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Hideaki Anno - EvaWiki - An Evangelion Wiki - EvaGeeks.org

Special A. Have you ever known someone who was better than you at everything you

Written By, Hideaki Anno, Hiroshi Yamaguchi

Kare Kano - the correct way to tell someone you like them

Neon Genesis Evangelion Proposal

D-Type-Submerge.jpg. Written By, Hideaki Anno ...

another one fav pic of mine!!! how badly i wish i was a

Yukino understands that awkward moment when you leave your house like a hag & end up

Written By, Hideaki Anno, Akio Satsukawa

24 C308 deliberation.jpg. Written By, Hideaki Anno ...

Pen Pen

Hideaki Anno - EvaWiki - An Evangelion Wiki - EvaGeeks.org | Ideas for the House | Pinterest | Hideaki anno

Hideaki Anno - EvaWiki - An Evangelion Wiki - EvaGeeks.org | Ideas for the House | Pinterest | Hideaki anno

Evangelion Q: Next Time Preview

Evangelion: You Can (Not) Redo Trailer! The third film in Hideaki Anno and Khara's four-part remake of Gainax's Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series ...

Evangelion 2.0 poster.jpg

It seems when she respond "Liar" to his "truly, I needed you", that in the brief interval where she was thinking it over, she was going back in her mind to ...

Kare kano

Here's a picture of Evangelion director Hideaki Anno dressed up as .

Neon genesis evangelion

The three pilots during a synch test.

Hideaki Anno's short essay on Gundam

Rei Ayanami


The reveal of Combattler to the rest of the pilots

Discover ideas about Hideaki Anno

Spear of Cassius - EvaWiki - An Evangelion Wiki - EvaGeeks.org

Hideaki Anno - EvaWiki - An Evangelion Wiki - EvaGeeks.org | Ideas for the House | Pinterest | Hideaki anno

Tributes to Other Fiction in Neon Genesis Evangelion - EvaWiki - An Evangelion Wiki - EvaGeeks.org

Written By, Hideaki Anno, Hiroshi Yamaguchi

Neon Genesis Evangelion Proposal

Alternate early Eva-01 designs

Kaworu Nagisa


... with Hideaki Anno, Creator of Evangelion [1/2] http://otakumode.com/news/5455a5926cf77b3a4848ed43/Interview-with-Hideaki- Anno-Creator-of-Evangelion-1-2

Ellison's Beast that Shouted Love.

Rei Uniform.jpg

Misato Katsuragi, Neon Genesis Evangelion

View topic - Eva Pic Thread 9: Pen-Pen's Playhouse [use spoilers] :: EvaGeeks.org Forum - an Evangelion Fan Community

Written By, Hideaki Anno, Shinji Higuchi

wiki.evageeks.org images 1 1b Proposal_22_gendo.jpg

Preliminary designs of Eva-00 and Eva-02

wiki.evageeks.org images 5 5f Proposal_30_launch-tokyo3.jpg

Hideaki Anno se encuentra trabajando en un nuevo proyecto

Tokyo-3 - EvaWiki - An Evangelion Wiki - EvaGeeks.org

wiki.evageeks.org images 4 42 Proposal_20_asuka.jpg


Evangelion 3.0 poster.jpg

Director Hideaki Anno went to a mental institution after finishing Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Manga adaption

「2015! 使徒!袭来!」/「-WHITE-OWER-. Neon EvangelionEvangelion TattooHideaki AnnoCartoon ...

The Animated World of Evangelion Creator Hideaki Anno

Angel Tower

A very Oni-looking Evangelion sketch


Akira Kurosawa / Hideaki Anno

17rd40.jpg .

What every girl wants: a love story like the cola commercial.

"Gintoki on Eva 01 lookalike"

T528u0.jpg, 2a8kun7.jpg

Hideaki Anno. Creator of Evangelion.

Girl Power, proto-Gainax style


Children : Neon Genesis Evangelion(fan art) Original authors are Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Hideaki Anno, GAINAX Japan.

wiki.evageeks.org images b bf Proposal_21_rei.jpg

More information

Evangelion art 8 bit

Ultraman Returns (1983), directed by Hideaki Anno with special effects direction by Shinji

Hideaki Anno (Evangelion, Shin Godzilla) ya está trabajando en su próxima proyecto.

The awakened Eva-01.

The blue-haired angel.


Really Evil Gekijouban Kyoko


Farah Oersted

Evangelion Another Impact - animação 3D baseada em Evangelion. | Neon Genesis Evangelion | Pinterest | Neon genesis evangelion, Anime and Manga

Bridge Bunnies. "

On Your Mark (short animated music video, 1995)

The Ultramen on the crosses from top to bottom: Ultraman Zoffy, Ultraman, Ultra Seven, Ultraman Jack

Evangelion: You Can (Not) Redo is a Japanese animated film directed by Hideaki Anno and the third of four films released in the Rebuild of Evangelion ...

Neon Genesis Evangelion ADV Films Trailer - YouTube

Fly me to the moon, and let me sail amongst the stars~

hideaki anno, creador de neon genesis evangelion

Tokyo IFF spotlights Anno Hideaki

Eva-13 opens the Door of Guf


wiki.evageeks.org images 6 63 Proposal_24_episode01.jpg

wiki.evageeks.org images a ab Proposal_17_shinji.jpg

wiki.evageeks.org images 1 16 Proposal_26_eps-09-15.jpg

Bridge Bunnies. "

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Gainax, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Die Sterne, Asuka Langley Soryu

EVA-01 by k0di on deviantART↩☾それはすぐに私は行くべき

Mvrjet.jpg .

Neon Genesis Evangelion ~

Asuka glares at Shinji at the train station.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Proposal | Neon genesis evangelion, Neon and Anime

In light of all this, how would you assess Anno's intent in naming the final scene "I need you"?

Eva3-33 C0797 comp.jpg

Straker in zip suit, sporting the Gendo opened zip look

Hideaki Anno (庵野 秀明) Japanese animator and film director.