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Each of our Southwestern Inlay pieces are inlaid which means

Each of our Southwestern Inlay pieces are inlaid which means


Stop by in order to see our entire Southwestern Inlay collection!

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Turquoise Inlay Jewelry

Inset with over 650 individually cut and polished inlays of coral, turquoise and lapis lazuli, worked to depict a traditional Navajo Yei figure, ...

All the stones and shells used in this beautiful jewelry are polished to an exceptional shine

These crescent-moon shaped rings are some of our favorites! So unique and lovely

The iridescent look of mother of pearl pairs beautifully with turquoise and opal in these pieces

Lapis Inlay Ring - this traditional design of triangle inlay is set in Sterling Silver.

These beautiful inlay crosses are Navajo made with Sterling Silver, Turquoise, Onyx, Mother

These are all hand-crafted by Navajo Artisans in New Mexico. All inlay work was done by hand. The detail in all of these pieces is just incredible.

This is a very rare piece indeed! The inlay work is unbelievable, and it


These Sterling Silver Inlay pieces are like out of a dream. Each piece is handcrafted by the Navajo tribe. They are such a rare find!

Each piece in this collection is hand-made by Navajo Artisans in New Mexico.

Zuni inlay pendant with many different colorful stones.

Cobbled Inlay is a type of Mosaic Inlay. The stones are inlaid against one another; however, they have an uneven, raised appearance- like that of a cobble ...

Gorgeous Golden Mother of Pearl & Opal Inlay, all set in Sterling Silver. Each piece is handcrafted by Navajo Artisans. Made in New Mexico!

Inlaid Mosaic Earrings by Peyote Bird Designs

Zuni Inlay Jewelry

Inlay Turquoise Jewelry by Edison Yazzie

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Native American Southwestern Zuni Multi Stone Inlay Sterling Silver Earrings Signed Rwg

Inlay confined to just the front of the bracelet - that's good news in terms of

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Serpentine Coral Inlay Earrings Resized

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The next step was to transfer the plan drawings to some wood and then cut the pieces using a bandsaw.

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Zuni Indian Turquoise Inlay Sterling Silver Ring Size 6-1/2 PX25104

Southwestern Turquoise Sterling Silver Opal Post Earrings BW63136

BEFORE – The 1 3/4″ gap was so large that the bracelet would roll and fall off my wrist.

Zuni inlay watchband. Turquoise, coral, jet and mother of pearl stones.

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Some special pieces were then cut so that the body of the horse would be stable, especially with a little person on board.

a tiny inlaid 'stratocaster' on a customised Fender guitar. the letters are mother

Vintage Zuni Inlaid Ladies Ring 30614 ...

The next step was to transfer the plan drawings to some wood and then cut the pieces using a bandsaw.

Sterling Silver Multicolor Inlay Native American Pueblo Village Design Jewelry Pendant RX94544

Pipestone Malachite Inlay Earrings Resized

Navajo Raised Turquoise Inlay Bracelet 27763 ...

Inlay Bracelet by Navajo artist Merle House, Jr.

AFTER – Here it is after resizing – With the gap closed to 1 1/8″, the bracelet now goes on and off very easily and stays put on my wrist !

Sterling Silver Multicolor Inlay Native American Pueblo Village Design Jewelry Pendant RX94544

Book Look: Who's Who in Zuni Jewelry by Gordon Levy

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I finished up the first barrel band today. #gun #parts #firearm #

Zuni turquoise inlay star pendant.

Fans, Fish, and Tassels: Idiosyncratic Inlaid Furniture of Northeastern Tennessee by Anne S. McPherson | Articles

Zuni silver inlay earrings. Turquoise, coral, jet, and mother of pearl stones

Southwestern Turquoise Opal Inlay Ranger Belt Buckle PX38063

In stores the fakes are often mixed in with genuine pieces but sold at a discount, forcing jewelers who painstakingly craft each piece by hand to compete ...

Jane, my sister-in-law did a great job on stitching and fitting the saddle, and helping with the mane.

Zun silver inlay ring. Turquoise, coral, jet and mother of pearl stones.

Dinosaur Bone, Lapis, Turquoise Inlay Cufflinks - Custom Engraved Cufflinks - Men's Fossilized Cufflinks

Vera Luna Virgil Leekya BU128-BG-inlay-kachina-VL-3

buckle cropped hallmark

VTG SW Native "Georgio" Abstract 64g Onyx inlay Bolo Tie Sterl Silver ...

Rainbow Man Ring 26493 Turquoise Inlaid Jewelry 26493


Zuni Bird Sterling Silver Multi stone Inlaid Earrings Stunning Handmade

3 Vintage Southwestern Native American Style Costume Jewelry Chip Inlay Bolo Ties

... by her husband Barry Katzen), Paula shows historic and contemporary rings made by Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, Santo Domingo artists and more. The photos here in ...

YOU SAVE $64.99

8: Detail of inlay on the corner cupboard illustrated in Fig. 6

Petroglyph Inlaid Belt Buckle 24531 Turquoise Inlaid Belt Buckle 24531

A Contemporary Santo Domingo Necklace shown in Southwest Art Defined page 141 Caption should say “Angie Reano Owen”

12: Detail of lower-door inlay on the corner cupboard illustrated in

Square inlay earrings by Stephanie and Tanner Medina

He is well known for his wonderful inlay storyteller belts. Each panel shows a different scene from Navajo life.

Zuni genuine sterling silver and opal inlay cuff bracelet.

Beautiful Zuni designed turquoise jewelry in the needlepoint, petit point, and inlay designs.

Rose Belt Buckle Engraved Silver 24270 Inlaid Western Rose Belt Buckle Coral Malachite Engraved Silver

Figure 36

Figure 23

... BU128-BG-inlay-kachina-VL-4

11: Detail of drawer and lower-door inlay on the corner cupboard


Figure 24

Native American Jewelry Lowdown: The Story Behind Turquoise and Squash Blossoms | Collectors Weekly

Native American Jewelry

Every piece is individually crafted with an eye for color, form, and movement

Navajo Rug Pattern Turquoise Cuff 13149 Turquoise Coral Chip Inlay Bracelet 13149

One of my favourite travel souvenirs, a beautiful table from Damascus, Syria. The

The shell's made up of several parts, and the portion used to make inlays is known as Aragonite, which consists of the carbonate mineral, calcium carbonate ...

Now drag an appropriate jewel into the slot, click “Inlay” and it's done!

Inlay (guitar) - Body and sound hole inlays

Lapis Spiny Oyster Inlay Earrings Resized

SALE fine 18k gold black Opal inlay ring natural Lisa Mele inlaid tapered multi multistone Tuscon

Dinosaur Bone Inlay Cufflinks - Turquoise Dino Bone Cufflinks - Men's Fossilized Cufflinks - Square Inlaid

Crushed Turquoise Thunderbird Silver Ring with Inlaid Crushed Blue Turquoise Thunderbird In Southwestern Style Sterling Silver

vidaXL - Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table - Coffee Tables