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FAO Lesserknown tropical wood species Lesser t

FAO Lesserknown tropical wood species Lesser t


However, the many attempts which have been made by developing countries to sell groups of species, or even single lesser-used species which are in abundant ...

Rough Cut Hardwood Lumber

Exotic Hardwood Flooring

Compared with that in other countries, logging in Malaysia and the Philippines is extremely heavy, with production at about 45 m³ per ha in Peninsular ...

Santa Maria Lumber

Problems Most developing countries in the tropics have balance-of-payments problems. This fact, coupled with the need for foreign exchange to finance ...

S4S/Skip-planed Hardwood Lumber

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring

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AN EXAMPLE OF TROPICAL DEFORESTATION viewing the subject historically

CREEPERS, CLIMBERS AND LIANAS - problem causers in tropical logging (a)


The wood-processing industry is based on the principle of complete utilization of raw materials. The results achieved in this respect are remarkable.

Figure 4: Finished secondary wood Product.

Rough Cut Hardwood Lumber

Within these limits, the immediate future of lesser-known species is comparatively bright, although not entirely sunny. There are definitely some clouds in ...

Figure 3: Typical splintering tension failure of an Albizia ferruginea beam


EROSION IN AMAZONIA - forest development must protect soil

Peeling machine capable of processing smaller-diameter logs have substantially increased recovery rates

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Fig. 2. Termite damage incurred by Eucalyptus grandis (a) and Bobgunnia madagascariensis


The indigenous mukusi or Baikiaea forests and woodlands found in the Kalahari Sands region of tropical Africa are today more aptly and conveniently termed ...

When sawing large-diameter tropical hardwood logs, the recovery factor should be at least 50 percent (Uhf et al., 1997) and yields of 56 to 68 percent ...

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DeBonis (1986) also found that a 15 to 30 percent increase in wood volume at the mill could be realized through proper felling and bucking techniques.

African Mahogany wood grain scan

ETTF launches new website

Natural teak forest management practiced under the Myanmar Selection System

Figure 5: Termites' partially infested colonised hive Source: Authors Fieldwork

Shoreoxylon burmensePrakash, 1971 (1–3; wood sample MNHN.F.40127, Ganle locality) and Shoreoxylon deomaliensePrakash and Awashti, 1969b (4–6; ...


Under current practices, the first model foresees widespread shortages of tropical timbers, although this could be avoided with the implementation of ...


The talun/kebun system (Adapted from FAO and IIRR, 1995

Forests 08 00338 g002 550

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(holotype, wood sample MNHN.F.40112, Thaminchauk locality). Black scale-bars: 1 mm. Gray scale-bars: 200 μm. White scale-bar: 100 μm.

... utilization of more species, a wider range of sizes of trees, and the utilization of the branches and roots of trees in addition to their boles."

The accuracy of this information lies with these original sources.

Netherlands leads in sustainably sourced market share

Other ECM have been introduced and Boletus edulis is now found throughout southern Africa following the

Plate I. Acrocarpoxylon siwalicusYadav, 1988 (1–3; wood sample MNHN.F.40109, Than U Daw locality) and Acrocarpoxylon ungeriGottwald, 1994 (4–6; ...

Fig.4: Beekeeping; option in the transition to a green economy in Nigeria

... lesser-known hardwoods from secondary tropical forests into high-quality, salable products. Turning carving mallets, bowls, rolling pins and yo-yos, ...

Figure 76


Oil palms can supply good flows of nectar, but since a rubber tree flowers for only about six weeks in March and April, the rubber farmer needs to plant ...

Table 1 -Resources used to compile working list of commercial timbers

FAO's programme on the Promotion and development of non-wood forest products (NWFP)

Bauhinium palaeomalabaricumPrakash and Prasad, 1983 (1–3; wood sample MNHN.F.40123, Myong Se locality) and Cynometroxylon holdeniiPrakash and Bande, ...

Global Climatic Regions

Leucaena leucocephala pods

canoe construction

(holotype, wood sample MNHN.F.40131, Mogaung locality). Black scale-bars: 1 mm. Gray scale-bars: 200 μm. White scale-bar: 100 μm. 1–2: transverse sections ...

It enables them to design their own homegrown agroforestry models determining when, where, how and what type of ...

2 Dendrogram representing four timber species groups (TSGs) based on wood density

Sources FAO Report, Assessed on 21 February 2016

Tree Sculpture in the Peruvian Amazon

Department of Forest Products The Russian birch plywood industry – Production, market and future prospects Den ryska björkply

(holotype, wood sample MNHN.F.40122, Pangan locality). Black scale-bars: 1 mm. Gray scale-bars: 200 μm. White scale-bar: 100 μm.

(holotype, wood sample MNHN.F.40107, Ganle locality). Black scale-bars: 1 mm. Gray scale-bars: 200 μm. White scale-bar: 100 μm. 1–2–3: transverse section ...

Many saprobic macrofungi are. Few pathogens are eaten. All examples are from Malawi unless

1 (left) This French pharmacy offers local assistance in identifying species 3.2 (right

(holotype, wood sample MNHN.F.40132, Paukkaung locality). Black scale-bars: 1 mm. Gray scale-bars: 200 μm. 1: transverse section showing diffuse porosity; ...

National consumption as a percentage of national wood production in the 10 most

- Forestry and Timber - UNECE

Danish canvas chairs and daybed set by Ole Gjerlov Knudsen. Very rare by a lesser known designer. Arriving at vampt this week after its trek from Denmark

ACACIA 37 a confusing history in which the term 'gum arabic' is sometimes used

4-months-old seedlings in nursery

Tropical Forest is Hanoi's latest greenery-filled café

Meet Tequila's Lesser-Known Cousin

Management: wild fungi, trees, forest users 33 year. Less frequent thinning might

Figure 1: %Weight loss for termite of the wood of B. aethiopum with

Global Forest Cover

Why Is The Food Industry Trying To Kill Us? - Top 10 Food Additives to Avoid [Archive] - Page 5 - AzBilliards.com

Lumberjacks carve a living out of Democratic Republic of Congo rainforest - Democratic Republic of Congo

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Phyllanthus acidus

... 26, Zamboanga Wood Products Co., Mindanao, Philippines; 21, United Nations (K. Muldoon/ARA); 34, Subsecretaría Forestal y de la Fauna, Mexico City.

3 Dendrogram representing four timber species groups (TSGs) based on MOE while

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Land Degradation Assessment (LADA) in the in the Philippines: The BSWM-FAO Technical Cooperation Final Report | Rodel Carating - Academia.edu

Wood Science and Technology

The ephemeral Spring woodland where the ramps were growing.

Key tropical events at Carrefour

Using data to drive tropical market share

Fig. 6: Light coir insulation and construction board in India 4.3 Insulation materials Nature

The energy value of the wood is 21,000 kj/kg