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Garlic has long been known and used as a natural alternative

Garlic has long been known and used as a natural alternative


Garlic has long been known and used as a natural alternative homeopathic remedy for a wide

Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics

A bowl of garlic with the title "Does this vegetable make a good antibiotic?

fresh garlic for a parasite cleanse

Allimed for SIBO

Natural antibiotic peeled garlic on a board



Raw garlic benefits - Dr. Axe

Garlic has been used since the time of our ancestors in cooking because of its…

Garlic is SO good for us … but not when it's treated with chemicals.

how to make garlic honey infusion

Garlic, an edible bulb from a plant in the lily family, has been used

“Garlic has long been used as a safe medicinal plant in holistic medicine for people and pets as well. However, recently, the safety of garlic on dogs (and ...

Can You Eat Garlic If You Have Acid Reflux?

Garlic has been used as a medicine throughout ancient and modern history to prevent and treat a wide range of conditions and diseases.


Natural Remedy Honey Garlic

garlic. Up first is the natural antibiotic garlic! Garlic has been used ...

How Much Garlic Equals an Antibiotic?


A Clove of Garlic Can Stop a Vaginal Yeast Infection

Plants, food, and herbal tinctures have been used as natural antibiotics to treat illness and disease for centuries. Then Big Pharma swept the nation.

herbal combination for drug resistant malaria

First Alternative Natural Foods Co-Op Near Corvallis, Oregon, United States About 261 days ago, 10/17/17. Spotter's comments : Elephant Garlic spotted at ...

How to Use Garlic for Staph

Immune-Boosting Honey Infused Garlic


jar of organic Manuka honey with fresh whole garlic cloves

head of garlic

garlic ready for honey for infusion

Black Garlic for the Win

Garlic makes an excellent economical, non-toxic pesticide for the garden. It has natural fungicidal and pesticidal properties that work effectively to ...

garlic infographic. image-5763

A table covered with garlic. Consuming foods like garlic can help reduce gas.

Of course you should always talk to a doctor before deciding to treat any infection with garlic. But if he or she gives you the go-ahead, here are some ...

Herbal antibiotics may be an effective alternative for treating drug resistant bacteria. Herbs have been. Herbal antibiotics have long been used ...

pickled garlic

How to treat colds and flu naturally. Hydrogen peroxide in ears, baking soda internally, garlic and more.

Raw Garlic

Bulbs and bowl of garlic

I put garlic in my... p

preparing garlic for honey infusion

What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Garlic with Honey on an Empty Stomach for 7 Days


The Facts on the Only Garlic Supplement with Stabilized Allicin

Viridian Organic Elderberry 400mg Certified Organic by the Soil Association. Elderberries have long been used. Natural ...

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Head of roasted garlic with exposed cloves in foreground, three heads of garlic in background

Garlic has long been used as a safe medicinal plant in holistic medicine for people and pets as well. But there has been a lot of controversy surrounding ...


... 2.

Ask A Midwife: Alternative Treatment For GBS

Herbal antibiotics have long been used by healers to ward off colds and flu.

Garlic in heart-shaped bowl

Herbal enemas are for more than just cleansing the colon. A herbal enema is a very efficient way to achieve healing effects; the active substances in the ...

A handful of garlic.

A number of complementary or alternative therapy have also been stated in ancient texts to help relive its symptoms. While most of these remedies do not ...

How to Treat a Vaginal Infection with a Clove of Garlic

From ancient India to the medieval streets of Europe, garlic has a long history of use when it comes to infections. Some of these uses included using garlic ...

garlic and soup as part of a parasite cleanse

How To: The Ultimate Garlic Cheat Sheet: Which Type of Garlic Goes Best with What?

Natural Antibiotics for Dogs

garlic mullein oil steeping2

Healthy addition: in 1979, the M&S chicken kiev started Britain's obsession with ready meals

Fresh garlic, top view

If some of these side effects concern you, or if you are just looking for some more natural alternatives to these OTC medications, here are a few great ...

Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics

garlic honey infusion

Ginger, Garlic, and Honey Cure for 8 Common Ailments

Natural bronchitis remedy garlic

Going natural is the best solution for hair problems, since it doesn't have any side effects and its results are long lasting.

Allium Sativum Linn

I thread it through, tie it, then thread it through again and tie a good knot. Leave the remaining strings attached. It will look like garlic tampon when ...

BEST HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE PILLS to Lower BP Naturally - Advanced Hypertension Supplement w/Potent


Garlic and Garlic Oil


Well cured skins will harden enough with a protective outer papery wrapper to store for 6

Allimed for SIBO


A whole garlic