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Girl gang women in politics angela merkel hilary clintin election

Girl gang women in politics angela merkel hilary clintin election


Illustration on Angela Merkel by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Almost: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton who almost became president also almost became the

Former President Obama spoke to a large crowd in Berlin Thursday, calling for a renewal of the international order. His message was in sharp contrast to ...

Last month, Angela Merkel was named the world's most powerful woman by Forbes. The announcement came as no surprise; Germany's Chancellor has lead the ...

On this day in history-On 2005 Angela Merkel becomes the first female Chancellor of Germany

Why TIME Chose Angela Merkel as Person of the Year 2015

Hillary Clinton, Theresa May and Angela Merkel sport the pob.

With German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and Secretary

Angela Dorothea Merkel is a German politician and former research scientist, who has been the Chancellor of Germany since 2005 and the leader of the ...

Female Political Leaders like Hillary Clinton Still Extremely Rare


CLINTON RENEWS ATTACK ON SECOND AMENDMENT Outlawing firearms will be central to her campaign following Orlando

German chancellor Angela Merkel was named TIME Magazine's Person of the Year 2015—the first

Isn't that interfering in an election by a foreign Government?

Chris Stevens, our Ambassador in Libya that hillary clinton denied aid and left…

By Karl Vick / Berlin with Simon Shuster Photograph by Steffen Kugler

Mar 08 2018

Hillary Clinton speaking at a rally in Des Moines in January 2016

4:05 PM - 7 Jan 2016


German Chancellor Angela Merkel, one of the most powerful women on earth, looks on from the stands during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Group G match ...

See Vintage Photos of a Young Angela Merkel

Politics · Woman · Celebs · Celebrities · angela merkel am Anfang.

Queen-Angela-Merkel--62600.jpg (800×1131)

Angela Kasner, at age one and a half.

According to the collective Hillary

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hillary clinton's good looks - Google zoeken

Hillary Clinton

But she showed decency where most European politicians failed. Shame on them.

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President of Argentina Elected in 2007 at age 54, 7 years in office

THE most powerful woman in the WORLD is Angela Merkel, 1st female Chancellor of Germany

#303 Angela Merkel | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Angela Merkel ( born 17 July 1954 in Hamburg) is a German politician and a former research scientist, who has been the Chancellor of Germany since 2005 and ...

Comey Wife: 'I Wanted a Woman President Really Badly, and I Supported Hillary Clinton'

Hillary Clinton Vows New Gun Grab in Secret Recording

Angela Merkel's Life in Photos

El mítico masaje de hombros de George W. Bush a Angela Merkel.

Every time I see that bottom picture, I am sick and angry all over again. She's a sick, sadistic woman that deserves prison not presidency!

No, Hillary Clinton is not the first woman to be nominated by a political party for president. Victoria Woodhull was, and she didn't even have the right to ...

Merkel Germany Afghan migrant deport

NOT IMPRESSED: Women and young girls on Monday in New Hampshire looked like they would

Russia could attempt to interfere with German elections, warns Chancellor Angela Merkel

Merkel as a child with a toy stroller.

Myanmar democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi — daughter of Aung San, considered to be the Father of modern-day Burma — talks during the 'ASEAN 100 Leadership ...

Angela Kasner at age 3.

Planned Parenthood · Woman ...

Angela Merkel~Germany's Chancellor. Super powerful political sister in what's too often considered the

Three words still divide Germany: “We can do it.

Liars, Power-Hungry, Immoral People! That's my definition of Bill & Hillary

Angela Merkel gratuliert Trump zum Wahlsieg

I stand with President Obama and Democrats -- will you join me?


AWKWARD: The teen behind Bill looked at times like she was having trouble taking him

Bill Clinton, Who May Have Cost Hillary the Election, Passes the Buck to James Comey

Angela Merkel's government 'aware of US attempts to spy on France and European companies'

From her baby pictures to her teen years: Angela Kasner with a friend at a New Year's Eve party in Berlin in 1972

A young Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel tops Forbes Most Powerful Women In The World 2014 list


Angela Merkel, Germany Angela Merkel is a rarity in German politics: she's the first Chancellor to have grown up in communist East Germany, the first female ...

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Angela Merkel im Abendkleid, angelehnt an Merkels Opernbesuch in Oslo im Jahr 2008. Andras

Angela Merkel's immigration policy has hurt Europe and herself politically. She helped stoke the rise of the far Right .

Hillary Clinton: All my college speaking fees go to charity

German Chancellor Angela Merkel | Axel Schmidt/AFP via Getty Images

Merkel, Stuck in USA's Panopticon, Is Getting Ready for a War With Russia -

Madame Chancellor must feel like she's stepped into a really shitty episode of the Twilight Zone.

President of Lithuania Elected in 2009 at age 53, 7 years in office and currently serving

Chatting away: Ivanka, was getting ready for her meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, with the two women engaging in a roundtable about worker ...

Clinton is the ultimate symbol of the banks, businessmen and politicians who have overseen the


In this photo released by the Saudi Press Agency, SPA, German Chancellor Angela Merkel

If Hillary Clinton could just admit she's a terrible candidate, people might vote for her instead of Donald Trump | The Independent

President of Sri Lanka Elected in 1994 at age 49, 11 years in office

Angela Merkel

Benazir Bhutto

If there is to be any benefit to women from a female head of state, then we must hope for the long-term impact. Research shows that electing a female head ...

Angela Merkel: b. 1954; Angela Merkel is a German politician who has been

President of Finland Elected in 2000 at age 56, 11 years in office


Angela Merkel

President of Panama Elected in 1999 at age 53, 4 years in office

MOST Germans believe Angela Merkel will struggle to regain her country's confidence after her disastrous asylum policies led to major losses in last week's ...

President of Chile Elected in 2006 at age 54, 6 years in office and currently serving

Named appropriately. Obama Hillary2016 ElectionNovember ElectionPolitical ...

dame maggie smith tracey ullman

Elected in the 1960s

"Hillary's America" Vs. "Trump's America" [Archive] - Israel Military Forum

Hillary Clinton Campaign 2016

Hillary Clinton's top campaign aide, and the woman who might be the future White House chief of staff to the first female US president, for a decade edited ...