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Guyana is below sea level so the protective barrier known as the

Guyana is below sea level so the protective barrier known as the


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Vegetation map of Guyana

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History of Guyana

Get familiar with some of the towns in Guyana! The names are quite pretty & reflect the diverse history and influence of the English, French and Du…

[edit] Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Response


Economic activity map of Guyana

Transitioning Guyana To A Green State And A New Development Strategy

FREE. The Official Tourist Guide of Guyana 2018

The Caribbean Sea.

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Map of South America with the different countries and its capital cities, showing the 15


Moreover, the Sea Wall is quite popular as a hangout spot and protective barrier lining the Atlantic Coast of Guyana since the country is actually below ...

Posts about Guyana on Youth Challenge International

A few scattered fires (red dots) in northern South America: Venezuela (left), Guyana (right) and Brazil (bottom center)

Guyana A p r i l • M ay 2 0 1 3

guyana bodies of water

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Known to Guyanese as Bora and to Trinidadians as Bodi. For a recipe visit www

Get familiar with some of the towns in Guyana! The names are quite pretty &

The Labor Day Edition Guyanese Pride Post


Kaieteur Falls is the world's largest single-drop waterfall by volume. Guyana signed the Convention Concerning the Protection ...

KEEP CALM I'M GUYANESE-Yes my husband was born in Georgetown and he has a very casual pace about everything in life!

Guyana- Sunshine at Christmas Time- 20 poems- By Dmitri Allicock + video

These factors influence the occurrence and size of mangroves, the species composition, species zonation, other structural characteristics, as well as the ...

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Amerindians in the Essequibo, circa 1900 (fr Andrew Jeffrey's photos)

#63 beach Guyana

Yuh know yuh is Guyanese when yuh just staan deh and watch dat monsta

Guyana-Suriname maritime boundary dispute settlement influenced ExxonMobil's oil search

The Inner Gourmet: Guyanese Chicken Curry Curry chicken is a staple in my family and I have yet to learn how to make it, but I know what goes in it and ...

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This park and practically every region in Guyana is super lush and boast-worthy for its ability to nurture a smorgasbord of delicious fruits & vegetables.

British Guiana – British Empire Exhibition, Wembley

BLC - Discovery Booklet, French Guyana, Kourou and the Guiana Space Centre

Caribbean Islands in a Changing Climate

Artist's rendition of the construction of Gobekli Tepe (c. 12,500 to 10,000 B.C.E) By Fernando G. Baptista/National Geographic Creative

Guyanese Soda

Guyana Arapaima Fishing


By extension, I also feel a lot of pride for the entire generation of elders in groups like the Guyana National Service Association who take a lot of pride ...

A section of those who participated in the workshop.

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i Hybrid Alternative Energy Solutions for the University of Guyana Turkeyen Campus KEVON CAMPBELL Submitted in ...


oil deposit found offshore Guyana - Photo 3

Designing Transboundary Conservation: Navigating Sovereignty and Ecosystem Scale in the Guiana Shield

... whilst not reaching levels found in the Indian Ocean, remain a pre-occupation along the coasts of Colombia, Venezuela and South Haiti.


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oil deposit found offshore Guyana - Photo 2

The Guyana Story

A tractor in a rice field on Guyana's coastal plain

IMG 0248 650x365 Youth Commit to Addressing Challenges of Climate Change as VYBZING Youth Forum 2014. The VYBZING Guyana ...

Not many of us know it even exists. It came and passed with nary a whisper. Yet Guyana ...

... the Sea. oil deposit found offshore Guyana - Photo 6

Posts about Guyana on Youth Challenge International


Location of the Aurora Project in Guyana

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Meet the staff at Youth Challenge Guyana! They sure know how to dance!

Supplementary data

The letter from Guyana Forestry Commission:


Map of Guyana (left) with Mabura Hill area (box

Photo Credit: Marine Debris NOAA

16. 4 ECONOMY Overview Guyana's ...

Graphical depiction of Guyana's product exports in 28 colour-coded categories

Goneri Le Cozannet | Engineer | French Geological Survey, Orléans | BRGM | Direction Risques et Prévention | ResearchGate

A Rare Cask: Plantation Guyana 1999 “Extreme” No 2 Rum

Additional people at risk due to unmitigated sea-level rise through time

Official Map of the United States of Venezuela by L. Robelin 1890, which shows the Venezuelan historical claim to the region.


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Around 90% of Guyana's 800,000-strong population live along the country's 430-kilometer (267-mile) coastal plain with its capital Georgetown actually ...

Nils-Axel Mörner | Ph.D. 1969 | Paleogeophysics and Geodynamics Institute, Uppsala | POG | ResearchGate

BHARRAT JAGDEO President of the Republic of Guyana; 3.


This place is chaotic and you have a fairly high risk of being pick pocketed so you need to be careful with your stuff. It's also where all the colectivo ...

AOSIS (Alliance of Small Islands States and low-lying coastal states): Coalition of states particularly vulnerable to sea-level rise, who share a common ...

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