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Enterprise AI startup Hyper Anna dubbed quotSiri for analyticsquot raises

Enterprise AI startup Hyper Anna dubbed quotSiri for analyticsquot raises


With all the attention AI startups are receiving from corporate investors, we used CB Insights data to take a closer look at what AI sub-sectors are earning ...

Data-driven businesses across many industries are seeing benefit in utilizing the algorithms machine learning has to offer in critical decision-making.

Leadership behaviours forged over the last century clearly need updating for the digital age.

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5 Components of #Data Governance [Infographic] #GrowthHacking #DigitalMarketing #BigData #

Shield AI

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Hyper Anna's co-founders and leadership team Sam Zheng, Kent Tian and Natalie Nguyen


The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence

Financial services; 30. 30 Applied Artificial Intelligence ...

2013/Oct/16 - Big Money for Big Data - $3 billion is the

70 Years of Evolution

Confusing choices on an image menu on Safari on the iPad

[#DigitalTransfo] The 3 Ages if Digital Transformation #infographic @PetiotEric #Ai

... 39.

Winnie Badiah; 78. 7979 Hyper Anna ...

#finfographic of major #Blockchain consortium projects and Baas (Blockchain as a service)

AirTree Ventures' Daniel Petre (left), with co-founder Craig Blair,

7 months ago

DataVal Analytics

They also recognize the questions you ask your Android ...

Zume Pizza adds extra automation as it rolls out to new cities

Social ...

MD raises $10M to grow AI-driven health information service and marketplace

Drive AI

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How real is the Artificial Intelligence startup wave?

... the layer is the right level to think about.

... 7.

Startups will overtake enterprises in the new AI ecosystem

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Believe it or not, chatbots turn 50 this year. To celebrate, we'

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Circle with Disney raises $10 million for its parental control device for families

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Why Apple is struggling to become an artificial-intelligence powerhouse

Your Choice: Human or Cyborg? Why Being a Google or Facebook User Makes You an Investor in the End of Humanity! (free online book)

pages: 329 words: 88,954


Tech Trends 2016 #infographic

i2i Logic ...

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Michael Sayman hired by Facebook as an 18 year old leaves the company after three years to work for Google as a product manager for Assistant (Sara…

Molotov activates the cloud DVR feature and raises $23.3 million

“That just reflects the computer code in which it was written.”

To illuminate current attitudes about the potential impacts of digital life on individuals' well-being in the next decade and assess what interventions ...

*Superlatice or nanolaminate

pages: 212 words: 49,544

This is what happens when you get innovation right: It transforms entire fields, often much faster than anyone anticipated. Think of the speed with which ...


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... Amazon to partners for testing in the near future too.

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Edtech startup Peergrade picks up backing from a supergroup of Nordic angels

Python script, in Pythonista, with console output

How will this all end? Do you really want to get involved in making a new card reader at this point? One gets a distinct sense that the companies focused on ...

Enough platforms have been deliberately designed at this point that it is useful to categorize them into types. The three common types in existence today ...

Today on Android and iOS, users with the latest update of Messenger will have the ability to start a group VoIP (voice over internet protocol) audio call ...




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The report found that podcast advertisements were ...

MEMS packaging device platform breakdown by MEMS devices. Source: Yole Développement, Lyon, France

If ye be seeking Enterprise 2.0 Skills, click Traction Software or prepare to be Boarded, Pillaged and Sunk by thy Competition!

A portfolio of interventions

Tesla Full Self-Driving Images Leaked

What if Clippy was the new Siri?

Tesla Full Self-Driving Images Leaked

As with social platforms and mobilization platforms, learning platforms critically depend on the ability to build long-term relationships rather than simply ...

Lauching a Startup

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