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FarrukhSiyar The Later Mughals 17071857 t

FarrukhSiyar The Later Mughals 17071857 t


Emperor Rafi-ud-Darajat

Emperor Rafi-ud-Daula

Alamgir II

Shuja', Murad Bakhsh, Mu'azzam (Shah Alam Bahadur Shah),

Shah Alam Bahadur Shah

Emperor Bahadur Shah I Mounted on an elephant

The Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah (reg. 1719-1748) receiving four courtiers, including Sa'adat Khan of Oudh, the group depicted under a canopy on a palace ...

Muhammad Shah

Alamgir II

Prince Mu'azzam, later Bahadur Shah I

Muhammad Shah

Shah Alam II Holding a Rose


Muhammad Shah seated on a chair

Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah enthroned with Nawab Qamar al-Din 'Itimad al-Dawla and Nawab Nizam al-Mulk Asaf-Jah I [Chin Kilich Khan] in attendance, Deccan, ...

Akbar Shah seated on throne smoking huqqa with an attendent | The Later Mughals (1707-1857) | Pinterest

Shah Alam Bahadur Shah I seated on a throne with a parasol

Alamgir II kidnapped Zinat Mahal

Muhammad Sultan, eldest son of Aurangzeb

Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II on the Peacock Throne 1810 by Khair Ullah Musawi. Delhi, India

Image result for a court scene with the last mughal emperor bahadur shah ii

Mirza Ahmad Shah Bahadur kneeling on the throne under the shamiana

The Aga Khan Museum: Arts of the Book: Illustrated Texts, Miniatures - Mughal, circa 1597 CE

Ahmad Shah. Muhammad ShahIlluminated ManuscriptMiniature

Shah Alam Bahadur Shah on a terrace

Farrukhsiyyar seated on a throne

Bhupal Singh Muhammad Shah celebrating Holi, c1737

Princes and Painters in Mughal Delhi » Decline of Power, Pursuit of Pleasure, Muhammad Shah, 1719-1748

Muhammad Shah in conversation with his Grand Vazir

Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah (r. 1719-48) holding a falcon. Painted after his death in 1764 by Muhammad Rizavi Hindi. prob. Lucknow. India

Muhammad Shah with the Persian invader Nader Shah

Hunting scene with Emperor Ahmad Shah

Akbar Shah II in 1810. Behind him, his son Mirza Jahangir rides on horseback

Muhammad Shah at the jharoka, c.1735-40 by Govardhan II - British Library Prints

The Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah and his family

Shah-Jahan honouring Prince Dara-Shikoh at his wedding (12 February 1633)

Sultan Muhammad, the eldest son of Aurangzeb

Shah Alam II

Prince Roshan Akhtar later Nasir-ud-Din Muhammad Shah

Nidha ...

Muhammad Shah is seated on a golden throne under a canopy on a terrace

Here attributed ...

Akbar Shah II enthroned with four of his sons

Payag, Shah Jahan on Horseback, Folio from the Shah Jahan Album ca. 1630, Metmuseum

Muhammad Shah Rangila, b. Fatehpur Sikri, 1702-1748 by Nainsukh

Bahadur Shah Zafar

Azam Shah, Son of Aurangzeb

Muhammad Shah of India.jpg

Akbar with his grandson Prince Khurram, the future Shah Jahan

The Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah with his Falcon visits the imperial garden at sunset on a palanquin.

1802 best Mughals, the great builders. images on Pinterest | Miniature, Mughal empire and Letters

Prince Muhammad Muazzam afterwards Emperor Shah Alam Bahadur (Bahadur Shah I) 1707-1712)

The Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah enthroned with the Persian Nadir Shah, receiving offerings from female

Niccolao Manucci in Mughal costumes


Shah Jahan & Jahangir

The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan is accompanied by his three sons: Dara Shikoh, Shah

Shah Jahan witnessing the Dervish dance along with princes


A portrait of Jahangir and Nur Jahan, Delhi, late 19th cent. Nur Jahan was the… | Dazzling Mughal Art | Pinterest | Portraits, Indian art and Paintings

Decline of mughal empire in hindi (मुगल सम्राज्य का पतन भाग -1)

Later Mughal-Maratha wars[edit]

mughal miniature painting | Akbarnama depicts the mughal miniature paintings and narration of .

Portrait of a prince, possibly Akbar Shah II

Nidha ...

The imperial Diwan of the Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah

Mughal princesses learning Islamic calligraphy

Imperial Mughal Painting Handpainted Jahangir Indian Moghul Empire Miniature Art - See more at: http

Nasir-ud-Din Muhammad Shah

Emperor Muhammad Shah (reigned Presides Over Celebrations of the Spring Festival of Colors (Holi Utsava), India, Delhi, Mughal empire, circa Gift of Paul F.

Mughal Emperor Farrukhsiyar

“The Great Mughal Farrukh-siyar Bestows a Jewel” India, Mughal;

Akbar with son Jahangir as a child

Shah Alam Bahadur Shah in Old Age

Emperor Muhammad Shah and a minister on a terrace beside a river.

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Unfinished Portrait of a Mughal Emperor, possibly Bahadur Shah

Detail from the battle of Kanua, 1527 CE) (Baburnama (Memoirs of Babur) CE Mughal Miniatur) -Mahesh) (©The British Library Board)

Shah 'Alam II, sits on a jewelled gold throne

Alamgir II

A standing portrait of Muhammad Shah holding a bow and arrow, as well as a huqqa pipe

A portrait of Muhammad Shah, on a chair, India, late 18th century

Emperor Akbar with musician Tansen before Tansen's guru Haridas. Mughal at Delhi, circa late

Ahmed Shah Bahadur

Muhammad Shah celebrating Holi festival with ladies in the palace courtier

Combat between the Afsharid forces of Nader Shah and the Mughal Army.

Abu Al-Fatah Nasir-ud-Din Roshan Akhtar Muhammad Shah

Badshah Begum



Sayyid brothers - the Mughal Emperor Farrukhsiyar

Delhi's last Mughal emperor in “Zafar in Captivity.” Credit British Library

DARA SHIKOH DARA SHIKOH MUGHAL INDIA, CIRCA 1660-70 Tinted drawing heightened with gold


Murad Bakhsh, youngest son of Shah Jahan

Shahriyār, who was the youngest son of the fourth Mughal Emperor Jahāngīr

Mughal ...