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F dracocephala bambooGal PotSPRING Also known as Hardy

F dracocephala bambooGal PotSPRING Also known as Hardy


vivax bamboo-Gal Pot/SPRING A timber bamboo very similar to P. The new shoots are very flavorful. It can grow tall and diameter.

... is similiar to Henon except that it has a beautiful black stripe on each culm. It grows to or more and or more in diameter and is hardy to 0 degrees F.

P. nuda Bamboo-Gal Pot 3+:$22.50 [SPRING]

Fargesia muriale Bamboo-Gal Pot/SPRING Hardy to minus 20 deg. F.

Geneva 30 Apple rootstock 25+:$2.75 each [SPRING]

How to Divide Potted Plants

STRAWBERRY SPINACH - aka Beetberry, Strawberry Spinach, Chenopodium capitatum - HARD TO FIND Salad~Dessert in one plant! This is a very rare ancient ...

SECKEL (Sugar Pear) New York - Midseason pear tree that is both hardy & self fertile, sweet fruit good for preserving

Rapini - Broccoli Raab Novantina

Corkscrew Willow One Quart Pot [SPRING]

Interlaken-An early ripening and hardy variety from New York, Interlaken produces abundant crops


'Shiroshima' Bamboo-Gal Pot/SPRING (Hibanobambusa tranquillans 'Shiroshima') This midsized bamboo is suited to containers or the garden.

A serving of King Orchards tart cherry juice concentrate provides 7,077 ORAC units, which measure

P. japonica 'Arrow Bamboo'-Gal Pot/SPRING (Pseudosasa japonica) Widely cultivated in the US, this tough, versatile bamboo produces a dense hedge of slender ...

Mt. View Orchards, Mt. Hood, Oregon. U Pick apples and pears

Violette de Bordeaux

Fargesia muriale Bamboo-Gal Pot [SPRING]

2010 NWFGS Reflections

Seeds from Italy - Cima di Rapa Quarantina Riccia di Sarno (41-80)

This 'broccoletti' is one of the most highly prized vegetables in Italy. It

Shiro Bana Akebia vine-One Quart Pot/SPRING

How to Make a Delicious Green Smoothie using Fresh Picked Spinach

Lemon Guava-1 Qt Pot [SPRING]

Thai Chili Pepper Seeds 55 Seeds

Bushel and Berry ™ Baby Cakes ™ Thornless Blackerry -Gal Pot [SPRING]

Pomegranate Tree seeds planted today. It's been a month since you've passed away

Jahn's Prairie gooseberry [SPRING]

Decora tus interiores con orquídeas

Pink Jasmine 1 Qt Pot [SPRING]

Nugget Hops/4 Inch Pot [SPRING]

Memorial Day 2016 Prayer

Crandall Black Currant 3+: $11.50 each [SPRING]

Almond Portobello Garden Spawn [SPRING]

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GCM330MH 13" (330mm) Samurai Challenge | Bishop Company

Reddy Robin A. Pear/OHxF87 [SPRING]

Due to HOT summer weather we will start Shipping Plants in September

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Silver Bells Akebia-One Quart Pot [SPRING]