, and his is another one. I don't really ...


Oh Se Hun aka Sehun - Maknae

Kim Jong In aka Kai

“@oohTaoHun: Kai feels comfortable when he's not wearing socks pic.twitter.com/NYW9TSNbhs”

EXONARIOS: Enjoy the Mayo [OPEN for REQUESTS] - EXO meeting your Parents - Wattpad


kaisoo ddlb oneshot collection

~~*VSFW*~~ This is a rare occurrence. You never even

EXO: Luhan

Byun Baek Hyun aka Baekhyun

[Updated: June 20, 2014] Some new pictures of pre-debut Baekhyun came to light with his recent drinking scandal (or non-scandal if you ask me).

V, V of BTS, BTS, V Gucci, BTS Gucci, Idol Gucci

16. D.O.'s eyesight is not good. He has astigmatism. Thus, he wears contact lenses.

Family: Father, Mother, Older brother (a year older) - Facts: He was a Kid ulzzang

EXO facts #1. Kai said that by once he ...

jpg_sns. “

He wear eyeliner better then me…*sobs

“@oohTaoHun: Kai feels comfortable when he's not wearing socks pic.twitter.com/NYW9TSNbhs”

kpop idols, kpop fashion king, kpop fashion, kpop idol fashion, kpop socks

kpop idols, kpop fashion king, kpop fashion, kpop idol fashion, kpop socks. Osen. 8. EXO's Kai

N (VIXX). At a fansign, N of VIXX wore ...

679389859.jpg a0a52681jw1e67g7j12wdj20m80v3n50.jpg

Kyungsoo VS Kai // EXO 18+

... a relationship with an idol was hard yes. But when that idol is apart of the hottest band in Kpop right now, things get tough. Sehun, from EXO, yes he ...

A model reflected in a mirror wears a creation part of the women's Prada Cruise mid

Kai looked so flawless that I couldn't other than create some edits with some of those photos. Here they are.


bomi apink socks

[Eng Sub HD] 140828 EXO Kai Pretty Boy M!Countdown Begins - YouTube

Photos Of EXO Lay wearing a Glasses

This is too cute you guys


Kai the 'hatchet-wielding hitchhiker' who 'beat lawyer to death' is rushed to hospital with self-inflicted wounds after suicide attempt in jail | Daily Mail ...

< EXO fanfiction>

Miracle Tears (exo kai's fanfic)

Best boy in the world

Constantly excluding Lay from Exo.


I know the dude is tall and all, but c'mon, there's a limit to how many times you can visually chop his body horizontally.

kpop idols, kpop fashion king, kpop fashion, kpop idol fashion, kpop socks


Chanyeol & Lavenders

Kai respect!! . 🐰: 1st day a crop top, 2nd


[Eng Sub HD] 140718 EXO Kai - Self-Managed Idol - Super Idol Chart Show - YouTube

EXO-K Socks 3 Pairs Baek Hyun,Kai,and Chan Yeol Kpop socks

Exo - Official - Nature Republic Notebook - Kai

so maybe he wasn't wearing his retainer and they shifted and he wanted to get them realigned???

[ENGSUB] Guess The EXO Member - YouTube

The Day We Wore Makeup + Other 'Bad' Things | [chanbaek / baekyeol]


I was crying my eyeballs out bc I was listening to Promise and it hit me

Kai (EXO) | Profile, Bio and 10 Interesting Facts

I've been working on this piece for around four months and it's finally finished. It was originally inspired by ...

EXO-M's Xiumin.

F_IVYclub_130823_EXO2 F_IVYclub_130823_EXO1 F_IVYclub_130823_ChanYeol

Charm appeal: I am EXO's infinite positivism and in charge of rap. Leisure: I do choreography and rap with Kai and Baekhyun, and practice playing the guitar ...


[Eng Sub HD] 141001 EXO Kai - Weekly Idol (Who is the fan filming?)

Blood Type: A Skills/Hobby: Guitar, Drums, Bass, African Drums, Rapping, Acting, listening to music, playing instruments

Women Exo Kpop Star Cartoon Socks 7 pairs