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Forceful bending of arms may tear your labrum cartilage and the

Forceful bending of arms may tear your labrum cartilage and the


Forceful bending of arms may tear your labrum cartilage and the tendons. This injury is called SLAP (superior labrum anterior to posterior) Lesion and cause ...

If you're looking at shoulder labral tear surgery pros and cons you need to make sure you don't have hidden shoulder instability that the surgeon m…

long head of biceps tearing away from the Labrum

A shoulder SLAP tear is an injury to a piece of shoulder cartilage called the labrum

SLAP area and SLAP Lesion - pull-off of the Biceps origin (superior labrum) from the Glenoid.

This is the picture of the bursa and the bones of the shoulder. A sharp

The superior labrum may tear (superior labrum from anterior to posterior tears) at the top of the shoulder (glenohumeral) joint.

Labral Tear: See More Detail

The ...

Image result for shoulder posterior capsule graphic

Labral tears: Very much over-diagnosed and over-treated. When are they a problem and when can they be ignored. Very few people require surgery for a labral ...

Arthritis pain can begin suddenly, but it's more likely to develop slowly. At first, you may notice pain in the morning or after you've been inactive for a ...

Biceps Tendonitis

Shoulder Joint Tendon Tear

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We are a medical office specializing in the treatment of orthopedic problems such as sports injuries, joint and bone pain.

Illustration of a Bankart lesion

Tendons ...

Almost all post-operative labral repair patients are “non-weight bearing” for a minimum of two weeks following the surgery. Patients use crutches during ...

Often an initial forceful movement of the labrum attached to the biceps tendon to be torn away from the bone (glenoid). This may be associated with a ...

This is a picture of a rotator cuff tear.

Damaged cartilage (SLAP tear) at the top of the shoulder joint.

The labrum is a rim of soft tissue that turns the flat surface of the glenoid into a deeper socket. This arrangement improves the fit of the ball that fits ...

Forceful Bending Of Arms May Tear Your Labrum Cartilage And The · Shoulder Labral Tear Or Shoulder Joint Tear|Treatment|Causes|Symptoms

Shoulder dislocation and instability

Shoulder Bursitis

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Our surgeons use the latest minimally invasive techniques where appropriate to ensure fast recovery. Contact us today to schedule a consult.

The shouldeshoulderr is a ball-and-socket joint made up of three bones: the upper part of arm bone (humerus), shou shoulder1

This may be performed either through keyhole surgery ( Arthroscopy ) or open surgery, using sutures and bone anchors .

Identifying a cuff tear that requires referral for repair:

SLAP Tear (torn labrum left shoulder), Is a Full Recovery Without .


Rotator Cuff Tear

Biceps Tendonitis

Torn Rotator Cuffs

Damage can occur to the articular cartilage on its own as an isolated condition, or in conjunction with other knee injuries.

The surgeon rolls the top end of the biceps tendon into a ball. Sutures are used to form and hold the ball. The elbow is bent, taking tension off the biceps ...

sh tendon

Bankart (labral) tear and a loose body ...

What is a hip flexor strain?

Acromioclavicular Joint Arthritis. Arthritis is a degenerative ...

The shoulder joint is a type of ball-and-socket joint and structurally termed as gleno-humeral joint. The socket is a cup-shaped piece of bone and is called ...

What is a meniscal tear? The meniscus is a specialised cartilage that helps cushion the knee (“shock absorbers”) and protects the cartilage lining the joint ...

Biceps Rupture


Normal labrum and biceps tendon (under probe) ...

Bulging Bicep after Ruptured Tendon ...

Figure ...

Damaged cartilage and torn ligament in the front, towards the bottom of the shoulder joint.

In shoulder impingement, the soft tissues between the humeral head and the top of the shoulder blade (acromion ) get pinched or squeezed with certain arm ...

MCL Tear Rendering-Severity

Athletic shoulder - front. “

cartilage and labrum

Biceps Tendonitis

scapholunate ligament tear

PCL Tears

Each type has its particular signs and symptoms, which assist in evaluating the status of the injury. The severity of a hip sprain varies with each patient.

This figure shows different views of the hip joint. The top panel shows the frontal

Often an initial forceful movement of the labrum attached to the biceps tendon to be torn away from the bone (glenoid). This may be associated with a ...

A shoulder sling will protect the involved arm from sudden jarring motions that the patient might consciously or unconsciously attempt to perform.


MRI of a Bankart lesion

Biceps Tendonitis

Articular Cartilage Injury

Shoulder exercises


Shoulder Labral Tear Surgery Pros and Cons: Hidden Shoulder .

Sprain Hip

Relevant Anatomy for a Medial Meniscus Tear

The rotator cuff muscles undergo a tremendous amount of stress under normal circumstances. Add the stress and strain of activities such as tennis or ...

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The surgeon shaves the undersurface of the acromion to remove any bone spurs. A file is used to smooth the edge of the acromion.

Dislocated Shoulder

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Anatomy of the Biceps

Recovering Compensation for Work related muscle injuries

Bicipital Tendon Injury

The Glenoid Labrum is a bumper of cartilage that surrounds the shoulder joint and is pear-shaped. The purpose of the Labrum is to help stabilize the ...

If left untreated, a shoulder impingement can lead to more serious conditions, such as a rotator cuff tear. Physical therapists can help decrease pain, ...

Orthopedic Center of St. Louis

What is it?: The shoulder is a ...

If one or more of the ligaments are torn, this can cause the loose or unstable feeling as well.

Welcome to the Hitachi Medical Systems America, Inc. MRI Anatomy and Positioning Series. Over the coming months, we will be offering teaching modules to ...

Thermoskin Shoulder Brace Thermoskin Shoulder Brace

Shoulder exercises

MRI showing a Bankart lesion

In patients who have a condition that causes joint laxity, or double-jointedness, their joints may be too loose throughout their body.

2 - Labral Tear (Shoulder)

Shoulder Injury Diagnosis Guide - Tricep Anatomy

ACL-Tear The ...

In fact, it's entirely possible to have a herniated disc and not know it. Herniated discs only cause pain when the herniated area pushes on a ...

What's a Torn Hip Labrum? Can Surgery Correct It?

The biceps can also help flex the shoulder, lifting the arm up, a movement called flexion. And the muscle can rotate, or twist, the forearm in a ...

Distal Repair to Biceps Tendon Rupture ...

These joint surfaces are normally covered with smooth cartilage. They allow the shoulder to rotate through a greater range of motion than any other joint in ...

pcl tear

Robust labral repair with sturdy bumper in the front ...