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Fibonnaci rainforest Jup t

Fibonnaci rainforest Jup t


Jupiter and Ganymede in exquisite detail

Stunning Jupiter and Io picture: here's the scoop

Here's an individual image Damian took of Jupiter:

So you've probably heard that tonight, Jupiter is as close to Earth as it'll get in many years. While this is true, and pretty cool — and I certainly don't ...


25 best Leonardo Pisano Bigollo...Alias Fibonacci images on Pinterest | Sacred geometry, Fibonacci spiral and Golden ratio

Fibonacci sequence ( cosmic scale)// It's like a space hurricane!

Funny pictures about Fibonacci Hurricane. Oh, and cool pics about Fibonacci Hurricane. Also, Fibonacci Hurricane.

15 plants que nos ensinam sobre a sagrada geometria. 15 Plants That Teach Us Sacred Geometry At Its Finest

I love how it feels like you're floating over Jupiter as it spins beneath you! Of course, the Great Red Spot is visible, as well as many other circular and ...

Juno on its way to Jupiter!

Examining all of the tablets at the British Museum, Ossendrijver figured out that the trapezoid calculations were a tool for calculating Jupiter's ...

Awesome Fibonacci Shot

Ancient Knowledge Pt.2 Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Ratio, Phi in Nature, DNA

Juno on its way to Jupiter!


rainforest+animals+pictures | ... perfect habitat for many of the worlds

FIBONACCI Example: Feather duster worm in La Herradura, Granada (Spain) by Esteban

How cool is that? Engineers saw this viewing opportunity and actually changed the orbit of Mars Express to be able to see it. Phobos passed a mere 11,400 km ...

Venus and Jupiter.


Tennis in the rain

Jungle, Thailand

Thank you, Father, for the comfort and cheer of dappled light.

Ancient Knowledge 2-Fibonacci Sequence,Golden Ratio,Phi in Nature,DNA,

That shot was taken on my little department store digital camera. All I did was mount it on a good tripod and bracket the exposure (that is, take a bunch of ...

Photos of Jupiter Made By The Juno Spacecraft In The Motion Of Sean Doran


A long, deep corridor of jungle, hemmed in by steep cliffs, the dramatic Welchman Hall Gully on Barbados abounds with local flora and fauna.

Jungle Tropical Leaves Background - Vectorsforall

5 Monkeys clinging to a sheer cliff, Ubud, Bali. Photo by Carey

'Casa Maya Luna Temple at @[83948026603:274:Buenaventura - Costa Rica

Very Eager Vegetation Blocking the Path

Tower Peak In View

Laurence surrenders to the stream, Penang, Malaysia, August 2009

Fibonacci Spiral Galaxy Comforters

Fibonacci Spiral Galaxy Coffee Mug

6 Jaguar, Thursday

You're ready to leave work for the day, but before you do, you need to check the traffic report. The concrete jungle doesn't just come populated with ...

The Trail Lost in Translation

Trail Overgrown


Sacred vine of the souls. Photo credit to Temple of the Way of Light.

Jungle Dinosaurs

Gods Fingerprint→ The Fibonacci Sequence - Golden Ratio and The Fractal Nature of Reality

Some Indigenous Trees Still Standing

[see this book cover] ...

Something was Grunting Nearby

Lago Erepecu and Rio Trombetas, Brazil (NASA)

Brazil nuts on the forest floor; the nuts are one of the most valuable sustainable commodities from the rainforest and have potential cancer-fighting

Sunflower - Fibonacci v2

welcome me to this rainforest.


Adventure Beckoning Ahead

... a wonderful flag ceremony held by our very own JROTC. The whole school was in attendance for the raising of our flag. A speech was given by Colonel ...

Fibonacci sequence: A blonde haired woman girl wearing a deep red frock ball gown in

Yes, we certainly feel the light coming through!

Image may contain: 1 person, text

Here's a table I created to compare the planets. The first number column is the planet's equatorial radius in kilometers (the biggest planets aren't perfect ...

Another Victim Down

Ancient Knowledge Pt.2 - Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Ratio, Phi in Nature,

Like on Earth, this happens in both of Jupiter's hemispheres, producing a Jovian equivalent of northern and southern lights.

Flower seed head fibonacci numbers

Tropical Rainforest, Queensland, Australia

For example, if you want to convert between miles and kilometers, you can use the Fibonacci sequence to make a conversion with a stunning degree of ...

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The Fibonacci sequence is named after the Medieval mathematician from Pisa, Italy, Leonardo Bigollo (c. 1170-c. 1250), whose nickname was “Fibonacci” which ...

fibonacci numbers in flower seed head


Sustainable Intelligent Architecture

The tour guide told us that on a clear day, you can see Lake Nicaragua to the north, but definitely not today. From here, we started making our way back to ...

Mount Shasta spring


Jumping ...

A pair of squares for 'Jupiter' showing a Fibonacci size relationship were laid out along a central axis to reference the Mandelbrot set, ...

But no one had ever found a Babylonian astronomical calculation that leveraged their impressive knowledge of pure geometry, until Mathieu Ossendrijver of ...

Do I actually read them? Or are they just for show? Last time I went to Peru I took 2 things with me……that I was not sure I would be able to ...


After everybody made it down, we continued down the canyon. At one point, we were able to jump into a deep pool of water along the river.

Buenaventura - Costa Rica Eco-Adventure Rainforest Retreat

This boy is preparing for a big swing too.

You can even climb up to a tree house in the compound that overlooks the valley!


Jungle - Jungle on Tioman Island, Malaysia

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Image may contain: 2 people, outdoor


Jump sequence of Zdenek Fusek (CZE) performing trick at FMX session on April 28

Located in central Ubud, Firefly Eco Lodge offers a bamboo cottage quietly nestled in the rice paddies. The walls and ceiling of the cottage are made with ...

The orbits of the planets are like ripples. The purpose of this exercise is to see if there is any correlation with the Fibonacci series.

In the 1980s, phi appeared in quasi crystals, a then-newly discovered form of matter.

Fibonacci sequence: A blonde haired woman girl wearing a deep red frock ball gown in