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Giacomo Luppino former Ndrangheta boss in Southern Quebec

Giacomo Luppino former Ndrangheta boss in Southern Quebec


Police long believed Rocco Zito earned his money through gambling, loan sharking, drugs, fraud, counterfeiting and other criminal ventures

Rocco Luppino


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Domenic Musitano

Rocco Zito


Alfonso Caruana

Jimmy & Natale Luppino


John Papalia

Paul Volpe

Ken Murdock

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Paul Volpe


Frank & John Papalia

Domenic Racco

Domenic Scopelleti

Invited to Angelo Musitano's wedding — held five years to the day before his funeral — were several criminals widely thought to be enemies and few seen as ...

Guest list for Ontario mobster's wedding could offer clues about motives for his murder | National Post

Paolo Violi was best placed to

Rocco Zito | Ontario Mob(Hamilton,Toronto) | Pinterest | Mafia and Mafia gangster



Guiseppe Bruzzese


Paul Volpe

Alfredo Patriarca

Vito Rizzuto: are the powers controlling his family continuing to take the historical step of finally consolidating power in. Southern Ontario?

Guiseppe Bruzzese

Carmine Verduci - Former high ranking Ndrangheta (Calabrian Mafia) leader in Canada

Michele"Mike The Baker" Racco

Bonanno appointed a two-man panel,

Anthony Musitano

Acting Boss of New England Mafia, Anthony Dinunzio, Released from Prison

John"Johnny Pops"Papalia

Carlo DeMaria, left, son of suspected Mafia boss Vincenzo “Jimmy” DeMaria, faces 10 fraud-related charges.

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Nicolo Rizzuto, in the middle.



Rocco Perri

Former Toronto-area man arrested in Italy, called dangerous Mafia clan's 'most important personality'

Giuseppe"Pino"Ursino | Ontario Mob(Hamilton,Toronto) | Pinterest | Ontario

Cosa Nostra News

Pietro Scarcella & Eddie Melo

Frank & Johnny

Domenic Racco, 1971

Pat Musitano, right.

Cosimo Commisso

One shot had been fired from an office window across the street, hitting Violi in the heart. The killer was never caught but police found the gun, ...

Fugitive Ndrangheta boss Vincenzo Macri arrested in Brazil | About The Mafia

Paolo Violi

Marco Pizzi survives failed Montreal mafia hit. Aug 2016


Giacomo Luppino. See more. Rocco Perri

Antonio"Tony Large"Sergi


Domenico Oppedisano, alleged "boss of bosses" of Ndrangheta.

Liborio "Laurie" Benvenuto was a member of the Honored Society (Australia) (

The 40th anniversary of the disappearance of the notorious mobbed-up former Teamsters boss swiftly approaches.

Gregorio Bellocco (19 Oct 1955) boss Bellocco 'ndrina from Rosarno in Calabria 1993-2005 wanted since 1997, arrested on February 16, 2005. life imprisonment


Murdock. "

Lo Presti 'ndrina

Domenica Musitano

Former Philly mob boss Ralph Natale

John"Johnny Maserati"Raposo

Slaughter of Rizzuto Loyalists Continues.

Sicilian boss who flipped. Wasn't crazy about Calabrians.

Vincenzo Tavernese

Vito Rizzuto was boss of the Montreal Mafia and knew he faced possible imprisonment for an

Alfonso Caruana

Cosa Nostra News

Joseph (Skinny Joey) Merlino, alleged Philadelphia Cosa Nostra boss

Grandson of one-time former Gambino boss.

Montagna could sit back and grow wealthy and prosperous, with the Ndrangheta and some pretty

Skinny Joey Merlino Is a Degenerate Gambler, Not a Mob Boss, Says Attorney

Sansanese, Fino and Edward Scillia, all of Buffalo, and Russell Mancuso of Utica, were charged in 1950 with the burglary of an American Legion Club in ...

Revised, updated: The Gambino crime family is reportedly now under the auspices of Staten Island-based Frank Cali, 49, who'd been serving on a ruling panel ...