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Hirola antelope AKA Hunters hartebeest Around 500 left in the wild

Hirola antelope AKA Hunters hartebeest Around 500 left in the wild


Hirola (aka Hunter's Hartebeest)

Hirola antelope AKA Hunters hartebeest Around 500 left in the wild.

Hirola - Also known as the Hunter's Hartebeest, these antelopes are found in a small region between Kenya and Somalia. There are between 500 and left in the ...

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Hirola in grassland habitat

Hirola aka Hunter's hartebeest (Beatragus hunteri)

An hirola in Tsavo East National Park. Photo by: James Probert.

The Hirola. With just over 500 left in the wild they can only be found in one small area on the border of Kenya and Somalia.

Hirola Antelope - on the brink of extinction, with fewer than 500 left, the


The face of the hirola. Photo by: James Probert.

hirola, antílope de Hunter o damalisco de Hunter (Beatragus hunteri)

10 Species That We May Lose Forever If We Don't Do Something Now

Hirola calf nursing in Tsavo East. Photo by: James Probert.


Common Lechwe

The hirola (Beatragus hunteri) or Hunter's hartebeest or "Hunter's antelope", is

Lichtenstein's Hartebeest heading back to the woods for the night


Critically Endangered | Hirola (Beatragus hunteri), also called Hunter's hartebeest or Hunter's antelope

Mountain Nyala (Tragelaphus buxtoni) by Donatella Venturi

Swayne's Hartebeest

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Hirola. This antelope species from Kenya and Somalia is critically endangered with fewer than 1000 remaining, and none in captivity.

Lelwel or Jackson's Hartebeest, Africa

Swayne's hartebeest (Alcelaphus buselaphus swaynei)

Lelwel hartebeest - Google Search

Jackson's Hartebeest (Alcelaphus buselaphus lelwel)

You can see addax here at WMSP, but can you see them in the wild


Red hartebeest antelope with young calves (South Africa side) (

The Hirola is an antelope species found in arid grassy plains in a pocket on the border between Kenya and Somalia. Today, signatures on petition)

Red Hartebeest, a species of even-toed ungulate in the Bovidae family found in Southern Africa.

Roan Antelope. BucketAfrican AnimalsHuntingDeerWild ...

Hirola lying on ground


Lelwel Hartebeest

black impala - Hledat Googlem

File 20170515 6990 112ptdw

Grants Gazelle by Ken Watkins on 500px

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Jackson's Hartebeest is a large, fawn-colored antelope. It is found on the

Difference between gazelle and antelope click right now difference between gazelle and antelope

Addax Antelope (IFlySkyhawks)

hunter's antelope or hirola, are there any left? | Nature and creatures | Pinterest

Lelwel Hartebeest, Uganda

Pronghorn Antelope

épinglé par ❃❀CM❁✿⊱Africa's largest antelope: Elands can grow to a mass of about The amazing thing is that even though they weigh so much, they're able ...


Bubal hartebeest

Saiga antelope in Kalmykia, Russia Extremely Endangered

Topi, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.

The saiga - Saiga tatarica - Сайгак | Animals - Mammals | Pinterest | Animal and Wild animals

Standing tall - A special adaptation in the hindlegs allows the gerenuk to stand in a bipedal position for extended periods of time while feeding on fresh ...

Red Hartebeest Running Print By Johan Swanepoel.

Hirola herd in Tsavo East. Photo by: James Probert.

Beira Antelope- Dorcatragus megalotis


Western hartebeest (Alcelaphus buselaphus major) is an antelope native to the medium to tall grassland plains of Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, ...

Africa's Antelope, the Eland, can be seen throughout Nairobi National Park, Kenya

Western Hartebeest (Alcelaphus buselaphus major, Bubale)

Dorcatragus megalotis Beira antelope

Red Haartebeest - photo by Ken Watkins, via 500px; at Addo Elephant National Park

39 of 67 Red hartebeest

A black buck antelope

Baby waterbuck, waterbuck are a large antelope found widely in sub-Saharan Africa.

Lichtenstein's hartebeest (Alcelaphus lichtensteinii)

Western White-bearded Wildebeest

There Are Only 3 Critically Endangered Antelope Left in Niger

Desert Antelopes, a highly threatened and beautiful group of animals, are a key part of Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort's (AWPR) conservation work.


Hirola | Hirola (Beatragus hunteri), once widespread in Africa, they are now only found along the border of Kenya and Somalia. Within the last 30 years, ...

Most people have never heard of the hirola. The fawn coloured antelope is a shy

Arabian Oryx -- Due to hunting, the Arabian oryx was extinct in the wild by the early 1970s, but was saved in zoos and private preserves and reintroduced ...

Hirola herd in Tsavo East. Photo by: James Probert. | Hirola | Pinterest | Conservation and Wildlife

Gemsbok is an oryx. Oryx species pefer near desert conditions. All have dark faces and straight horns except the scimitar oryx. Both female and males have ...

One of the fastest antelope can reach up to Both sexes with horns, live ~

The hirola, also known as Hunter's hartebeest (Beatragus hunteri), is an antelope species found in arid grassy plains in a pocket on the border between ...

Nile Lechwe

Social structure and reproduction[edit]

Scientific Name: Pseudoryx nghetinhensis Common Name: Saola Category: Saola (bovid affinities) Population: Unknown Threats To Survival: Hunting and habitat ...


Sable Antelope

The blesbok or blesbuck is an antelope endemic to South Africa. It has a distinctive

Hirola photo - Beatragus hunteri - image-G26227

Tora hartebeest


Africa Maximum Safari& Five Day Trophy Hunt for 2 Hunters June 2017

Impala by Munib Chaudry): the male impala's horns take many years to reach full length (20-30 inches). Impala can run as fast as 40 miles an hour.

Mountain nyala

Big Spirals

Animal and Name Picture Endangered Species | Top 10 Most Endangered Animal Species in Africa | Africa Freak Blog .


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The lechwe, or southern lechwe, (Kobus leche) is an antelope found in Botswana, Zambia

Mhorr Gazelle | Mhorr gazelle Over hunting has taken these animals out of the wild.

They are found in pairs, or small groups. A small antelope weighing 12-22kg and standing 50-66cm high at the shoulder. October is the best time for ...


Encounter by Diego Arroyo | Animals Perimeter | Pinterest | Animal and Wildlife