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Grineer Gladius by Studio4productionsdeviantartcom on t

Grineer Gladius by Studio4productionsdeviantartcom on t




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Roman Gladius Sword, a favourite weapon of Houston.

Grineer Ghoul Sawman:

Wiping the grins off the Grineer.

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Many would consider the Tenno the heroes of this conflict. You, however, are not one of these Interplanetary Ninjas. You are a new player to this conflict.

The tutorial level throws you into the thick of battle with a 'grineer' faction - one of many in-game enemies - and you are greeted by the main antagonist, ...

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2 Million Grineer 1 Million Corpus

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Good work but personally I can't help but see Gara as a mash of Super Sentai and Kamen Rider, especially since her agile pose is basically ...

the animation-set could be based by orthos, but the chargeattack need an own animation


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Futuristic roman

7 Immagini

Genji Shuriken v2! Hope to have them molded and casted this week! Let me know if…


Japanese Naginata: Basically, it's a massive Knife of a Stick! This style was originally designed to disembowel horses in cases of mounted calvary assault.

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The Void Tower was a reassuring sight. The immaculate White and gold architecture, the humming of the Void and the large open spaces left you reassured that ...

... but rather a Grineer metaphor from General Sargas Ruk about crushing the blood from the skulls of their Corpus enemies. So how does that translate into ...

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