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Frank Diecidue was the longtime underboss of Santo Trafficante Jr

Frank Diecidue was the longtime underboss of Santo Trafficante Jr


Frank Diesidue

Armond Dellacroce

Joe Bedami (1926-1967) was a member of the Trafficante crime family. Bedami was born on May 07, 1926, in Tampa, Florida. Bedami was the son of Rosa…

1970s Photo of John Fiordilino Under DiGregorio-Sciacca he was possibly captain of what would

Santo Trafficante (born November boss of the Florida mafia family.

George "Saturday" Zarate (1898-1955) was a Tampa gambler and narcotic

A rare photo of Tampa, Florida boss, Santo Trafficante Jr.

Charlie Wall

... a well-known Tampa gambler and reputed kingpin of the Bolita rackets in Florida. He was also an associate and part of the Trafficante Bolita network.

Havannah Conference Attendee, Santo "Louie Santos" Trafficante Jr., Tampa Family caporegime

... of the Trafficante crime family. Savarino was born on April 22, 1906, in Houston, Texas. Savarino was involved with such individuals like Frank Diecidue ...

Vincenzo James Fraterrigo aka "Jimmy Caggin" (1894-1967) was a gambler and allegedly a soldier in the Trafficante crime family. Fraterrigo was born on March ...

Peter Genna of the Chicago prohibition era gang known as the "Genna crime family"


Bonanno capo Sonny Black Napolitano meeting with Florida crime boss Santo Trafficante.

Matteo Valvo, Brooklyn-based bonnano captain from - c. and again from approximately to Frank coppa eventually took over this crew , wen coppa flipped this ...

Thomas “Red” Kane, a member of the St. Louis Irish gang Egan's

Dominic "Nick" Furci (1911-1987) was a member of the Trafficante crime family. Furci was born on March 08, 1911 in Italy. Furci was known to be a general ...

Evaristo “Tito” Rubio (1902-1938) was a gambling leader in Tampa and allegedly a partner to Florida infamous mobster Charlie Wall (1880-1955).

Paul Antinori (1907-1963) and Joseph "Joe” Antinori (1909-1953) were both brothers and alleged members of the Tampa crime family. Paul and Joe's father was ...

Phillip Piazza (1903-1977) was a member of the Trafficante crime family. Piazza was born on January 30, 1903, in Alessandria Della Rocca, Sicily,.

Philly Mob boss John Stanfa (1991-95). Stanfa is currently serving five

Alexander Dalessio aka Alex Dee aka The Pope, 1914-2015. Legendary bookie from

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James "Jimmy" Velasco (1912-1948) was a major player in the Bolita rackets and a political fixer for the crime syndicate in Florida. "Jimmy" was b…

Several days later, the prosecutor acknowledged at a hearing the nonexistence of any evidence whatsoever to prove that Santo Trafficante had done anything ...

Angelo Longo(1967) Capo de la famille de Cammarata(Agrigento)2008-

Santo Trafficante

Chicago outfit

Philadelphia mafia boss turned rat Ralph Natale gets movie deal | About The Mafia

Salvatore "Sam" "Toto" Trafficante was a Tampa, Florida mobster and member of the Trafficante crime family.

Edward Garafola : Gambino Crime Family mobster !

Santo Trafficante Photo 8x10 Mobster Boss Mafia Florida Cuba | eBay

Antonio Italiano (1900-1953) was a early member of the Trafficante crime family. Antonio was the son of iganzios Italiano who was also a mob member.


Lucchese mobster Salvatore Speciale aka Sally The Beak (NYC 1916-1966). Lived

Frank "Blackie" Mazza (1913-1981) was a member in the Colorado

The Cracker Mob

Frank Diecidue was the longtime underboss of Santo Trafficante Jr. in the Tampa crime family. While his boss Santo Trafficante Jr. crisscrossed Am… | ...

Arthur Michelizzi Perla (1907-1998) aka "Vincenzo Michelizzi" was a soldier in the Trafficante crime family. Perla was born on June 04, 1907, in Calabria, ...

Anthony “Big Tony” Esperti (1930-2002) was a member of the Trafficante crime family. Esperti was a former heavyweight boxer who was best remembered as one ...

Carlos Marcello | New Orleans & Louisiana | Pinterest | Gangsters, Mobsters and Mafia

Charlie Wall

Francesco "Frank" Leto (1903-1958) was an early member of the

Santo Trafficante, Jr. (November 15, 1914 – March 17, 1987)

Mobsters - Santo Trafficante

Genovese soldier Giuseppe Vecchio aka Joe Vecchio (NYC 1917-1996). Lived in


chink-sherman-big.jpg 800×600 pixels | Charles 'The Chink' Sherman | Pinterest | Gangsters and Mafia gangster

Charles Tourine Junior, son of imfamous Genovese mobster Charlie "The Blade" Tourine.

Angelo Lazzara (1892-1931) was an early member of the Trafficante crime family. Lazzara was known in Ybor City as a collector of graft and a worker of ...

Santo Trafficante Sr. gained power as a mobster in Tampa and ruled the Mafia in

Salvatore "Sam" / "Toto" Ferrara (1909-1960) was a member of the Trafficante crime family. Ferrara was known to be a repairman for coin-operated machinery ...

Anthony J. Dilorenzo (1904-1968) was an early member of the Trafficante crime family. Anthony was known as a "go-between" in the underworld and the Law".


... including Neil Dellacroce, Joe Colombo, Joe N. Gallo, Tommy Eboli, Michael Miranda, Santo Trafficante) while lunching at N.Y. restaurant ...


Cosa Nostra: como surguio, como actua, como se organiza, etc

Charles McKay "Charlie" Wall (born March 10, 1880 in Tampa, Florida

Ralph (Raphael) Evaristo Rubio, Jr., was born in Tampa, Florida

Albert Anastasia | Unknown photographer

I've finally found a pic of Bonanno member Joseph Sammartino. He was sponsored

Former Bonanno crime family captain turned rat Nicholas “P.J.” Pisciotti got a Christmas present when he sentenced to no jail time for his mob crimes in ...

Genovese soldier Salvatore Zappola aka Solly (NYC 1907-1957). This man was

Sammy black Santoro, this guy played a huge roll in what is today the number 1 crew in the country, he was a rabbi to the top guy ,and most people never ...

Angelo Bedami (1893-1980) was a member of the Trafficante crime family. Bedami was born on Dec 28, 1893, in Allesandria Della Rocca Agrigento Sicil…

Francesco Caruso (Gambino family) Birth: 1891 - Sicily Death: 1968 - New York Francesco 'cheech' Caruso was a gunman and enforcer for Salvatore D'Aquila in ...

Attorney Frank Ragano and Cosa Nostra leader Santo Trafficante leaving Criminal Court after appearing before grand

Frank Peter Albano is the current reputed underboss of the Trafficante crime family. Born in

Victor Maddi (1905-1994) was a member of the Houston crime family. Maddi was considered an enforcer for the mafia in the Houston-Galveston area.

Attilio Bitondo (born June 20, 1928), also known as "Tillio", was a New York City labor leader and an associate in the Genovese crime family in the crew of ...

Frank Brancato known as "Little Frank", Brancato was the underboss of the Cleveland

Edward "Punchy" McLaughlin was an Irish-American mobster and member of the Charlestown

Louis "Fat Lou" LaRasso (1926–1991) was a New Jersey mobster and the longtime official underboss of the DeCavalcante crime family.

Salvatore "Sam" Carollo aka "Big Sam" is a Sicilian-American mobster & member of the Trafficante crime family. He became a soldier in the Tampa crime family ...

Joseph Scaglione (1899-2002) was a member of the Trafficante crime family. For many years Scaglione was involved in large-scale bookmaking and lottery ...

Nicholas Stirone (1902-1984) was a associate of the Pittsburgh crime family.

Santo trafficante Tampa bay mob

Paul “Brass” or “Paulie” Gulino (Born??– Murdered July 25, 1993) was a former mob associate for the Bonanno and Gambino Crime families.

Sambo Cesario here in a family photo. Cesario was killed in front of his wife

John "Johnny Futto" Biello (died March 17, 1967) was a Miami

Giuseppe "Gano" Guastella (1871-1960) was an early member of the Trafficante crime family. According to FBI files, it states that "Gano" was a member of the ...

chink-sherman-big.jpg 800×600 pixels

Carmine (Junior) Persico

Santo Trafficante Jr (center), the head of the Tampa Mob Scene until his death, implicated by his lawyer, Frank Ragano, along with Jimmy Hoffa and Carlo ...

Santo "Louie Santos" Trafficante - Yahoo Image Search Results

George "George King" Angersola (1902-1975) was an influential member of the Cleveland crime family. Angersola became a close associate of powerful Cleveland ...


Santo Trafficante Jr with his lawyer Frank Raggano

Edward (Cousin Eddy) Garafola | This "Thing of Ours" | Pinterest | Mafia gangster

Augustine "Primo" Lazzara (1906-1968) was a prominent member of the

Joseph "Downriver King" Tocco (1890-1938) was a member of the Detroit Partnership. Joe Tocco was the cousin of Detroit mob boss William "Black Bill…

Joseph "Jo-Jo" Cacciatore (1900-1967) was a member of the Tampa crime family or known better as the Trafficante crime family from 1930 to 1960's.

John Pasquale "Peanuts" Tronolone was a Cleveland mobster who succeeded crime boss James T

Evaristo "Tito" Rubio (February 5, 1902 - March 8, 1938): was the Spanish speaking partner of mobster Charlie Wall and a major player in illegal gambling in ...

Charles “Mad Dog” Gargotta (1900 – April 5, 1950) was a Kansas City, Missouri gangster who became a top enforcer for the Kansas City crime family.

Meyer Shapiro


Ernest Biondillo (1942-1996) was a member of the Pittsburgh crime family. Biondillo was known to frequent in and around Youngstown, Ohio.