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Example of Orlanthi weapons and armor Glorantha Inspirations

Example of Orlanthi weapons and armor Glorantha Inspirations


Aggari thane and Esrolian Ernalda priestess - Orlanthi Overview - Glorantha .com

Ernalda priestess and Orlanthi Warrior

[Glorantha] Inspirational Art Thread - Page 13

glorantha broo - Google Search

http://glorantha .tumblr.com/post/107550080583/jenxrodwell-a-troll-berserker-worshiper-of

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Pin by David Buswell-Wible on Glorantha | Pinterest | Runes, Woman warrior and Mythology

Hsunchen (Glorantha.com)

54 best Glorantha images on Pinterest | Figure drawings, Iron age and Barbarian


Example of Orlanthi weapons and armor

Tusk raiders

Example of Orlanthi weapons and armor | RQ | Pinterest | Weapons, Character design and Characters

RuneQuest 6

Glorantha: Kolat by Merlkir

"lunar empire" glorantha - Google-Suche. "

This was one of the more straight-forward Gloranthan pantheons to illustrate, ...


Thunder Brothers for Glorantha: The Gods War (a Sandy Petersen Game)

ID: 9812 - Downloads: 3609 | Glorantha | Pinterest | Sci fi, Fantastic art and Dark fantasy

Harrek and Gunda the Guilty


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Find this Pin and more on Glorantha by buswellwible.

Jarani and the Lawstaff - The Heortlings are a deeply lawful people, no matter what

RuneQuest / Glorantha | Pinterest

Pamalt for Glorantha: The Gods War

Mildred the Vingan Duck by Stewart Stansfield

Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes Index

Drawings showing various cultures I did way back for HeroQuest: Glorantha

Find this Pin and more on Glorantha by buswellwible.

Troll skeleton.

Glorantha: Broos by Merlkir

The Lore Of Glorantha — Lawspeaker, who is the strongest?

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Orlanth magical items

Thunder Rebels: Player's Book for Orlanthi Barbarians | Gloranthan visions | Pinterest | Barbarian

An Orlanthi wind lord and an Ernalda priestess fight off a horde of chaotic Broos.

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Come the thunder!

The Red Goddess thanks you all.

Germanic clothing in the early Bronze Age.

by Even Mehl Amundsen

Ernalda Priestess (Sartar) Sartar is colder and relatively poorer than Esrolia. However, Ernalda is revered in Sartar, and her priestesses have high status.

Phillipine Moro Warrior

Civilized Troll on Mantis by Blackyinkin

Citadel of Dykene, Griffin Mountain, Balazar, Glorantha

Rob Heinsoo Games is raising funds for Age in Glorantha on Kickstarter! Age in Glorantha brings the ENnie-winning role-playing game to the gods and monsters ...


This Sartarite chieftain or petty king has adopted the Pelorian styles of his conquerors. Despite this, he is still tattooed as a traditional Orlanthi .

The Mostali certainly aren't generic fantasy…

Troll_Band by Scravagghiupilusu959 on @DeviantArt

The Lore Of Glorantha — Lorespeaker, tell us about the tradition of flesh.

The Eight Sons of Yelm | Glorantha

Durulz&Dragonewts by Arkat-Kingtrollkin

Gorakiki Troll Warrior by Blackyinkin on deviantART

Thunder Rebels: Player's Book for Orlanthi Barbarians

Esbozo-de-la-hoja-de-PJ-de-RuneQuest-Glorantha.jpg (596×570)

Aggari thane and Esrolian Ernalda priestess - Orlanthi Overview - Glorantha.com | Glorantha Inspirations & References | Pinterest

HQG: Prax and Lunars by Merlkir (Jan Pospisil) #character #design

Pavic adventurers in the Puzzle Canal!

The four stages of Dragonewt development, from left to right: Crested Dragonewt, Beaked

Taking a break in the mud of Tarsh by Arkat-Kingtrollkin.deviantart.com

Old School FRP : Greg Stafford's world of Glorantha | RuneQuest

[Glorantha] Inspirational Art Thread

Kusanagi, Takuhito

Baldr a possible rendition of baldr in typical norse warrior armour


Red Moon Rising Many years ago I played in a nation based PBM, and was assigned…

Kareel Keenclaw, morokanth slaver and Waha runelord. A quite powerful NPC, who once captured two members of the group and sold them into slavery.

GtG: 03 - Dragon Pass by Merlkir ...

Orlanth armor styleguide

Salt Road Patrol by Murphyillustration caravan armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc | Create your

Bits and Scribbles : Photo Mularik Ironeye, half-crazed Arkati Sorcerer and companion to

Art for "Hearts in Glorantha", a gloranthan publication by Games. Tagor's body by Pecadordelapradera

14 best Jeff Laubenstein images on Pinterest | Barbarian, Pretend play and Castle

Why didn't Roman armour protect the arms and legs?

Example of Orlanthi weapons and armor

Elfo negro -voralano- RuneQuest, "Glorantha, el mundo y sus habitantes"

Beast Rune

Commission: Jonstown Market by Jebriodo

Glorantha: Zola Fel river folk

Arkat-Kingtrollkin's DeviantArt Gallery

Dario's Troll

Ernalda Priestess

/tg/ - Traditional Games » Thread #60074347

Commission: Statue vs Waha by Jebriodo.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Donald Duck as Greek warrior cover prelim Comic Art by Andrea Freccero

f High Elf Ranger Med Armor Cloak Sword Short Sword Longbow


Jannisor on the Ringing bridge by Arkat-Kingtrollkin.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Find this Pin and more on Jeff Laubenstein by artikid.

Red Goddess Shield by Arkat-Kingtrollkin.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt