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From top left Tyson Max Kai Ray Oliver Enrique Their young

From top left Tyson Max Kai Ray Oliver Enrique Their young


From top left : Tyson, Max, Kai, Ray, Oliver, Enrique Their young version;-) | Beyblade <3 | Pinterest | Anime and Manga

Beyblade::::: Kai, Ray, Daichi, Tyson, Max,

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from Kai Blader · Beyblade

A young boy named Tyson enters the Japan Regional Beyblade Qualifying Tournament, where he encounters Ray Kon and Kai Hiwatari.

Kai, Max and Ray

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(1) Tumblr Kai Dranzer

He first met Tyson when Carlos, a member of the Blade Sharks, lost to a battle against Tyson. Right away, Tyson and Kai ...

Kai Hiwatari - Beyblade: V-Force I have a huge crush on this guy.

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I miss the old version of Beyblade. There was Rei, Tyson, Max, Kenny, and Kai. This show was my entire childhood and I Kai and Dranzer

Spinning Top Beyblade Metal Fight Master Rapidity Fight Rare Beyblade Sets 4D 4 Gyro Box 1

This is for for her unconditional kindness to me, DJ and the Beyfamily *_* a Ray for Ray XD She was about to top up DJ's sub unconditionally, but I insi.


Ray & Mariah

Max (Beyblade)

Before Beasts, There Was Fire--Book 2 - Cheap Birthday Tournament - Page 3 - Wattpad

Beyblade - Season 1 : Watch online now with Amazon Instant Video: Camilla Scott, Ben Campbell, Michael Cera, Taija Isen, Corinne Conley, Lesley Carlson, ...

Beyblade - Kai vs Max, Ray & Tyson Monster

Beyblade G-Revolution - Tyson vs Kai

From top left : Tyson, Max, Kai, Ray, Oliver, Enrique Their young version;-). Beyblade Rock Wolf Electronic Top

爆転ベイログ [4]

For you, what's the most difficult part of Kai to draw?

(3) Tumblr Tyson, Kai, Rei, Max

Beyblade. From Wikipedia ...

#tyson #anime #boy #beyblade #art #usagi Tyson by UsagiChanchan.

Beyblade - Tyson Vs Oliver

DRAGOON vs DRANZER | TYSON vs KAI - Beyblade Burst Evolution Battle ベイブレードバースト

Tyson & Daichi vs Ray & Lee

Kai beyblade | Tumblr

HADES KERBECS vs BLADEBREAKERS | Beyblade Team Battle - Burst vs Metal

tyson and hilary love collage

legs wrapped around ray got his arm around kenny's shoulder a kai and ray sandwich kai

I re-discovered my infinite LOVE for Beyblade G. Revolution, expecially for Kai =//ç//= -DroolingTime- Well! Chibi Bladebreakers_ And Food

(3) Tumblr Tala

2000; V-Force; G-Revolution

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Beyblade G-Revolution - Tyson vs Max

A comission with I hope that you like it^^ This is a of my favs comissions, totally Beyblade xDDD I love Maxi n Takao, they are really cute, adora.


Beyblade G-Revolution - Tyson vs Brooklyn

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From top left : Tyson, Max, Kai, Ray, Oliver, Enrique Their young version;-) | Beyblade | Pinterest



Jin of the Gale, as he calls himself, first met Tyson right after Tyson and Daichi battled. They were about to battle again, but Jin showed up.


He started out as an amateur, but throughout blading, developed his skills with the help of his teammates and ...

Tyson / takao kinomiya


Beyblade G-Revolution - Tyson & Daichi vs F-Dynasty Round 2

After using hurricane force winds to get Tyson's attention, this young blader has proved himself by defeating numerus opponents and earning ...


From top left : Tyson, Max, Kai, Ray, Oliver, Enrique Their young version;-) | Beyblade | Pinterest

Beyblade V-Force - Tyson vs Kane Round 2

TV SHOW - 2001 Beyblade: G Revolution ANIME COMPLETE SERIES, FULL EPISODES - YouTube

Before Beasts, There Was Fire--Book 2

2000; V-Force; G-Revolution


Beyblade G-Revolution - Tyson vs Miguel

2000; V-Force; G-Revolution

Girl power!

Kai can convey his emotions with only a look. And with his strong, physical presence, everyone respects him...or else! Although Kai is a top-level ...

beyblade hilary and tyson - Google Search

Spencer was trained from a young age by the Biovolt Corporation to be a better Beyblader. He is large in stature, but is the strong silent type, ...

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Beyblade V-Force - Tyson vs Zeo Round 2

Mariah & Ray

Tyson vs Ray

Bright, cheerful, and always ready to take on a new Beyblade challenge, Max is the best friend any kid could have. He is a true strategist and when it comes ...

Beyblade V-Force - Tyson vs Ozuma Round 4

Tala has been trained from a young age to be a Beyblader, even so far as being genetically enhanced to ensure victory. After discovering that Boris is the ...

BeyBlade 38323: Beyblade Extreme Top System Ir Spin Control - Gravity Destroyer -> BUY

Ray is a former member of the White Tigers. He left White Tiger Hills because he wanted to battle other bladers and see what's out there.

From top left : Tyson, Max, Kai, Ray, Oliver, Enrique Their young version;-) | Beyblade | Pinterest

Jumping base in water

Just like Tala and Spencer, Bryan was trained from a young age. But because of his experiences, he tends to be extremely wary of trusting anyone other than ...


List of Beyblade: Metal Masters episodes

DVD Anime Beyblade V-Force Complete TV Series 1~51 End Season 2 HK

Ray may be quiet, but beneath his low-key demeanor he is incredibly confident. Ray always looks before he leaps, especially when it comes to Beyblade ...

Being the "older" sister, Julia is usually the one bossing her brother around and giving the orders. Being trained by Romero from a very young age, ...

Rick was raised in a pretty rough neighborhood where everyone tried their best to make a decent life for themselves. Rick chose the way of the Beyblade, ...

List of Beyblade: Metal Fusion episodes

3 of 7 DVD Anime Beyblade + V-Force + G-Revolution Complete Season 1 ~ 3

Beyblade BB10 Stadium plus beyblade plastic generation battles (BB-10 BEYSTADIUM ARENA) - YouTube

Beyblade Resource | Learn About, Share and Discuss Beyblade At Popflock.com



Mathilda fears Coach Barthez more than any other of her team members. She felt that there was something wrong with him but she kept following his orders out ...