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Funeral Feast Butchered Turtles in Ancient Grave Hint at Ritual

Funeral Feast Butchered Turtles in Ancient Grave Hint at Ritual


New Study Analyzes a Mesolithic Cemetery Full of Children and an Odd Standing Burial

Gigantic Aztec Temple Unearthed in Mexico City

Funeral Feast? Butchered Turtles in Ancient Grave Hint at Ritual | Turtle

Funeral Feast? Butchered Turtles in Ancient Grave Hint at Ritual

The Turtle-Centric Burial Practices of Ancient Turkey

Funeral Feast? Butchered Turtles in Ancient Grave Hint at Ritual | Turtle

The Euphrates soft-shelled turtle (Rafetus euphraticus) is still alive, but endangered

The top and bottom of a turtle shell (known as the carapace and plastron)

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FIRAT KAPLUMBAĞASI , Euphrates Soft-shelled Turtle , Rafetus euphraticus

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Euphrates softshell turtle

Image: Flipper is one of the six green turtles at the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre.

Leatherback sea turtle

Reqê sêlane (Rafetus euphraticus)


“I Am Now Me Essays: Ancient & Modern” is hereby © by: Jonathan Barlow Gee this: August 3rd, 2014. a publication of: www.benpadiah.com

John William Waterhouse ...

Close-up of the jaguar face of the black ceramic bottle discovered at the double

This is a short excerpt from my lecture “Things That Go Bump: A Visual Survey of Witches, Demons, ...

Hawksbill Sea Turtle

Where are you maturing ...

Image: Ranger John Schwarzrock approaches the sea turtle found washed ashore at Point Vernon. Picture: Nat Bromhead

Euphrates Softshell Turtle Rafetus euphraticus Birecik Turkey Luuk Punt 130505

Russia and the USSR in the Bulgarian National Ritual Year 99 instance, Glory to 9

Power Figure (Nkisi Nkondi), Vili, Republic of the Congo ...

The remains uncovered at an altar to Zeus on Mount Lykaion may confirm legends about human sacrifice at the shrine


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Olive Ridley Sea Turtle

Loggerhead sea turtle

... underwater photographer 2016, underwater photography contest ...

... Teleportation A sea butterfly ( L. helicina ) from

Green Sea Turtle scoping out the neighborhood.

funeral climb 1

Evil-thwarting 'rattles' found in prehistoric infant's grave

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One second later he was nibbling on the camera tether.

Figure 4. Two duho back panels, showing the elaborate nature of Lucayan designs (

Carved reliefs on stone tomb doors showing men dressed in Hanfu, with one holding a shield, the other a broom, Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 CE), ...

A laborer, unearthed from a tomb of Xinjin County, Sichuan

This burial rite, with the funerary tumulus, is typical of both Scandinavian and Eurasian nomadic customs.

It's amusing that current obsessions with fancy watches and cars, body sculpting and plastic surgery are denounced as a shallow fetish, when the same ...

Image: The turtle was the third to be rescued off Phuket since October 1. Credit: Warisa Temram


... HoloLens Scientist Teleportation ...

Photographs of Euphrates soft-shelled turtle remains bearing cut and 'hack' marks: a) left coracoid; b) cervical vertebra; c) pectoral plaque and rib; ...

Shackled skeletons could be ancient Greek rebels

Figure 8.3 Fourth-century AD Maya king buried with the Spondylus ear flares of Chahk, visible at far right. Burial 23, Yaxuna.

Wall relief depicting a winged and eagle-headed Apkallu (Sage). This protective

New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology Introduction by Robert Graves CRESCENT BOOKS NEW YORK New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology Translated by Richard ...

Persians and Medians in a court ceremony

Fortune-Telling, Magic and Ghosts in Ancient China

The release of volcanic gases in an ancient lake caught turtle couples in the act - that act. Over the past 30 years, 9 male-female pairs of turtles have ...

Figure 12.5 Top left: wrestling (juedi?) scene (Dahuting tomb. no. 2, Mixian county, Henan; late Eastern Han, ca. AD 160–90; Xiao Kengda 2010, 246).



From the Account of Walterus Seemes, as extracted by Melisenn Kororo, 26 Kuthona, 4707

Logically, those bodies were also the way to experiment with displays of emotion (Houston 2001). Was there a hint of pity in these images or was it simply ...

Painted Turtle by Gretchen Del Rio c 2010, rights reserved

Ancient Egypt Museum of Fine Arts Boston

General view, Erong Lombok ancient burial cave, Parinding

They roam the grounds freely during the sunny daytime feasting on the lodge lawns and sleep in their cozy ...

Some of Linda's turtle collection.

The Legends and Myths of Hawaii: The Fables and Folk-Lore of a Strange People

Baptism – Mayans and other Mesoamericans applied a washing ritual with water that early explorers like Diego Landa recognized as a “baptism.

Read about Linda's connection to turtles in the October 31, 2012 message, Summer's End.

Agni was present everywhere, but he was hidden. He was in the sun, the thunder, the stormy rain, and the lightning that brought fire to the earth.

Image: A green sea turtle on the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia. Photograph: Tim Laman/NG/Getty Images

At the sites of residences of feudal lords, the bones of dogs probably used for food have been found as well as the bones of dogs that have been buried with ...

stone boiling 3542

God As A Serpent – Christ is called a “brazen serpent” in the Book of Mormon and he descends from the sky. Mesoamericans also believe the “feathered ...

Magic and Ritual in the Ancient World Religions in the Graeco Roman World | Magic (Paranormal) | Talmud

Green Turtle.

That investigative journalist approach is something like crime detection. Police detectives must have many suspicions about individual persons, ...

Funeral dance, Etruscan fresco from a tomb cover, 5th century bce; in the Museo di Capodimonte.

... as the men (who traditionally prepare the meats and tend to the fires) prepared a combination of bush food, including deer, wild pig, dugong and turtle.

Big-eared statues reveal ancient Egyptian power couple

Hog butchering exemplifies this, and in fact may be the finest example I know of a ritual that is common over much of the world but whose timing, elements, ...

Green Turtle - Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

#1728 ATB Presents 'The King' by The Headstone Series. “

Demeter - Demeter drives her horse-drawn chariot containing her daughter Persephone-Kore at

Coloured lithograph after Carlo Bossoli (London, 1856) of the so-called " Tomb of Mithridates", kurgan near Kerch

Chariot burial

*The grave ...

Cockfight. The spilling of blood on the earth is considered sacred and an important part

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Lion and Dragon In Northern China, by Reginald Fleming Johnston.

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