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Galaxy Zoo Science t Zoos

Galaxy Zoo Science t Zoos


Gems of the Galaxy Zoos – coming soon to a space telescope near your planet! | Galaxy Zoo

Three galaxies share 7th place; 2 spirals and an irregular ...

Continuing the countdown to Galaxy Zoo's 8th birthday, below are 8 of the most-commented-on galaxies in the active Galaxy Zoo.


Figure 2: An example S-DRAGN that is radio galaxy 0313-192 where VLA observations have been overlayed in red over an HST ACS image.

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The Zooniverse is the world's largest and most popular platform for people-powered research.

Citizen Science

Some example 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5+ armed spiral galaxies classified in Galaxy Zoo.

Figure 1: Above you can see different examples of galaxies and the different shapes they come in.

... Letters in the Galaxy Zoo which spell out: "I can see my house from

Faint tidal debris extension is visible to the left of the main galaxy

He developed websites similar to Galaxy Zoo's classification ones, as a better way of sorting mergers from non-mergers, in summer 2008.

Galaxy Zoo and Zooniverse review article posted today on ArXiv

Whirlpool Galaxy M51 & Companion (Deep Field)

The winner was the stunning blue spiral, merging with a yellow galaxy so torn apart by gravitational forces that it would be hard to classify!

Well, there's a huge amount to notice, but here's a question automated telescopes aren't good at answering: what shape is it?

Galaxy Zoo and Radio Galaxy Zoo participants have an unusual opportunity to help shape a list of galaxies to be observed by the Hubble Space Telescope, ...

Galaxy mergers, such as the Mice Galaxies will be part of Galaxy Zoo's newest project


24 Pictures that MIGHT blow your mind.

Hanny's Voorwerp

Figure 1: Example of a Green DRAGN that is also a Hybrid Morphology Radio Source (HyMoRS) found by Radio Galaxy Zoo (Kapinska, Terentev et al 2017)

Galaxy Zoo

Galactic bars and bulges[edit]

Radio Galaxy Zoo

Image may contain: night

Galaxies 101

A new citizen science project lets anyone help astronomers explore distant galaxies.  Source


Galaxy Zoo

BREED APART Kweli gave birth at the Bronx Zoo only after some meticulous matchmaking. Her calf, M'bura, was introduced to visitors last week.

Galaxy Zoo

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Radio Galaxy Zoo added,. Robert Hollow @roberthollow

And some people have turned to formal study - at least four of us have started Open University courses - as a result of Galaxy Zoo.

Galaxy Zoo 2 Flowchart | Planning resources | Pinterest | Zoos, Flowchart and Citizen science

Galaxy Zoo – Astronomy For Everyone | Gifts For Gamers & Geeks

Dust in galaxies[edit]

An imaginary journey to Alsa Mar aboard the harvest vessel Yggdrasil. The mission: discover

Zooniverse (green peas, 550px)

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Doctor Proctor and the Irregular Galaxies

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Citizen Science

Galaxy Zoo

So I went and started clicking on galaxies. Huge great groups of stars out in space. Billions of possible worlds. Infinite beauty.

Letters in the Galaxy Zoo which spell out "Science!"

Galaxy Zoo

Image #4: A montage of volunteers' classified overlapping galaxies. Credit: Galaxy Zoo Forum

Galaxy Zoo 2 Flowchart | Planning resources | Pinterest | Zoos, Flowchart and Citizen science

A MLO image of bulgeless galaxy NGC 4536.

Gardens of the Zoological Society of London

RGZ Publications[edit]

Galactic zombies roam the cosmos and refuse to die

Exclusive: Watch Bei Bei the Zoo Panda Cub Grow Up

Could this be two galaxies colliding 2.8 billion years ago? I thought so, but

Hanny's Voorwerp

More seriously: amateurs are full of questions, as well as unexpected answers. We started asking: has any work on such and such been done?

Seemed to be the only 2018 OAD recommended project in China. I am so proud of my team and many thanks to long-term support from RGZ team!!!

It is fascinating to see, after thousands of classifications, how the galaxies change over time. Some of the most beautiful, ordered, intricate galaxies ...

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Galaxy formation and evolution - Video Learning - WizScience.com - YouTube

Mandy Zuo

Longevity is higher at the zoo ...

A highly scientific illustration of the Voorwerp (Galaxy Zoo)

Zooniverse · I fucking love science · Snapshot Serengeti

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Letters in the Galaxy Zoo which spell out "Radio 4 Today"

Radio Galaxy 3C83.1B an example of a Wide-angle Tail Radio Galaxy

Zooniverse (home page, 550px)

An artist's impression of a black hole consuming its binary stellar companion. Credit: 

RGZ Data Sources[edit]

Chris lintott on the galaxy zoo

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope provides data for Galaxy Zoo.

M51, The Whirlpool Galaxy, interacts with a smaller galaxy. The Galaxy Zoo team have some 3,000 examples of interacting and merging galaxies in their ...

Astrotagged photograph

Walking dead?

Image #3: Tuning the volunteers in via Hubble's classification of galaxies. Credit: STScI

Milky Way May Fizzle Out Sooner Than Expected


Spot stars exploding over Australia with Snapshot Supernova

Oh, and of course we have terrific fun as amateurs too. This slide makes amateurs roar with laughter. I was crestfallen to say the least when this audience ...

star wars weekend zoo

Chandra X-ray image of M84 (NASA/CXC/MPE/A.

A Gravitational Lens

It was titled "Democracy in Astronomy" which at least one person speculated would be "Oh crumbs, a bit heavy." I hope it wasn't.

Zoos and Science Museums Are Offering Species 'Amazon Reviews' on Twitter, and It is Wonderful

The Zooniverse

Edit: I left off two links to sites that pertain to items in this galaxy that I think some may enjoy. The first is to Galaxy Zoo's forum where they discuss ...

Image #8: The blue bars show those exoplanets known by size before the Kepler Planet Bonanza announcement earlier this year. The gold bars show Kepler's ...

Galaxy Zoo and the data deluge

Allan McDonald