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English School 17th century Medium engraving Date 1663 Also

English School 17th century Medium engraving Date 1663 Also


A Woman Spinning and a Fisherman. Artist: Thomas Wijck (Dutch, Beverwijck,

after Jacques Callot, Beggar Couple, with Landscape in Background, 17th century, etching

English School, (17th century). Medium: engraving. Date: 1663.

Woman with a Pear, 17th century, Etching; third state, Sheet: 5

La sainte Face couronnee d'epines, (petit format). Artist: Jean

English men of the mid-17th century Date: 1660 - 1675 - Stock Image

Catinat de La Fauconnerie, Nicolas III, 1.9.1637 - 25.2.1712,

drinking, man, glas, jug, barrel, 17th century, europe, interior

Gilles Ménage. Artist: Robert Nanteuil (French, Reims 1623-1678 Paris)

Mary Magdalene on the Clouds. Lucas van Leyden (Netherlandish, Leiden ca. Date: Medium: Engraving.

Maria met dode lichaam van Christus op schoot, zittend onder het kruis, Pieter de

Dutch copperplate engravers working in their workshop, 17th century, - Stock Image

Monkey and Cat Jacob Gole, Dutch, c. 1660 - 1737. After Francis

Johann III Sobieski, 17.8.1629 - 17.6.1696, King of Poland,

Juno on Her Chariot VIsiting a Young Woman and a Rivergod. Artist: Richard van

Gilles Ménage. Artist: Robert Nanteuil (French, Reims 1623-1678 Paris)

German organist and composer, 1596 - 1663. Engraving by J.F.

Kress zu Kressenstein, Wilhelm, 15.9.1618 - 8.5.1675, German nobleman

The Large Tree from Upright Italian Landscapes. Artist: Jan Both (Dutch, Utrecht

Engraving 17th century - Stock Image

Jean Perrault. Artist: Claude Mellan (French, Abbeville 1598-1688 Paris)

Abdijplein of Middelburg. Artist: Adriaen van de Venne (Dutch, Delft 1589-

The Adoration of the Shepherds. Artist: Sébastien Bourdon (French, Montpellier 1616-

Engraving of Miecislavs III. By Benoît Farjat (1644-1724) French engraver.

An etching of The Fencing School of the University of Leiden, Holland, 1610.

Portrait of an Ecclesiastic Flanked by a Female Saint and Athena. Artist: Anonymous,

people, marriage, bridal couple in the 17th century, wood engraving after painting '

Roman Landscape. Artist: Claude Lorrain (Claude Gellée) (French, Chamagne 1604

A Woman Peeling Pears. Artist: Wallerant Vaillant (Dutch, Lille 1623-1677

... County of Northampton belonging to Sir Charles Knightley Bart. Surveyed by John Upton 1816. Ref: P/11268. Medium: Ink & wash. Artist: Upton J Date: 1816 .

A couple of musicians Date: 17th century - Stock Image

America. Artist: Louis Licherie de Beurie (French, Houdan 1629-1687 Paris

French aristocrats of the mid-17th century Date: 1630 - 1680 - Stock Image

A couple of blacksmiths Date: 17th century - Stock Image

Charles-Maurice Le Tellier. Artist: Robert Nanteuil (French, Reims 1623-

Landscape. Artist: Allart van Everdingen (Dutch, Alkmaar 1621-1675 Amsterdam)

N/A. Deutsch: Detail des Stiches Prinz Eugen von Savoyen (1663-

Portrait of Godert Dircksz. Kerckrinck. Artist: Jan Thopas (Dutch, Arnhem 1625

English: Louis XIV of France on his way to the inauguration of Les Invalides .

Young Woman Seated at a Table, Holding a Candle. Artist: Godfried Schalcken (

Not for sale .

Madame Bouthillier (Marie de Bragelogne). Artist: Robert Nanteuil (French, Reims

A smart Dutch couple skate together. Date: 17th century - Stock Image

English: Louis XIV of France hunting near the Palace of Fontainebleau. . Late .

Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione detto il Grechetto (Genova 1609 - Mantova 1663/65)

Amb. 317b.2° Folio 144 verso 1663. Thimble maker

Greyfriars kirk and churchyard dates from the mid 17th century It was built on the site

The Ratcatcher (Marchand de mort aux rats) Abraham Bosse (French, Tours 1602 · 17th CenturyLes ...

The Four Seasons. Artist: Abraham Bosse (French, Tours 1602/1604-

Man's Robe Date:early century Culture:Italian or British Medium:Silk; linen Dimensions:From center back neck: 52 x 103 in. (circumference of hem) x cm) ...

A Woman Spinning and a Fisherman, Thomas Wijck, 17th century - Stock Image

Louis Hesselin. Artist: Robert Nanteuil (French, Reims 1623-1678 Paris)

Jan Steen - The Prayer before the Meal ~ 1663-65 Jan Havickszoon Steen was

English: This painting shows the Mughal emperor, Aurangzeb, enthroned beneath a canopy .

The Night” lady preparing for bed, engraving, late century

English School, (17th century). Medium: engraving. Date: 1663. Also known as the Algonquin Bible; Up-Biblum God; Puritan minister and missionary; f…

Netherlands. Dutch prince. Baroque period. 17th century. Engraving. Color. -

Shri Raga: Folio from a ragamala series (Garland of Musical Modes). Date

The Morning, Lady at her Toilet, 2nd half of 17th century (colour engraving

French warship in the mid-17th century. After a contemporary engraving by Jean Boiffeau

French Engraving (circa 1678) Jean de Saint-Jean. Coat worn with petticoat breeches and ribbon accessories. From "The Cut of Men's Clothes 1600-1900" by ...

"Man's Lace Cravat - 1670 - 1690 The cravat end is large-scale raised Venetian needle lace, tied with added linen and silk ribbon. The engraving of the ...

Not for sale .

Prints and Maps - Print (Engraving)

Woman Holding a Fan Abraham Bosse (French, Tours 1602/1604–1676 Paris

engraved by Bosse -- one of a pair, the other shows the reverse situation

Late 16th, early 17th century sailor

ca. 1630 Margaret Smith, wife of Thomas Carey by Sir Anthonis van Dyck (

Two plates from the series 'Small Wedding-Dancers' (1538): (left) Dancing Couple, print, after Heinrich Aldegrever, Soest, engraving. Museum no.

Oeuvres. Vols. I-IV, Jean Le Pautre (French, Paris 1618

An English man and two women of the mid-17th century Date: circa 1650

Artist British School 17th century (1600‑1699) Title Portrait of a Lady,

"Seated Woman Holding a Book and Singing," Abraham Bosse, etching, undated · 17th Century ...

An apothecary preparing to administer an enema to a sick patient. Line engraving by Abraham Bosse, century.

Etching/ Engraving Line Dealer or Reseller Listed Original Art Prints , without Listed by Self-Representing Artist?

Medium: Etching Artist: Piper E Engraver: Piper E Publisher: Frost & Reed Date: 1895 .

Medium: Stipple Artist: Matthews T Engraver: Freschi A Publisher: T. Matthews, Park Street, Windsor. Date: 1800 .

Medium: Copper Artist: Sheppard G Engraver: Varrall J C. Publisher: W Clarke Date: 1816

First Folio

Harrison, Esqr.For the Epitome of the History of Kent Ref: P/15083. Medium: Lithograph Artist: Brandard J Engraver: Martin R Date: 1838 .

English School, (17th century). Medium: engraving. Date: 1663. Also known as the Algonquin Bible; Up-Biblum God; Puritan minister and missionary; f…

Meindert Hobbema – The Kremer Collection. Title A Wooded Landscape with a Roadside Cottage.

Image result for Collections of Voyages to the East and West indies" (1596)

Louis Le Grand [$result.full_results.get("Collection Title")] , $result.full_results.get("Medium") , 1712 , Drevet, Pierre, 1663-1738

The Price of Adultery in Puritan Massachusetts, 1641 | Little known American History | Pinterest | American history

Cornelis Bega (Dutch, c.1631 - 1664) - The Alchemist [1663]

Medium: Etching Artist: Piper E Engraver: Piper E Publisher: Frost & Reed Date: 1895 .

Francis Barlow engraving - C17th Leopard and Lioness as king and queen

... en la Chambre des compteur [$result.full_results.get("Collection Title")] , Engraving, etching, black-and-white , [1698?] , Drevet, Pierre, 1663-1738

Gold ring, the hoop with leafy scrolls merging with shoulders each engraved with a flower

... hair in a bun covered with net, nearly half-length to left, wearing a ruff and fur stole over laced bodice, her left hand partly shown. 1644 Etching ...

Little María Teresa, wife of Louis XIV (her double first cousin), at. 17th CenturyMuseum ...

ch 9 Gentleman in a Cape and Plumed Hat Seen from the Back, Abraham Bosse (French, Tours Paris), Etching;

The Suicide of Portia. Artist: Jacques Bellange (French, Bassigny (?) ca. 1575-1616 Nancy); Date: 1612-16; Medium: Etching with stippling and engravin.

A Woman Preparing Bread and Butter for a Boy -- Pieter de Hooch (Dutch, 1629 - -- about 1660 - 1663 -- Oil on canvas -- x cm x 21 in.

Women Chatting or The New Mother, fourth quarter 17th century by Nicolas Arnoult (1650

1636 British School century - Portrait of William Style of Langley

Marzo, Ariete, Odorato - Alessandro Temini, 17th century engraving