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Fulani girl Niger by imborg HUMAN CHILDREN t

Fulani girl Niger by imborg HUMAN CHILDREN t


Explore World Watch, African Children, and more! Fulani girl Niger by imb.org

Young Girl of Nigeria

Africa | Young Fulani Woman. Earrings, Coin Necklace, Headscarf. Note the tribal

Bororo Fulani woman and child in Niger. Photo by Jan Fischer Rasmussen

Africa | Portrait of a Wodaabe kid, Niger.

Traditional sidelock on a Fulani girl, Niger. Her beaded hair pendants on her temples remind of the Upper Egyptian Theban diadems that had sides longer than ...

Africa | Hausa Fulani woman from eastern Niger. She came dressed like this to a

Africa | Fulani woman and child. Her hair is decorated with coins and glass beads

Africa | Fulani woman in Niger | ©imb.org

Niger, In-Gall, Wodaabe, Gerewol & Cure Salee. Roles are reversed fr th men, who done make-up & elaborate costumes in th Gerewol beauty pageant

From Nigeria. a Hausa Queen Mother.

Africa | A Wodaabe man, partaking in the Yaake dance. Niger. | ©

Fulani woman at the market in Serti, Gashaka, Taraba, Nigeria - © Rosemary Lodge

Fulani Girl in Nigeria carrying firewood

Africa | Wodaabe woman. Tahoua, Niger | Scanned postcard

Africa | Wodabé Fulani girl, Niger | © Johan Gerrits.

Two girls in southwestern Niger dress up in their finest clothing and jewelry to attend the weekly market in Torodi

Dressed in her brightest, finest clothing, made-up, and wearing the hallmark silver coin jewelry of the Fulani of Niger, old Dicko re.

Yoruba Woman - Nigeria

Tuareg of the Sahara

Fatimah a young girl in Niger with the first letter of a

Stock Photo - Zalika Amadou, daughter of the former chief of Bele Kwara, sports the traditional facial scarification of the Fulani of Niger

Africa | Young Fulani woman. Niger | Scanned postcard image.

14 Fulani Braids Styles to Try Out Soon

Tuareg man in Niger, Africa.

Africa | Fulani woman. Niger | Scanned postcard

Portrait of a young girl Niger, African.

Omani Girls with Big Smiles

"Jeune Danseuse", Wodaabe, Bororo Fulani in Niger

Niger. Sahel. Wodaabe (Bororo/Fulani) nomad woman pounding millet.

Girl in Oaxaca by Joe Routon on 500px

Girl in traditional head dress | Algeria

Africa | Young Wodaabe woman. Niger | ©Steve Evans.

Fulani/Fula/Fulbe/Peulh/Pulaar/Wodabe etc. - Anthrocivitas

Akadaney, Niger, Africa - Fulani Wodaabe Women at Geerewol, watching Male Dancers in

Epe market, Nigeria

Young Wodaabe Man, Niger Niger's Wodaabe men decorate their faces and dance for hours to impress female judges. Photography by Steve McCurry

Little Girl in Peru

Niger. Sahel. Wodaabe (Bororo/Fulani) nomad girl attending a Yakey,

Wodaabe Man, Niger "Inyi casts a seductive glance at the young nomad girls attending the Geerewol festival [where Wodaabe men compete in tests of dance and ...

Wodaabe woman dressed and decorated to watch a gerewol (male beauty contest) - Niger

Zainab Ribadu | Abuja FCT Nigeria | #JujuFilms #ZainabRibadu #Nigeria #Abuja #

Children Photographed in Madagascar.

she lives in a small hut in the bush in North Mali.for me she is a princess.which class in the gesture!

Edo woman, Nigeria

Wodaabe Girl of Niger.

Girl praying at a Shia mosque, Kabul, Afghanistan, final book_iconic -Colors of Afghanistan - Steve McCurry

Tuareg girl in Niger

Young village girl, Orissa, India

Wodaabe (Bororo Fulani) woman. Tahoua, Niger

Today's photograph: This young girl is a member of the Kara tribe in the Omo Valley, Ethiopia.

Isn't it amazing how many shades human skin comes in? Beautiful character in this face!

Fulani girl in Misaje, Northwest Cameroon by ToSStudio, via Flickr

Wodaabe Bride, Niger

jeremysnell: “ Moments that make my heart stop… (at Torombi, Niger) ”

Africa | Bella Woman. Bankilare, southwestern Niger | © Charles O. Cecil


Africa | Fulani girl in Niger | ©Samuel

sweet Guatemalan girl

Africa: Berber from the Agadez (Niger) Series

The True Negro The San, Ethiopia, Niger

#Child of the world#NIGERIA

Photo Young Mexican Girl by Joe Routon on

Thailand | A little Lahu girl from a small village. Mae Ai, Chiang Mai © Gianluca Di Santo.

Visit the post for more.

Record Dendi girl with facial paint and scarifications, near Gaya village, Niger, [slide]

Africa | Wodaabe woman. Niger || Scanned postcard; photo Maurice Ascani

Africa | Portrait of a Wodaabe woman. Niger, 2005 | ©www.booh

Africa | Young Fulani woman from Say. Niger || Scanned postcard.

Pretty little girl stares into the camera.. what is it about her hair? Does it look almost gray or is that from dust? Yemen......by Csilla Zelko

Africa | Wodaabe (Bororo/Fulani) woman watching the Yaake dance during the Gerewol

The placement of the boy in this image makes you look straight at his face, to his teeth then to his bandanna and around the image.

Gorgeous smile from Sudan.


Find this Pin and more on zonder woorden.. by Linda De Jonge.

Tibetan boy

The Wodaabe also known as Bororo are nomadic cattle-herders and traders that forms a subset of the larger Fulani (Fulbe) ethnolinguistic gro.

Babies from Around the World | Flickr

Africa | Fulani girl from Tamou. Niger | Scanned postcard; photo Maurice Ascani.

Precious Child...:


A little Russian girl in a traditional costume and in a headdress "Kokoshnik".

by Irina Zavyalova, via 500px. Nepal, Bhaktapur

Africa | Dogon baby spends many hours a day in contact with his mother's back.

Bulgarian Baby in Traditional Costume

People of Niger, North Africa

Africa | Hamer girl. Omo Valley, Ethiopia | ©Corrin Phillips

The Wodaabe (Fula: Woɗaaɓe) or Bororo are a small subgroup of the Fulani