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GXR Ricoh Co Japan 2011 Bronze Enjoy The World Of

GXR Ricoh Co Japan 2011 Bronze Enjoy The World Of


GXR Digital Camera

Ricoh GXR P10 sensor and lens combo gets reviewed

GX200 (Digital Camera, made by RICOH)


Ricoh GXR - World's smallest interchangeable lens compact camera

Ricoh GXR

Yodobashi Camera film department, Shinjuku Ricoh GXR with Leica.

Test: Ricoh GXR With A12 and S10 Camera Units | Popular Photography

A Picture of B Canon 5D mark II taken by Ricoh GXR. | Ricoh GXR | Pinterest

Ricoh GXR A12 50mm f/2.5

Taking the GXR body in my left hand I slid the A12 module leftwards across the camera body to attach it. The VF-2 viewfinder (AUD299) simply slid into the ...

I've written several posts in the last couple of years about my Ricoh GXR

A Picture of B Canon 5D mark II taken by Ricoh GXR.

Panasonic LX15 vs Sony RX100 V vs Canon G7X II - What Digital Camera

FUJIFILM X100. Sweet little camera. Love this thing. http://jcopho.to/bhx100 | Photo Gear I Love | Pinterest | Fujifilm, Cameras and Fuji x100

New Sony a9 Full-Frame 4K Mirrorless Monster Announced!

A Picture of B Canon 5D mark II taken by Ricoh GXR. | Ricoh GXR | Pinterest

Nikon D90 18-55mm VR by hicamera,

The Ricoh GXR, a 4/3 format digital camera that people love or hate


70+ Awesome Vintage Camera for Photography, Check This Now!

Ricoh M-mount GXR

Digital Cameras, Digital Camera

A Picture of B Canon 5D mark II taken by Ricoh GXR. | Ricoh GXR | Pinterest

Wacky Ricoh GXR with Leica 50mm DR Summicron lens

NEX-5 G1 GXR size comp. Get fantastic deals on camera gear for gifts


A Picture of B Canon 5D mark II taken by Ricoh GXR. | Ricoh GXR | Pinterest

RICOH GXR ユニット交換式だから実現できる、小型・高性能なレンズ設計

Ricoh GXR with Ulysses body suit

PENTAX-KP-889b4583164b8afb.jpeg (2000×1183)

Ricoh GXR interchangeable unit camera: point and shoot for a pro?

The target selection mode can be used to set focus and exposure for off-centre subjects without moving the camera — ideal for tripod work.

What users also got, unfortunately, was a sluggish user experience with disappointing AF performance that seemed almost a bad joke coming from a company ...

Although far from the once-rumored "pro mirrorless" (which might actually be a contradiction in terms, I don't know), the new Panasonic GX1 just out today ...


Asahiflex - Image: Top 600

Asahiflex - Image: Asahiflex I Ib Model I 2

Ricoh GXR

Asahiflex — the first Single-lens reflex camera made in Japan

35mm format - A 35 mm format "full frame" digital image sensor (left

Tessar - Minox MDC Minoxar 35mm/2.8 lens, a wide angle Tessar type lens

Ricoh XR-P

Something Old... Something New

Sony Alpha 77 II - Image: Sony A77 II rear

And here's another little cool tidbit from Crivello's. They didn't have an RX1, but they did have a glossy, multi-page Sony brochure for it.

Just like in the '70s in the U.S. auto market when imports were growing like crazy. All sorts of people were just waiting for things to get serious.

Nikon 1-2 bodies + lens

Ricoh GR digital cameras

Hunka hunka burnin' hunk: Chunky D3x is for when IQ comes first

Tessar - Carl Zeiss Tessar 50/2.8 lens on Zeiss Ikon Contessa camera.

Sony Alpha 700 - Image: 2016 Sony DSLR A700

Ring flash - Samigon ring flash unit attached to lens of single-lens reflex camera

Today we're going to have a look at the Nikon D1, which was launched to great fanfare in June 1999 and went on to revolutionise the professional digital ...

Asahiflex - Image: Asahiflex I Ib Model I

Rectaflex, the first pentaprism SLR for eye-level viewing

Twin-lens reflex camera - The front of a Kinaflex twin-lens reflex camera

Disclaimer: I've deliberately avoided reading any of the other "end-of-year, roll-on-next-year" articles that tend to appear around this time.

Twin-lens reflex camera - 1957 Kodak Duaflex IV, an inexpensive fixed-focus


Tessar - Tessar 40/3.5 lens made by Rollei.

Sony Alpha 700 - Image: Sony Alpha 700 img 1254

Zeiss Ikon Pentax prototype with a Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar lens

The EOS M5's Dual Pixel tech allows it to work far better with adapted EF and EF-S lenses than its predecessors. Processed and cropped to taste in Adobe ...

Tamron - Tamron Adaptall-2 80–210 mm on an Olympus body

I am an employee of FUJIFILM North America Corporation.

Schneider-Krueznach 43XL

Here's the problem illustrated – photo courtesy of Imaging Resource. Ricoh GXR

I am an employee of FUJIFILM North America Corporation.

The sensor is the same 16mp affair that graces the Pentax K-5, so the body/lens combo should deliver in spades. As always with Pentax, body-based image ...

Fuji X-10

The 1 system lenses are hardly smaller than the M43 lenses, and the body is bigger than the Olympus PENs, so where's the advantage of choosing a smaller ...

The arrival of digital photography[edit]

Tamron - Tamron Telezoom 85-210 mm F4.5 MACRO BBAR MC, ca

Ricoh Arena. From Wikipedia ...

And since the evolving theme of this post seems to be love, I have another lurid confession to make along those lines: I love Carl Zeiss lenses. I truly do.

Tessar - 2 historical lenses Carl Zeiss, Jena, Nr. 145077 and Nr.


canon new ad campaign

August 4th, 2011

http://theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/2011 /06/qsystem.html

The 2012 Olympic Football competition at the Ricoh Arena

Ricoh Arena

Canon PowerShot - A black Canon PowerShot SX610 HS.

Top speed — ISO 3200 (f5.0 1/620 second) and showing evidence of noise but, with the right shot, still a useable setting in terms of sharpness and image ...

Canon PowerShot - Image: Canon Power Shot 600 CP+ 2011


We love them, but sometimes it seems like all we talk about around here are little cameras. We weigh and juggle and argue about ounces, pixels, centimeters, ...

Sony Alpha 77 II - Image: Sony A77 II top

Sony Alpha 77 II - Sony α77 II with DT 16-50mm F2.8

Mit der europaweit angelegten Test-Aktion sucht Pentax Ricoh Imaging eine neue Form im Kundendialog. Interessierte Fotofreunde können sich bei teilnehmenden ...