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Horse Inexplicably Stuck in Fence Cow face Cow and Face

Horse Inexplicably Stuck in Fence Cow face Cow and Face


704 best Beautiful horses images on Pinterest | Beautiful horses, Fluffy pets and Wild horses

Interspecies Health Threats: Is Your Horse at Risk?

The best made plans always fail, right? We were trying to get a decent

When we build a partnership with another being, it is this balance of freedom and safety that is always in flux. In Freedom Based Training® I aim to build ...

Badger faced horse ok I rly need to paint it

... honey before the race helps the horses with their endurance - this may not be true, but it's certainly safe (as long as you don't overdo it, of course).

Two Horses Standing Near Fence Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Bob Stefko

This is definitely our Monday face. Anyone else ready to get back to bed?

Playing ...

animal communication

Primrose 20130530

theprincessandthepercheron: The Three Amigos :) I've noticed you share my love for horses!

I'm a milk truck! Go home Bessie, you're drunk!


They don't "kiss" the way dogs do by face licking, either. Horses simply don't use their lips to show affection, although they can use their lips to ...

A beautiful roan colored wild horse | Deborah Kalas Equestrian Photography


This face is much cuter when a horse makes it instead of a girl at a

Exploring Dressage Biomechanics: Perception is Everything in the (non) Horse World

cow with bangs ha

At any given time, we have at least six or eight horses 'in'. This does not mean they are lounging around neat paddocks behind white railed fences.

Fun:You have two cows

What is a twitch?

Want a bull so bad in the new system!!:)

Also, unlike dogs or cats, horses have no problem with xylitol, an artificial sweetener often found in reduced sugar peanut butter.


If You Ever Feel Sad, These 10+ Highland Cattle Calves Will Make You Smile

Hauling a load to the scales.

Penny's last breath

4. We found wild dewberries in several places around the farm and spent many spring nights watching beautiful sunsets and picking tons of berries.

His face looks like its about to smash into the standered

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People ...

Photo Oct 18, 5 43 36 PM


A cow with antlers atop a pole. Wikipedia contains other images and articles that are similarly shocking or udderly amoosing.


Strike a pose


I find horses love this work and do not ever get tired of it. Body language is their first language and connection is something they thrive on.

... to get "stuck" on decks not because they can't get back down the stairs but because they don't want to. Donkeys have far fewer problems with steps.


More trouble than they look.

“The ...

Breaking in Kosi with Jo Drennan

"The men on day herd could hold them easily"

I thought I'd post some recent pics of the inmates . I'm sure the village idiots all think that big bloated belly look on the sushi foals is a good thing ...

But Encore-face, impossible to not love.

just 24 hours old

PS to Cyndi: This is sorrel.

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This is where I confess to being almost completely ignorant about farm stuff. I know this is a Hereford bull. I know it's a Hereford because 1) people on ...

Our plan worked and we had a killer front-row spot to view the exit parade. Still have no idea what went on inside the palace fence!

Moments ...

Most cows won't eat your face

'That horses are little more than tools to be used, abused and discarded is. '


Also, turning horses out with cows increases the risk of attracting a fly that likes to lay its eggs under the skin on the animal's back - a problem when ...

Aggressive foreign cows brought to Britain from the continent are attacking ramblers who enter their fields.


The mounted police were very friendly and took pity on all the people who were unable to see the show. One even rode his horse along the edge of the crowd, ...


The horse is having a great time!!

Brett was 13 and had won Reserve Grand Champion for his yearling steer. His hair was wet from the rain and he held a brush for his calf in his hands.

Photo Oct 18, 5 43 25 PM

The crowd applauded Kelly Sutherland and the other winners of the rodeo. The kids gathered along the fence to chase a calf (catch his ribbon and win a bike) ...


police riding large black white spotted great dane tallest dog like horse pony, worth 1000 com, next to a horse, that's one BIG dog

When my father-in-law thought it might be Nick's time to go to horse heaven, I advocated to extend his life; my father-in-law built him a special pen and ...

I didn't know what would be the best route to the Hunuas, so I copied the one taken by riders in the Tour Aotearoa. This passes through Onehunga, ...

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The world is done... But you don't have to be. Darkness gathers around the light... Hold on, hold on... There is a Light--don't let it go out!

10 hilariously awkward family photos that will make you laugh out loud | Famifi

We visited the zoo, saw the horse track, took a bike tour, visited the art museums, and walked the city from end to end. Jordan and our friend spent an ...

My horse, Lily

From wild and distrustful to besty

Chippo, the red donkey.

Back in October we met a cow named Laura who discovered that bad behavior was more than its own reward. She invaded a shopping mall, chewed up a bunch of ...

3) chased away the cows that wanted to join our picnic DSC01139 DSC01140


...making faces at me (I'm holding him) while Mr. "B" re-sets his back shoes. Ben is a really tall horse (17.1h), which tends to intimidate people; however, ...

Everyone from the 13-year-old cattle rancher to the gritted-teeth barrel racer knew what they loved, and knew they belonged.

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Requiem for a Magical Horse

Baby Donkey, Mini Donkey, Mini Horses, Eeyore, Farm Animals, Adorable Animals, Die Süßeste, Hee Haw, Baby Deer

Exhibited works

IMG_3850 (1)


20130722 020

and 4) climbed mountains

10533752_10204533314317381_8151299281112258426_n FullSizeRender ...

It's not all about winning. Horses are more important. Rider: Reed Kessler. Horse: Cylana.

Thanks so much for inviting me Christina & THANK YOU MALIBU Wines for an awesome time! Definitely check it out! And have a great Wednesday!

In a matter of minutes, every single cow was packed into the new barn. Except for this loner. She was soaking in the sudden privacy in the old barn.