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Eastern Ribbon Snake Snakes Know Them t Snake

Eastern Ribbon Snake Snakes Know Them t Snake


RIBBON SNAKE - facts & Information. Wild Snakes

Rare two headed northern ribbon snake

Northern ribbon snake (T. s. nitae)

Eastern Ribbon Snake. Photo by JD Willson

Northern ribbon snake coiled

Northern ribbon snake

Eastern ribbon snake


Western ribbon snake

Eastern Ribbon Snake

Eastern Ribbon Snake

Eastern garter snake in defensive posture

Eastern Ribbonsnake Research

Ribbon snake (eastern and northern subspecies)

Garter snake

Photo by Richard Bartlett Juvenile ribbon snake Photo by JD Willson

Plains Gartersnake

Eastern ribbon snake

Ribbon snakes lack labial bands. Photo by JD Willson Photo by Richard Bartlett

Fairfax Co.

Prince William Co.

Common Gartersnake

Similar species in our area: All other Garter Snake (T. sirtalis ssp.) species other than our native subspecies, Ribbon Snakes (T. sauritus) and Brown Snake ...

Photo by JD Willson Garter snakes lack labial bands Photo by JD Willson

... have a male and a female or two of the same sex, but I hope that they are a pair, it would be great to witness their breeding rituals and live birth.

References for Life History

Eastern Ribbon Snake

Common Garter Snake · Rough Earth Snake · Smooth Earth Snake. Nonvenomous, Nonvenomous, Nonvenomous, Nonvenomous

common garter snake

An ...

Orange-Striped Ribbonsnake

Gulf Coast ribbon snake (T.p. orarius) feeding

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eastern-ribbon-snake.jpg. ribbon_eastern.jpg. thamnophis_sauritus.jpg

Ribbon Snakes lack the vertical dark lines ...

garter and ribbon snakes

This ribbon snake has eaten a large treefrog

Common Garter Snake

Eastern Ribbon Snakes. Images of Eastern Ribbon Snake. Thamnophis Sauritus Sauritus

Eastern Ribbon Snake

Snakes ...

Orange-Striped Ribbon Snake in Springfield, MO

Common garter snake mating mass

Eastern Ribbon Snake


As soon as she sheds her old skin, her eyes will be bright and shiny again and her vision will get back to normal.

Eastern gartersnake. Eastern gartersnake. Other Common Name: Eastern Garter Snake

Northern ribbon snake feeding

Common Garter Snake ...

An ...

The Eastern Ribbon snake is located along the East Coast in the U.S., but it is especially abundant in the Southeast. All of South Carolina is included in ...


Northern ribbon snake


Gulf Coast ribbon snake (T.p. orarius) in leaf litter

A yellow stripe accents the lower sides of the queen snake. The eastern smooth green ...

Photo by JD Willson Photo by JD Willson Garter snakes ...

Virginia State Reptile | Eastern Garter Snake

Defensive Pose - An Eastern Garter Snake in defensive position. Taken at Bognor Marsh,

Eastern Ribbon Snake

Eastern Ribbon Snake

Gulf Coast ribbon snake (T.p. orarius) on lily pad

Garter Snake

Mating ball of garter snakes - Wikimedia

Eastern Ribbon Snake

species photo

Ribbon snake eating goldfish

Eastern Ribbon Snake Pictures Gallery

Eastern garter snake (subspecies of 'common garter snake')


Flickr/Doryce S

The eastern garter snake is known for the three white or yellow stripes that run down the length of its back. (squamatologist/Flickr)

Blue and Red Snake

picture of an Eastern Ribbon snake

Eastern Ribbonsnake Eastern Ribbonsnake

Texas Garter Snake (Thamnophis sirtalis annectens)

San Francisco garter snake captive

Ribbon Snake - Thamnophis sauritus sauritus

The UF Herpetology Division's Online Guide to FL Snakes: Eastern Ribbon Snake

An ...

Ornery Eastern Garter Snake - Sudbury, MA

... Gartersnake Eastern Gartersnake vs. Orange-striped Ribbonsnake ...

Valley garter snake

Garter Snakes. picture of an Eastern Ribbon snake

Common garter snakes average 34 inches in length.

Difference Between a Garter & Garden Snake


Photo by JD Willson

Common Garter Snake: Thamnophis sirtalis


San Francisco Gartersnake · San Francisco Gartersnake ...