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Famous Dyslexics Famous LDADHD people t Dyslexia

Famous Dyslexics Famous LDADHD people t Dyslexia


13 best Dyslexia Stories images on Pinterest | Dyslexia, Exploring and Celebrity

Full Color poster series made to Inspire children with a dyslexia or ADHD disability. Find this Pin and more on Famous People ...

Famous People with the Gift of Dyslexia

Adult dyslexia and how to manage it

famous people with dyslexia

Jim Carrey is dyslexic. http://dyslexiahelp.umich.edu/success

Funny pictures about The Most Famous Failures. Oh, and cool pics about The Most Famous Failures. Also, The Most Famous Failures.

Explain to students the signs of Dyslexia- A quick way to do this is to show one or both of these videos

these people share something in common... it is not that they are famous... they are all Dyslexic.

Tom Cruise

Click here for a longer list of famous dyslexics. http://www.

dyslexia - Famous Dyslexics

My Cyber Station: Dyslexia and Your Child. Find this Pin and more on Famous LD/ADHD people ...

Dav Pilkey is the prolific author and illustrator of the popular Captain Underpants series. Dav is both dyslexic and ADHD.

Michael Phelps (ADHD)

Click here for a list of more than 200 famous dyslexics. http:// · Learning DisabilitiesSuccessful PeopleDyslexia ...

Celebrities & Disorders part 2 - Dyslexia,OCD & Asperger's syndrome - YouTube

Famous Quotes About Dyslexia. QuotesGram

famous people with dyslexia

The Power Of Dyslexia about Famous Dyslexics

Famous for his role as The Fonz on the long-running hit series Happy Days, Henry Winkler won acclaim as the author of the best-selling Hank Zipzer series of ...


Orlando Bloom, actor. Dyslexia. “

Famous People With Dyslexia

Steve Jobs, a famous dyslexic. Photograph: James Leynse/Corbis

Orlando Bloom

Henry Winkler (dyslexia and math issues)

Famous people with dyslexia

Keira Knightley (dyslexia)

Was he really dyslexic? He would have made it anyway! So can you!

... Timberlake to Whoopi Goldberg, many celebrities have learning and attention issues. Read about famous people with dyslexia, ADHD and other issues.”

In a candid interview with Harper's Bazaar UK, Salma Hayek opened up about her dyslexia: “I have an accent, am dyslexic, short, and chubby.


67 best Famous Dyslexics images on Pinterest | Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Learning disabilities

Famous Dyslexics: Olympic Athlete Magic Johnson | Easyread System | Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dysgraphia

Despite the difficulties and challenges posed by his acknowledged dyslexia, his gifted interpersonal and business talents drove him to succeed.

Richard Branson, one of the most influential and successful entrepreneur of the World, had dyslexia. Dyslexic people endure a reading disability that makes ...

Successful Famous People Who Overcame Their Struggle With Dyslexia. You are here: Home · Famous People with Dyslexia; Successful Famous People ...

Dyslexia and Academy Award Winning Actress Octavia Spencer · Being Dyslexic

Actress Loretta Young

Famous People With Dyslexia. “

Famous Dyslexics

jennifer aniston

Cammi Granato

Jay Leno reveals how dyslexia helped further his career · Famous People ...

Emma Watson is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list 80 Famous People with

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Albert Einstein showed tell-tale traits that lead experts to believe that he was dyslexic and suffered from ADHD.

Vince Vaughn credits his dyslexia and ADHD with his success.

Famous People with Dyslexia

Agatha Christie is the best-selling author of all time, with about four billion copies sold and translations into at least 103 languages. She is best known ...

Jules Verne pioneered the science fiction genre and inspired steampunk. He is most famous for his novels, including A Journey to the Center of the Earth, ...

Richard Ford is a Pulitzer Prize-winning American author and a dyslexic. He's famous for The Sportswriter and its sequels, as well as his short story ...

Advice for Actors – Especially Dyslexic Ones

Famous People With Dyslexia

The Power Of Dyslexia about Famous Dyslexics


Famous People With Dyslexia. “

Video: Michelle Carter Wins Olympic Gold With Dyslexia and ADHD

Famous People With Dyslexia Power Of Dyslexia,Success Stories Celebrities With Dyslexia ADHD and,DYSLEXIA AND THE WORKPLACE Dyslexia Association,100 ...

Famous People Who Are Dyslexic/Psychic (Episode 8) The Gift of Dyslexia/ Book Review

Kerry Stokes: Australian Dyslexic Businessman. “

Well-known journalist and CNN TV personality, Anderson Cooper has struggled with a mild case of dyslexia from a very early age. Cooper's family placed heavy ...

Famous People with ADHD

"Even Einstein was dyslexic" Sally Gardner discusses famous people with dyslexia

Famous People with AD/HD & Dyslexia


Bruce Jenner has dyslexia and ADHD. He says, "If I wasn't dyslexic, I probably wouldn't have won the Games. If I had been a better reader, then that would ...

Splash News

Growing up, champion swimmer Michael Phelps was continually criticized by teachers for his inability to sit still, and was formally diagnosed with ADHD when ...

Video: Brian Grazer on Growing Up With Dyslexia

Star of The Matrix trilogy, Point Break, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, and most recently John Wick, Keanu Reeves' dyslexia caused him to struggle in ...

Famous People with ADHD


Chasing Gold, Olympic Shot Putter Michelle Carter Opens Up About ADHD and Dyslexia

Celebrity Spotlight: Anderson Cooper No Longer Hides His Dyslexia

Originally from Windham, New York, the man behind the comic strip Dilbert self-diagnosed his dyslexia. He was working as a bank teller and noticed that his ...

Justin Bieber

Famous People With Dyslexia. “

Charles Schwab: Dyslexic Businessman. “

Positively Dyslexic, Howick Auckland | The key to learning : Positively Dyslexic is a provider of the Davis Dyslexia Correction® - A website and company set ...


ADD and Dyslexia

Lorraine Bracco, Star of “The Sopranos,” on How She Used Humor to Cope With Dyslexia

Whoopi Goldberg (dyslexia)

Telemundo Host Boris Izaguirre Shares New Details About His Dyslexia

Dyslexic celebs