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Eridan Homestuck t

Eridan Homestuck t


DEAD Eridan T-Shirts & Hoodies

Canon Eridan vs. Fanon Eridan


I CAN'T NOO POOR ERIDAN (I know he didn't in the


Because pre scratch Feferi ordered that the highblood's "cull" the lowbloods, remember? The Orphaner wouldn't be able to leave the grubs to die.


Poor bby I don't owwn

Dualscar and Eridan, I couldn't help it this picture is too cute!


Eridan Karkat I don't own ANY pictures or the music or homestuck

Don't Mess With Eridan by genkae ...

Homestuck - Eridan by MelSpontaneus Homestuck - Eridan by MelSpontaneus

eridan and kanaya

Eridan Ampora: The one that is hated by all his 'friends' and I don't yet know why.

Eridan is so cute! He reminds me of

Eridan and Feferi my bbies

homestuck may be over but that doesn't mean i still don't love my son

Personastuck - Eridan by SoonToBeMangaka ...

soooooo one time eridan had a yard sale.

Eridan's last resort by Beltanez Eridan's last resort by Beltanez

NOOO poor Eridan!(Homestuck)


Eridan, stop singing with Garnet. Only she can make that song work. // im so angry that eridan doesnt fit the line length (unless you say it er-dan)

Aww! Eridan X3. John you are so awesome. John would be nice to

The logical conclusion.

Nepeta and Eridan Honey, that ain't Eridan.

ERIDAN YOU ASSHOLE I LOVE YOU MARRY ME AND THEN STOP BEING SUCH A HILARIOUS DOUCHE--yes. So much yes | Homestuck | Pinterest | Homestuck, Hilarious and ...

FENGTING Women's Homestuck Trolls Eridan Ampora T-shirt L White Tee

I don't hate Eridan. What he did is almost inexcusable, but I am equally upset (but also more terrified of) with Gamzee.

Homestuck Eridan Ampora with some sweet tattoos

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this was the first homestuck video I have ever seen and I instantly fell in love with eridan at that moment.

yes, but I can't get over little beach ball Eridan. So cute < < I love aquariumstuck.

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my first actual Homestuck piece that doesn't burn your eyes! : D Sollux x Eridan you know you love it you won't believe me, but I did this with the bina.

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Eridan Ampora (more like life ruiner ;w;) <3

"Tags: Homestuck, Aradia Megido, Sollux Captor, Eridan Ampora" Well, Aradia isn't a prince and Eridan is so she was kind of right to do that.

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It must be hard, realizing that you had touched Feferi's boobs when you were far too young to remember it. Just to spite yourself. Grubsitting Eridan: ...

bad day... but homestuck can always make me smile. even if its those small meaningless ones

Homestuck - Eridan Ampora x Feferi Peixes - EriFef

Homestuck, eridan

Trickster Eridan. Homestuck ...

Even annoying pieces of shit have feelings and if u can't respect their feelings then your a hell of a lot worse than them( but I know Eridan can be ...

Blood color seems to have several biological consequences in addition to the social consequences of the caste system. Troll tears are apparently the same ...

Eridan looks normal though, like a blogger who hasn't slept for

Err, I don't see March Eridan anywhere.

(Female) Eridan Ampora - Homestuck by MelindaPhantomhive ...

Homestuck - Eridan by BootyPirate

Daw Eridan....I still think even though he can be an add, he desurves to be loved.

Homestuck - Eridan|Sollux by Narniy //HAVEN'T EVEN MET ERIDAN YET

fucked_up_novelist on Twitter: "#Homestuck #Eridan #Feferi #cute http://t .co/zi6yy79rYP"

i really like the theory of eridan's weeping angels… and i was watching doctor who…

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Eridan - Prince of Hope

Dark Eridan ~ Homestuck by dias-de-resaca ...

Homestuck - March Eridan POLE2 by Teebay ...

... Magic Isn't Real by Dawna-May

... Homestuck:Eridan and Gamzee by RingoNakishima

Don't Mess With Me Eridan Theme Song

Chibi Eridan - Homestuck by Marleygivesfreehugs Chibi Eridan - Homestuck by Marleygivesfreehugs

Homestuck update upd8 we love fine homestuck contest homestuck t-shirt contest check eridan

Homestuck - Shame on You - Eridan x Vriska and Eridan x Feferi x Sollux (CC) - YouTube

Eridan Ampora by DeluCat Eridan Ampora by DeluCat

erisolsprite by salihombox erisolsprite ...

Ugly Story- Eridan Ampora fansong with lyrics

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by mystuff187654

... Homestuck Characters: Tavros, Eridan and Feferi by Expression

Tags: Anime, Andy-shunsho, Homestuck, Eridan Ampora

Homestuck Grub Project - Eridan by TheFandomEdson ...

"Eridan Ampora (Homestuck)" Unisex T-Shirt by andiavang | Redbubble

Homestuck - Eridan n' Nepeta 01 by sanna-mania ...

drawing homestuck chibi eridan

MMD Homestuck-Eridan Why?

Some screenshots from canon. Could not fit it all here.

Homestuck Eridan by Mangetsu-chan ...

Homestuck - Jane Crocker n' Eridan 01 by sanna-mania ...

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Eridan Ampora < <

Homestuck - Eridan by BootyPirate

Eridan's Theme. from AlterniaBound by Homestuck

Dotion Men's Eridan Ampora Homestuck Trolls Design T Shirt

Homestuck - Eridan by xagave

Canon: MSPaintadventures: Homestuck Canon point: Post-death. Unit Number: 206. Chosen weapon: Wand

... 7. Recommended Reading • homestuck ...

Homestuck: Eridan by Stungun44 ...