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Famous people with the highest known IQs 17 Photos Actors

Famous people with the highest known IQs 17 Photos Actors


Conan O'Brien - 160

steve martin Famous people with the highest known IQs (17 Photos)

Top 10 Celebrities With High IQs

Famous people with the highest known IQs (17 Photos)

Lisa Kudrow - 154

celebs-with-highest-IQ- Jodie Foster – IQ She has a bachelor's degree from Yale.

James Woods - 180-184

11 Celebrities with High And Low IQ Scores | Smartest Celebrities

38 Celebs With The Highest IQ's in Hollywood

Mayim Bialik - 150-163

James Franco - 130

arnold schwarzenegger by gage skidmore Famous people with the highest known IQs (17 Photos)

celebrity IQ

Raven – 143

This sexy seductress actually is alleged to have an IQ of 154. She has been nominated for several prestigious awards and even received many awards.

19. Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Nicole Kidman #Celebs #CelebrityIQ

Kate Beckinsale. Michael Buckner / Getty Images ...

20 Celebrities With Genius IQs

These 26 Celebrities Have The Highest IQ In Hollywood… #17 Is Pretty Much A Genius!

Quentin Tarantino – 160 IQ. A high school dropout, Tarantino worked in an L.A. video store while trying to make it as an actor. As it turned out, ...

10 Famous People With Surprisingly Low IQs

nicole kidman cannes 2013 Famous people with the highest known IQs (17 Photos)

17. John Legend, IQ 135

Celebrity IQs: These Hollywood Stars Are Smarter Than You Think

Ainan Cawley

Arnold Schwarzenegger – 135

I.Q. 154. She's best known as an Academy and Golden Globe award-nominated actress, notably playing the beautiful femme fatale in the movie Basic Instinct, ...

Allison Williams is more than the smart one on

I.Q. 160. He's known for his brawn as the muscle-bound heroes Rambo and Rocky Balboa. But he doesn't get much credit as the writer of his titular first hit ...

Celebrity IQ Scores

These celebrities have surprisingly high IQ's, some are smarter than they look. You'

Ask Marilyn Measuring IQ ...

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Glenne Headley – 140

David Duchovny — IQ: 147

Presenting 7 Bollywood celebs who have got it all! Beauty, talent and the most important of all - brains.

Ten Famous People With Surprisingly High IQs. Movie stars are known ...

These 26 Celebs Have The Highest IQs In Hollywood. #13 Is Practically A Genius!

celebrity IQ

Natalie Portman - 140

Madonna – 140

This American entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the person with the highest IQ back in 1986. To this day there are only two other people with a ...

Sylvester Stallone, 70, has a reported IQ of 160, the same as Albert

geena davis 1989 Famous people with the highest known IQs (17 Photos)

Matt Damon is among our list of the celebs with the highest reported IQ.

World's Most Intelligent People 2010 – Intelligent People – Highest IQ

Despite of being diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) which has paralyzed him completely, his brain had recorded an IQ of 154, which took the ...

Terminator Genisys Fan Footage Event

Smart Celebrities With The Highest IQs In Hollywood

Born in Paris, the eventual Harry Potter star is also a smarty pants, rocking a 138 IQ. But starring in hits wasn't enough for Emma Watson's massive ...

Boy, 11, gets higher IQ test score than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking's estimated marks | The Independent

source: IQ.com

James Woods · Smart PeopleActor ...

Nicole Kidman: IQ 132

Madonna: IQ 140

Stephen Hawking (IQ-160)

Kevin Bacon

Christopher Michael Langan (IQ score between 190 and 210)

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Born in Panama City, Panama in April 26, 1980 (age 36), Jordana Brewster is a Panamanian-Brazilian-American actress and model.


Allison Williams is more than the smart one on

22 Most Intelligent Celebrities

List of people with Down syndrome

Madonna: IQ 140

Albert Einstein has one of the highest IQs ever recorded, sitting between 160 and 190

Lisa Kudrow worked as a medical researcher for eight years before finding fame and has a

Tommy Lee Jones — IQ: 135


... serving in this role in the U.S. government) surpasses her husband in the marital race for the higher IQ, but how much higher does she reportedly score?

IQ Scores Of Famous People: Was Steve Jobs' IQ Really Only 86-99?

Albert Einstein (IQ Level 160-190)

Quick Facts

These are the smartest people in the history of the world according to IQ (and some are still alive today). The include physicists, philosophers, painters, ...

30 Smartest Celebrities in Hollywood_12

Keanu Reeves

Shakira: not necessarily a genius.

celebs with highest iq 5 Famous people with the highest known IQs (17 Photos)

Edward Norton (actor)

james woods and his mom 2077794703 Famous people with the highest known IQs (17 Photos

The Brightest Stars

Audiences keep coming back for more of what The Rock is cooking.

Celebrities and other famous personalities aren't always thought to be the sharpest tools in the shed. People usually think that they only have pretty faces ...

Actor James Woods took to Twitter on Sunday and said the American people know how to

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

Nadia Camukova