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Howell Jolly Innie Inclusion Spleen Regenerative Art t

Howell Jolly Innie Inclusion Spleen Regenerative Art t


Howell Jolly- Innie! Inclusion. Spleen, Regenerative

Howell Jolly Body found tonight

Lead poisoning, Spleen, corticosteroids. Cats- myelodysplasia, myeloproliferative. Regenerative, macrocytic. (Silly thing thinks its a WBC)

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Hemoglobin C crystals

Sickle Cell anemia looking like a picture from a textbook including sickling & Howell jolly bodies

Howell jolly body

n this image from a blood smear of an anemic dog, many polychromatophilic RBC (

Erythrocytes with coarse basophilic stippling

Howell-Jolly bodies- round nuclear remnants found in young erythrocytes.seen in regenerative anemias & splenic diseases (Vet Tech Study)

Howell-Jolly Bodies: spheric and granular inclusions in the erythrocytes observed on microscopic examination

Howell jolly bodies

Howell-Jolly Bodies small round DNA. Fragments. Usuallt 1 per cell but can

nRBC lymph

Howell Jolly bodies and Cabot rings = nuclear remnants = asplenia

This example shows distemper inclusions visible in both Wright-Giemsa (A) and Diff-Quik (B) stained samples. The inclusions stain more faintly ...


Howell-Jolly bodies in sickle cell anemia

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia. The peripheral blood smear shows an absolute lymphocytosis of small “mature” lymphocytes with clumped, smudgy chromatin and ...

Cerebiform T lymphocytes. Incidence of circulating Sezary cells is

White Blood Cell | Plate 4.52: White Blood Cells

Howell-Jolly bodies

Chediak-Higashi Syndrome

Howell-jolly body & "shift" polychromatophil

Lymphoproliferative disorder with Auer rod–like inclusions

Acanthocyte vs Echinocyte

Howell-Jolly bodies. Smooth round remnants of nuclear chromatin. Seen in postsplenectomy states

Blood smear with Plasmodium falciparum [MALARIAL PARASITES IN BLOOD]. Malaria parasite can be seen in blood smear of patients affected by the disease at ...

Schistocytes (seen in microangiopathic anemia= DIC, TTP, HUS)


Hairy Cell Leukemia

... defiency BASOPHILIC STIPPLING; 45.

Howell-jolly body

Numerous spherocytes (arrows) and several polychromatophilic cells, one of which (arrowhead) contains a nuclear remnant known as a Howell-Jolly body, ...

3-7 Distemper inclusion in an erythrocyte from a peripheral blood film (arrow). Compare its appearance with that of a Howell-Jolly body (Wright stain, ...

Blood Film of an AML (Acute Myeloid Leukaemia' showing immature white blood cells.

Pappenheimer Bodies

Macrocyte,SMALL LYMPOCYTE,Liver disease .megaloblastic anemia,macrocyte, | HEMATOLOGY rotation | Pinterest

Blister Cells associated with G6PD Deficiency

Heinz bodies = oxidized Hb need supravital stain.when removed by spleen --> bite cells

Macrocyte,SMALL LYMPOCYTE,Liver disease .megaloblastic anemia,macrocyte, | HEMATOLOGY rotation | Pinterest

Which special stains are recommended for definitive diagnosis of the process affecting this common marmoset spleen?

RBCs of different sizes commonly seen with regenerative or iron deficiency anemias

Megaloblastic Anemia

Image not available.

Normocytic Anemia

Inclusion Bodies of Red Blood Cells Inclusion bodies are those things you look at in cells and think, “Why are you even here?

Erythrocyte evaluation

Emoji neutrophils

Howell jolly bodies

Gametocytes of P. falciparum in thick and a thin blood smear.

Blood+Composition | Blood Function and Composition

Macrocyte,SMALL LYMPOCYTE,Liver disease .megaloblastic anemia,macrocyte, | HEMATOLOGY rotation | Pinterest

acute erythroid leukemia - one of my father's subspecialties.

Macrocyte,SMALL LYMPOCYTE,Liver disease .megaloblastic anemia,macrocyte, | HEMATOLOGY rotation | Pinterest

Anel de Cabot / Cabot ring

Basophil+Cell | File:A type of white cell (Basophil).jpg


Art and Science of Laboratory Medicine. Clinical laboratory and biomedical science related news, abstracts and images for medical laboratory professionals, ...

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FIGURE 9-9 A cluster of stromal cells is present in a smear prepared from a bone marrow aspirate attempt from a dog with a nonregenerative anemia.

Babesia microti in a thin blood smear stained with Giemsa. Babesia sp. cannot be identified to the species level by morphology alone; additional testing, ...

image ross_hematology_erythrocyte_morphology1359214959762-thumb for term side of card

... target cell (2), polychromatic erythrocytes (3), and Howell–Jolly bodies (4) (in a case of functional asplenia). Lymphocyte (5) and granulocyte (6).

Blood Film from a patient with ALL (Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia) showing immature cells of lymphatic origin including Blast cells.

Venipuncture/Phlebotomy Porn

Inclusions in the cytoplasm of neutrophils as shown in the figure below are known as:

Stomatocyte/ Hydrocyte | RBC with slit-like central pallor | hereditary/acquired stomatocytosis

Refractory anemia with ringed sideroblasts is a form of myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) characterized by

Helmet Cells (Keratocytes)

Light microscopy image showing a normal blood film with red blood cells and several white blood cells (leukocytes). Blood films are small amounts of blood ...

image howell-jolly-thumb for term side of card

The appearance of nucleated red cells, Howell-Jolly bodies, target cells, sickle cells, and others may provide clues to specific disorders.

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Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, histopathology imag

A: matured seg C: late band cell normally have white cytoplasm with pink granules, long fairly narrow nuclei and tightly condensed chromatin.

Plasmodium vivax late trophozoite

Plasmodium species  Method of diagnosis – identify trophs, schizonts or gametocytes in blood  Specimen requirements – EDTA blood  Diagnostic stages ...

Thrombocytosis 3 million. Source Kathy Benedyk. Diagnosis unknown.

Toxic Granulation Found in neutrophils Large irregular violet-purple granules Increase in staining density and numbers of granules Granules not evenly ...

Intracellular infection

In general, minerals are best demonstrated by microincineration techniques or by scanning electron microscopy with energy dispersive analysis (SEM-EDA).

Making a good blood slide is an art form every MLS should master

Ring Sideroblasts in Sideroblastic Anemia. BM.

Mast Cell Tumor Clinical: Well-circumscribed cutaneous nodules, 1-10 cm.


Heinz Bodies- ER(erythrocyte refractile) bodies. Refractile inclusions of denatured hemoglobin protein

Flower cells in peripheral blood = adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma = HTLV-1

Image from http://image.slidesharecdn.com/anemia2011-110310112104-

Reticulocyte--immature erythrocyte that contains organelles..Clumps (aggregates) of blue granules

HAHAHA!! Oh you know you're really good when you hear those words

... cell anemia shows multiple spindly sickle cells (blue arrows), a nucleated red blood cell in the upper left, and a Howell-Jolly body (black arrow), ...

Toxins 10 00025 g001 550

medicaljourney: “ Co-dominance: Multiple Alleles: Many genes in the population exist in more than just 2 allelic forms. A good example of this is the ABO ...

Erythroid cells: Metarubricyte (NRBC) Most mature of the 4 erythroid cells

Signs of macrocytic anemia

Schistocytes result from mechanical damage to circulating red blood cells (microangiopathic hemolytic anemia)


Answer: The best answer is degmacytes (option B). This patient has hemolytic anemia following ingestion of fava beans, which strongly suggests a diagnosis ...

pictures of rbc morphology - smudge cells