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Homies World Cuco

Homies World Perico

Cruzer : Cruzer is a super-cool Homie that considers himself to be God`s gift to the Lowrider world. The Homies think that he is cool, and don`t trip on his ...


Homies World Hardrock

Homies World Sleepy

Live Wire :During the day...Live Wire is the car stereo hook

Homies World Painter

Homies World Poncon

Homies World Dr Bomba | HOMIES-DAVE GONZALES | Pinterest | Chicano, Chicano art and Drawings

Homies World Q-ball

Homies World Pinoy

BigDopey -
Encuéntrese mi Homie Grande Atontado. Él puede mirar .

Homies World Pirate

Froggy :Froggy is Sapos younger brother. They pretty much raised each other in the. More information. More information. Homies World Poncon

Homies World Half a Homie

Wino - Wino is just that... a bonafide wino. He sleeps on the bench over at Raza Park where the Homies like to kick it. Wino used to own a Dot-Com website ...

Flaca : FLACA was given that nickname by the other Homies. Flaca, meaning skinny, is Old School's girlfriend. They are always together and have been since ...

Mr. Frosty :While El Paletero works the barrio in his little walking cart. Frosty rolls thru da hood on Daytons, driving a full blown custom ice cream truck ...

Homies World Gangsta Hoopa

Bang Bang Clown

Big Loco : Big Loco is one of the most hard-core looking Homies but definitely a crowd favorite. His history is that he is an ex-gang member and did hard ...

Homies World Sad Girl

Homies World Mosca

Indio : Indio is a square solemn looking Homie. He is full blooded Blackfoot Indian. The Homies call him Brownfoot, cuz his real color is brown like the ...

Homies World Bubbles

Artist David Gonzales ♥


Homies World Puppet

Homies World Lil Guppy

Chula : Chula is a Spanish term for "Sweetheart". This is exactly what

Homies World Pandero

Homies World Snoop Dogg

Homies World Spider " El Jazzy Joe "

Homies World Ice Block

Homies World Conejo

Homies World Bubbles. See more. Tiny

Homies World Rastaman

homie version of me

Homies World Chuca


He is a professional boxer that holds two world champion belts. Boxer makes a lot of money in the ring but does not want to ...

Sad Boy - homies_world

Mamasota :Watcha Homies...Mamasota is hittin the clubs! She`s

Homies World Squeeky


Tiny : Tiny is a large and tough Homey girl. She doesn't take

Homies Images | Homies World

Officer Placa :Officer Placa is the local beat cop walking the hood. He hangs out at the donut shop. The one on the corner where the hookers work.


La Negra : LA NEGRA is Spanish for the black one. She is a real dark-skinned Latina and loves to wear black so this is what the Homies have named her.

Hustla : Got some extra cash Homie? Then Hustla got a game waiting for you...8-ball. You can usually find him at The Homies Pool Hall or any of the many ...

Topo : Topo is a real stupid Homie. He is constantly on some other planet


Vato Loco - homies_world

Bruja : Bruja was given this name by the Homiegirls because they think she`s a witch. The Homies call her Black Magic Women, like the Carlos Santana classic ...

Lil Juan

Lil Homies Girls | Shady

Nurse Nena :Nena is an example of a Homegirl taking charge of her life.

Sancho : Look out Homeboys...you don't want to find Sancho


Homies World Payasa

Homies World Soljaboy

Homies World Shaneequa

Homies World Bigfoot

Big Hopper

Mijos - Meet the Mijos

El Grumpy -
El Grumpy es un grouchy Homie. Todo pisses le

Lil Homie Love Drawings | All Graphics » homies | expressing myself through art | Pinterest | Graphics, Drawings and Chicano

Patrick's Day From The Homies

lil homie

Teardrop : eardrop is sensitive little Homegirl. While most people can handle a little teasing

Pin by jr monarrez on Homies | Pinterest | Chicano, Chicano art and Cholo style

El Profe : El Profe is Spanish slang for the "Professor". This name was given to him by his Homie students where he teaches at Homies High.

Clown Prince

El Padrecito :El Padrecito is based on my real life brother who is a Franciscan

Homies World Shorty

Homies World Lil Chino. Lil' Chino/El Peloquero

Aye Homies

Homies World Right Eye

Chino Loco : Chino is the owner of the "Homies Health Club" (His


Homies - Per Vida ☆

China Doll - homies_world

Silent :Silent don`t say much. He just observes. He`s cool like dat. He notices things the other Homies miss. He just checks things out...all day long.

Big Red :Big Red runs the Chopper store called Biker Bros Choppers. He is

superbowl sunday



mijos - Google Search

Paralyzed from the waste down, Willie councils the young Homies about the ...

Gato : Gato is a super-cool Homie. He moves and gestures like a cat, which is what Gato means in Spanish. The Homie doesn`t say much to anyone, he .

Artist David Gonzales ♥

Wizard More

San Francisco 49ers, Chicano Tattoos, Aztec, Female Tattoos

The Homies Gang ♥ Artist David Gonzales ♥

Pin by ♡Chula♡ on ◇Homies◇ | Pinterest | Chicano, Brown pride and Chicano art

Homies World Bugsy | HOMIES-DAVE GONZALES | Pinterest | Chicano, Chicano art and Chicano drawings


Homies World Santos