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Eastern end of Hwy 140 Winnemucca NV Signs signs t

Eastern end of Hwy 140 Winnemucca NV Signs signs t


I've written a little about the Winnemucca-to-the-Sea Highway before at Winnemucca-to-the-Sea Highway: An Outcrop. The somewhat disjointed highway goes from ...

Turning Off onto the Winnemucca-to-the-Sea Highway

Eastern end of Hwy 140 - Winnemucca, NV

After traveling past the Deep Creek Falls pullout, past Adel, Oregon, and onward past marshes or reservoirs, past interesting but unknown volcanic geology, ...

I-80/US 95 concurrency near Winnemucca

Strikingly, at least to me, there is no signage saying anything about Winnemucca-to-the-Sea at this turn-off from U.S. 395; none that I spotted, anyway.

...we finally came into Nevada.

MORDOR straight ahead!

If Nevada DOT is to be believed, gas is no longer available at Denio on NV/OR 140, so they've posted this at the junction with US 95. Taken today.

Nevada State Route 140 - First reassurance shield along eastbound SR 140 after crossing the Oregon

Nevada State Route 446

Nevada State Route 294

The sign says, "Cedarville: 71 miles." There is pavement in Cedarville, CA, west to the Nevada border, but none beyond that, and none from this turnoff ...

Current signs indicate that the road — the entire remaining portion of Highway 8A — is "Not Regularly Maintained" and is "Closed in Winter.

Nevada S.R. 140 officially ends at the junction of U.S. 95, but the Winnemucca-to-the-Sea Highway continues south, joining 95. This sign, honoring two rodeo ...

At the junction, Highway 140, AKA the Winnemucca-to-the-Sea Highway, turns south (despite the sign that says "straight ahead" to Winnemucca), ...

Nevada State Route 824

Nevada State Route 787

Next services 81 miles Nevada road sign

...and shortly came to the turnoff that was one of the primary purposes for taking the Winnemucca-to-the-Sea Highway back into Nevada, instead of another, ...

Interstate 80 in Nevada - View east along I-80 just after entering Nevada from

View south along U.S. Route 95 approaching I-15, I-515 and US

Lakeview Oregon to Winnemucca Nevada on Oregon Route 140 Nevada Route 140 and US Highway 95

Top of the Doherty slide - US 140 Oregon

Heading ...

Exit Sign for US 199

Nevada S.R. 140, part of the Winnemucca-to-the-Sea Highway, leaves Denio Junction for Winnemucca by turning southward, where it almost immediately cuts ...

Long straight uphill to the clouds

Nevada S.R. 722 sign near its western junction with Highway 50.

Maryland Route 291 - View east along MD 291 at MD 298 near Chesterville


After crossing into Oregon we understand why Gremlin wants us to avoid 140 West. (Look, Ma! No casinos at this state line.)

Nevada State Route 156 - View from the east end of SR 156 looking westbound

Welcome to California sign ...

Nevada State Route 157 - View from the east end of SR 157 looking westbound

Twisting descent on Route 140 Oregon

On the road not traveled, Nevada is more invested than Oregon

Driving near Fremont-Winema National Forest Oregon Route 140 Warner Highway

Welcome to Winnemucca, Nevada. The street sign says Potato Road. We had lunch here.

Fueled up in Winnemucca and asked the attendant how far to the next motel heading north on NV 140. He said 200 miles. I said what.

Las Vegas Beltway - Northeastern beginning of CC 215

Evel Knievel jump site - Twin Falls, ID

An end ...

Reassurance shield as 140 joins 39.

US 95 northbound in downtown Winnemucca

... with 75 to 80 mph (120 to 130 km/h) common in the Western United States and 65 to 75 mph (100 to 120 km/h) common in the Eastern ...

At the Oregon border the highway becomes OR140 and the remainder of the entire highway both in Oregon and Nevada are identified as Highway 140.

Fading sign - Medford, OR

Nevada State Route 317 - View from the north end of SR 317 looking southbound

Early the next morning we departed north on U.S 101 to Crescent City were we connected to State Route 199 – the end (or the beginning) of the “ Winnemucca to ...

Signs for US highway 80 east and west

We encounter a stretch of road that is an 8% decline down a narrow passage with no guard rails.

Winnemucca, Nevada - Nearby Campgrounds and RV Parks

Nevada State Route 794

Oregon ...

Looking to the south, it became apparent that this fine-looking dirt road isn't signed 8A from the north end, though it may still be signed 8A from the ...

Speed Limit 80 sign on side of interstate highway

Speed limit sign with a traffic in the background

Sonoma Inn Winners Casino in Winnemucca, Nevada

U.S. ...

Sun Dance Casino Winnemucca, Nevada 2007

The Winnemucca Hotel, courtesy of Max at 4Q Conditioning

Defocused image of traffic sign showing 80 km/h speed limit on a highway full

At the Oregon border the highway becomes OR140 and the remainder of the entire highway both in Oregon and Nevada are identified as Highway 140.

A couple miles later, we'll approach Oregon 140 east, which heads towards Adel and Winnemucca, Nev.

DIVERSITY ~~ the spice of life

Interstate 8 - A sign displaying the mileages on I-8 westbound in Gila Bend

U.S. Route 50 in Nevada - US 6/US 50/US 93 overlap in

NEBRASKA - Interstate 80 East and West sign points to entrance to Interstate on ramp

Winnemucca Nevada, Road Trips, Ikea Hacks, Ghosts, Postcards, Bridge, Stall Signs, Bridge Pattern, Legs

Southbound ...

At the Oregon border the highway becomes OR140 and the remainder of the entire highway both in Oregon and Nevada are identified as Highway 140.

I left Winnemucca early, first light and headed north on NV 95 towards NV 140. I had planned to re-fuel at the 290 junction but it was too early and they ...

Signs along SR 206 approaching the junction of State Route 207, with Jobs Peak of the Carson Range in the background

Pronghorn antelope road sign Nevada

Turn right ahead for US 97 north. Stay straight for Oregon 140 east TO Oregon 39.

The weather can't make up its mind what it wants to do.

Nevada - Interstate 80 West - Mile Marker 410-400 (5/19/13)

Travelers bound for Oregon 140 ...

Poodle sheep crossing road sign Nevada

Pashnit - CA 36

A "No Gas 82 Miles" sign is posted on Washington 14 east as it leaves U.S. 97.

Startled bull road sign Nevada. “

410 km is about 255 miles, so this tops the "next services 244 miles" sign at Coldfoot on Alaska's Dalton Highway (AK 11).

U.S. ...

Heading into Winnemucca, we make a final stop at the start or as in our case the end of the Winnemucca to the Sea Highway.

Denio Nevada sign

U.S. Route 197, OR 216 to OR 216

[NM Burma Shave dust storm signs]

east winnemucca exit

But Alaska's Dalton Highway (AK 11) tops that with a 240-mile gas-free gap between Deadhorse and Coldfoot:

One of 6 summits topped by brothers 2 on Day 7 of Mom's last road trip